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A lot of hesitations that people have when it comes to borrowing from institutions, other than banks, is the legality of their practices and unreasonable interests that can further hurt borrowers financially.

People should be left assured that Robocash, is a legal lending company with SEC registration # CS201730459 and is part of an international company.

Robocash stands out from the rest of the Philippines’ lenders because it is the only lender with a fully automated online portal.

That means a faster application process and an even quicker approval process and loan disbursement because the screening happens when applications are received.

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Loan Amount

Php1,000 - Php25,000

Piggyy Rating


Loan Term

3 to 6 months

Est. APR

% 142-143

Loan Amount

Php1,000 - Php25,000
  • Easily Accessible
  • Simple Application Process
  • Fast Approval Process
  • Offers Extensive Loan Repayment Options
  • Loan application is only available online.
  • Borrowers who need higher loan amounts are limited as the limit is set to Php25,000.

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Company Information

  • The Robocash office can be located at Level 7 Cyberpark Tower 1, 60 General Aguinaldo in Cubao, Quezon City.
  • Those who may wish to contact them via the telephone can call them at (02) 8876 8484.
  • The office is open every day from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, including holidays.

Robocash also has offices across the NCR to make it more accessible for those who have no access to a stable internet connection. 


If you would want to know more about the terms and conditions of borrowing money from Robocash should you plan to apply for a loan, it is available at, so don’t worry about hidden charges or unreasonable terms. You will not be asked to sign a separate agreement for borrowing money. 


Robocash has already disbursed over 880,000 loans for over 340,000 customers and has a staggering record of 92% of loan approvals. Suppose borrowers have completely submitted all the required documents, have provided all details necessary for the loan, and still got a rejection. They are welcome to call the customer hotline for a reassessment of the loan because when things are fully automated, a glitch in the system can still happen. Robocash does not just shut its doors to borrowers.   


Loan Types

Robocash exists as a financial solution for anyone who needs it. They offer a loan for various reasons that borrowers need it for – whether it is to pay for an emergency need, buy a car, pay for tuition, start their own business, or even purchase groceries. They practically offer short-term financial relief for anyone’s short-term needs. 



Anyone can apply for a loan from Robocash. But to be eligible, you will have to meet the following criteria:


  • You must be at least 21 years old, but not over 70 years old. 
  • You are employed, self-employed, a business owner, or belong to selected professions. 
  • You must be a Filipino and are currently residing in the Philippines. 
  • You have an active and working mobile number. 
  • You will have to register on the website where all your data – personal and employment – is captured.  



For your loan request to be approved, you must also be able to present the following documentation:


  • Primarily a Government-issued ID
  • Payslip, Certificate of Employment, Income Tax Return, or DTI certificate (if self-employed or with business)


Loan Amount

Borrowers will have to understand that Robocash exists for small amounts of loans needed for a short-term period. The minimum loan amount that will be borrowed is Php 1,000, and the maximum amount is Php 25,000. 



The great thing about Robocash is that first-time borrowers are charged 0% interest, provided that the borrowed amount is returned on maturity. For repeat clients, loan amounts are charged no more than 1.5% per day. 


Should borrowers default on their payment, they will be charged $1,000 for new clients and $800 for repeat clients plus an interest of 5% on the unpaid amount for the first 30 days, 4% on the 31st day to the 90th day, and 2% on the 91st day until the day the loan amount is repaid. 


Disbursement of Loan

There are three ways for borrowers to receive their loan requests once approved:


  • Bank Disbursement
  • Robocash Offline Offices
  • Other Methods (Cebuana Cash Pick-up, GCash, GrabPay, etc.)


Once approved, the loan amount requested is disbursed immediately. The process takes 1 or 2 days for disbursements through banks, depending on the bank. For Cebuana cash pick-up or GCash, distribution happens no more than 24 hours within working days. 


Term of Repayment and Repayment Options

Depending on the approval, money borrowed will have to be repaid within 7 to 21 calendar days. Repeat clients have the option to extend the maturity for a minimal fee. 


Nobody likes to pay penalties or extra interest on top of what they are already paying, so Robocash has partnered with different payment agencies to ensure that clients do not miss any payments. 


