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Inflation-Proof Your Finances

It’s no secret that the cost of living in the Philippines keeps going up. Inflation is a serious threat to your financial security, so protecting your finances should be more of your priority.

July 25, 2022 / 7 minutes

Piggyy is coming to the Philippines!


Our team of content specialists, experienced writers, editors, and analysts work hard to provide readers with easy-to-understand informational guides for the Filipino market. Our personal finance guides include loans, credit cards, mortgages, investments, insurance, savings, banking and e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and more. 


We’re here to be part of your journey, from researching interest rates and savings, choosing your insurance, investing your hard-earned money to achieve financial freedom, or improving your way of life.


Here’s a short overview of the different subjects covered dedicated to the Philippines:





Learn more about the difference between a business loan and a personal loan. Find out about taking out a loan in the Philippines and compare the interest rates and flexible payment terms.


Read through comprehensive guides and articles on different types of loans available for you, plus tips to remember when getting a loan. Discover the important factors before taking a loan and signing the fine print. 


Credit Cards

If you’re planning to apply for a credit card, we’ll certainly help you make an informed decision. Your lifestyle and spending habits matter when choosing the right credit card type, whether it’s a rewards card, air miles, or cashback. 


Learn everything about credit cards—what they are, how they work, how to secure one, and some best practices for raising your credit score using your credit card. We’ll also discuss what you need to know before committing to a credit card and debunk myths about its use.



Securing your own house in the Philippines can be difficult. House and lot prices in Metro Manila and other urban cities can be too steep, while condominiums seem like the best option, they can still be a bit too pricey for the average Filipino.


With mortgages, this won’t be a problem. Join us as we discuss the concept of housing loans and mortgages in detail to help you buy your dream home. Discover and learn the risks and benefits you can gain to manage your mortgage better. 



Interested in investing in the Philippine Stock Exchange but unsure where and how to start? As a beginner, you can learn the basics of investments and trading from our articles. 


With our comprehensive articles, you’ll understand the concept of investing better. Find out the different investment opportunities available in the country, like stocks, mutual funds, REITs, and UITFs, and learn how to diversify your portfolio.



With so many insurance companies and financial advisors in the country, it can be challenging to know what insurance products to get and which works best for you.


We’re here to help you better understand the concept of insurance and debunk misconceptions about subscribing to an insurance plan. Is it just a backup plan for your family if something happens to you? What other benefits can you get from your insurance? Find out more with us!



Having personal savings and emergency funds can be difficult in the Philippines, where a considerable number of the population doesn’t have access to a bank account.


We’re here to help you find more novel and creative ways to save your money. From having a classic piggy bank to discussing 50-peso challenges you can do to improve your saving habits. We’re here to guide you in choosing the easiest way to save money, even if you don’t have a bank account.


If you plan to open your own bank savings account, we’ll also walk you through some excellent options to get the most out of the savings interest.


Banking and E-wallets

What’s better, GCash or Maya? Is an e-wallet worth using? Should you get a bank account if you already have an existing e-wallet account?


Join us as we discuss the pros and cons of opening a bank and an e-wallet account in the Philippines. Understand the benefits you can enjoy from opening either account, including interest rates, quick and convenient payments, and more.



If you’re ready to level up your journey in investing money, you might consider exploring cryptocurrency trading and investment. However, with the uncertainty and volatility of the crypto market, it can be daunting to try and start investing.


Worry not, though. We’ll provide in-depth articles discussing important considerations when investing in cryptocurrencies and some pros and cons of venturing into the crypto market. We’ll also give you a background on crypto and some tips and tricks for those who want to try investing.


We believe that good financial awareness is key to living a stable and stress-free life.


As you read our guides, you will be equipped with the right tools and actionable tips to start saving, investing, and learning basic principles to improve your financial knowledge. It’s never too late to start today!


״The secret of happiness, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less״ - Socrates

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