Here are the different repayment options:


  • Robocash Offline Branches
  • Union Bank of the Philippines (Offline Branches / Online Banking)
  • 7-Eleven Bayad Center
  • Cebuana
  • Online Payment (Gcash,, Dragonpay)
  • Online Banking and Other Banks


With an extensive repayment option, clients are assured that they won’t miss a payment because some payment centers are not accessible to them. 


Why Choose Robocash

Every loan has a related interest to it. That’s how lending institutions make their money—deciding which institution to go for makes loaning a reasonable option for you to meet your needs. But for the person with an immediate and important need, the easiest and fastest choice is almost always the one people can easily run to – loan sharks. 

Now people do not have to go to loan sharks to meet their emergency needs because an institution like Robocash can be accessed with just a few clicks on the computer. 


Here are some of the benefits for choosing Robocash among its competitors:



There are three ways for you to apply for a loan in Robocash: the Web, Mobile App, or branch visits. You choose the method of application that is most convenient to you. If you hate traveling, you can always visit their website and apply for a loan from there. If you want the whole experience to be as simple as clicking an app on your phone, you may download the Mobile App from the Google Playstore. But if you would prefer face-to-face interaction with their staff, you can visit their offline branches. Check for a complete list of their offline branches and their addresses. 


Simplicity of Application

You do not need to have a bank account, an outstanding credit history, a guarantor, or collateral to be able to apply for a loan and get approved. Application is simple – you only need to provide your personal and employment details and documentation to support the information you have provided. A person who is in dire need should not be made to struggle further because of unnecessary and complicated documentation. 


Fast Approval Process

Unlike banks that will take a couple of days to approve your loan, Robocash will immediately disburse your loan request upon approval. Provided that you have completed all the requirements, you will not need to worry about when you will receive the requested amount. 


Extensive Loan Repayment Options

Just as the application and approval processes are made simpler, the repayment options are designed not to burden clients at all. Convenience is a key element for Robocash and it does not start and end with the application – it is until the loan is completely repaid. 


Promos and Offers

Not many lending institutions offer a 0% interest to new borrowers. Many lending institutions charge more than the average interest – people call them loan sharks. They take more than the money borrowed. For Robocash, they have a promo for new customers – 0% interest on the loan amount, provided it is paid on or before the maturity of the loan. 


For returning clients, the installment option is also available but the first loan amount has to be paid in full first. 


Another exciting offer that Robocash provides their clients is a prolongation of the term of the loan. It will be subject to interest and must still be paid according to the General Terms and Conditions indicated in the Promissory Note and Disclosure Agreement.


How to Sign Up


Signing up to be able to apply for a loan is easy. Simply follow the steps below:

robocash 1

Go to You will be able to see the screen below:

robocash 2

Enter your mobile number on the box above the “Apply Now” button and click Apply Now.

robocash 3

Enter the code you received with the mobile number provided.

robocash 4

Enter your current address details.

robocash 5

Enter your employment details. Depending on the category chosen, you will be asked to provide the amount of your monthly income, company details (if employed), 2 references (preferably relatives) with their contact number, agree to a declaration and then proceed to the next step.

robocash 6

The next page will require that you enter the method of how you would want to receive the proceeds of your loan. There are 3 ways: Through bank:

robocash 7

If you choose bank disbursement, you will be required to further verify your identity (to protect your application from fraudsters).  Through Robocash Branch:

robocash 8

Through other methods:


Once you have completed filling in all your information and have submitted it, your loan application will be sent for approval. The process is simple, easy, and will only take you less than 15 minutes to complete since you have most details handy. You can apply at the comfort of your home, or even when you are out, just as long as you have a computer or a smartphone and a working internet connection.



As the needs of people change, technology also changes to adapt to the changing needs of the people. Robocash does a great job of employing technology to better reach out to those who are most in need. People would want the convenience and ease of applying for loans through their mobile phones or computers especially when they are not physically able to visit offices of banks or lending institutions. 


The fact that Robocash welcomes people who are employed or self-employed to grant them approvals of simple loans is a big help because having collateral or guarantor is not always possible for everyone. 


And the best thing is that you can apply at any time of the day and be disbursed of the loan amount requested within 24 hours – even if it is the weekend or a public holiday because Robocash operates 24/7. You no longer have to wait for office hours or the weekdays to apply and get your loan. 


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