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Cashwagon is a financial technology (fintech) company that offers its services to its customers using the internet with a focus on online consumer financing. Because of its fintech nature, Cashwagon ensures the efficient and quick delivery of its financial services, bridging the gap between the long process of waiting time from loan application to disbursement of the money borrowed.

Fintech companies allow consumers to have access to financial services wherever they may be in the world thereby giving them a chance to elevate their financial status in life. Those who have less in life will need more to propel them financially and because the typical loans that banks offer require collateral, they are not given equal opportunities to work on their financial stability.

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Loan Amount

Php8,000 to Php40,000

Piggyy Rating


Loan Term

3 - 6 months

Est. APR

% 12/month

Loan Amount

Php8,000 to Php40,000
  • Offers fast and simple documentation process
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Accessible for all their customers
  • They offer only one loan product to their customers

Cashwagon went through some serious troubles in recent years. According to Mintos, Cashwagon has been subject to authorities’ investigations since around June 2020. Currently, it looks like Cashwagon’s services are down, and Piggyy suggests you to avoid using their services.


Company Information

Cashwagon’s goal is to provide premium service to its customers without the need for complex documentation and fast processing time. And because it is collateral-free, the working-class Filipinos will have the chance to apply for a loan and actually get one. 


Anyone who applies with Cashwagon will be assured that all transactions are carried out with utmost professionalism and transparency – no hidden charges and all terms and conditions laid out even before the application is submitted. Applicants will even know in advance how much they have to pay for by using the loan calculator before starting their loan application process. 


The Cashwagon brand’s financial services is backed by Green Money Tree Lending Corporation with its main office located at The World Centre 330 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City with Certificate of Authority # 2343 and Securities and Exchange Commission Registration No. CS201718196 granted on the 30th of June 2017. Their office is open on weekdays from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. They can be contacted via email at [email protected] or their contact numbers at (02) 7908-2891 and (02) 8396-6621. 


Cashwagon has an international presence with operations in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and India. Because it offers online financing, customers from all over the Philippines can apply for a loan as long as they have an internet connection and a smartphone. 


Type of Loans Offered

Cashwagon exists to provide quick cash loans to Filipinos who would otherwise find it difficult to apply for a loan with traditional banks. Although they offer only one type of loan, it does not prevent them from offering loan solutions to Filipinos all over the country because they offer a single solution to different types of needs – whether it is for travel, tuition, medical emergency, to start a business or even simply to buy groceries for the week. 


To be eligible for a loan, there are only 2 important criteria that need to be met: the applicant must at least be 20 years old but not over 60 years old, and must be currently employed and have a steady income. This will ensure that customers will be able to repay the loan when it becomes due. 


To be able to apply, you will only need to have your personal information and bank details handy because disbursements are only done through the personal bank account of the applicant. Upon the approval of a loan, borrowers are charged a processing fee, service charge and the interest. When applying, it always helps borrowers to ensure the loan amount and term they are most comfortable with so that they do not end up missing a payment and pay extra on late payment fees. 


The terms of the loan are different depending on the borrower – first-time borrower or an existing borrower. Here are the details on how they differ:


First Time Borrower

The loan amount that a first-time borrower can apply for is in the range of Php2,000 to Php6,000 with a 0% interest rate that can be paid within 10 days from the receipt of the money. Customers can apply both via the website and the Cashwagon app available to Android smartphone users. 


This type of offering is actually perfect for both parties – establishing trust and goodwill between them. The customer is assured that all transactions are legal and their data is protected, and the lender is assured of the borrower’s trustworthiness in terms of making payments. That way, when customers reapply, they are given a better credit limit. 


Existing Borrower

The credit limit is increased for existing users who have shown and proved an excellent credit rating. The amount of loan that they can apply for can be up to Php40,000 subject to the approval criteria of Cashwagon. The interest rate is 12% monthly on average, and can be repaid monthly within a period of 3 to 6 months. 


The usual turnaround time of receiving the loan amount from the application is 1 working day. That means that within minutes of Cashwagon accepting the application, the details are verified and a decision to approve the loan application or not is received. That way, the borrower does not sit and wait for days wondering what has happened to his or her loan and whether they can expect the money. It also saves time for both parties. 


Once the loan is approved, borrowers receive an SMS notifying them that the amount is already available in their bank account. There could be instances where the amount does not reflect in their account yet and in such cases, they must contact the Cashwagon customer support through email at [email protected], through the website at or through Facebook at 


Loan Repayment

To make sure that borrowers never miss a payment on time, Cashwagon has made it easier for Filipinos to repay what they owe. This helps them facilitate easier payments with these payment channels present across the Philippines. There are several payment options available:


Make Payment Online

  • Online Payment Channels through the website (, PayMaya, UnionBank, Bancnet, BPI, BDO, UCPB, Security Bank and PNB). Just enter your registered mobile number and the amount you want to pay and then you will be redirected to the payment service website; or 
  • Through GCash. Just enter the registered mobile number and the payment amount and when you click on continue, you will also be redirected to the payment service website. 


Make Payments Through Cash

  • Bayad Center
  • Direct Agent 5
  • Cebuana Lhuillier
  • M Lhuillier 
  • EC Pay
  • Palawan Pawnshop
  • Savemore Market
  • True Money


Make Payments Through 7-Eleven

  • Get a payment code through the website. 
  • Get a payment slip via the Cliqq app. 


Whatever method you have chosen, always ensure to keep the receipt with you until the payment is already posted in your loan account for easier resolution should there be any dispute. 


Why Choose Cashwagon

Cashwagon promises to provide instant cash loans to Filipinos for the purpose that they need it for. They do not require a lot of requirements for their customers to be given a loan and definitely do not make them go back and forth in their offices just to get an update on their loan application. 


Simple and Fast Application Process

Cashwagon stays true to its goal: providing instant cash loans to its customers. And that can be true with every application that comes their way. Without the need for complex procedures and processes, every borrower is assured that they will be accommodated and most possibly be granted with their loan applications even when they are minimum earners. 


With the requirements and eligibility requirements, borrowers need not worry of their applications being rejected. 


Instant Receipt of Loan Amount

Most of the time, people are left to constantly follow up with the status of their loan disbursement and truthfully, traditional banks and lending companies take time before releasing the amount. In most cases, applicants have to wait for a few days to weeks just to finally see the amount already reflected in their banks and before they know it, their first repayment is already due. 


When customers receive their loan amounts instantly, they can also immediately address their needs and ease their worries, especially for those with emergency needs. When people receive what they need immediately, they know that they can rely on the company and will trust them to take care of them in the future as well. And that is how relationships are built with customers and companies. 



Anyone can apply for a loan with Cashwagon at any time of the day, and anywhere in the Philippines. Without having to visit physical locations and branches, more and more customers can apply for a loan with Cashwagon. Those who used to not have access to financial services are now included and will have a chance to provide a solution for their immediate and little needs. 


No Hidden Charges

What cripples an already struggling person are hidden fees and charges that were not communicated to them at the start of their loan application. With Cashwagon, every applicant knows how much they have to pay on the due date through the loan calculator that they can use before they start submitting their applications. 


By knowing this, they will know exactly how much they have to pay in the next payment so that they can better budget their money and control their finances. Sometimes debt management is made difficult by hidden charges and surprise fees. For families that are living on budget, a small amount can throw them off their budget. 


Better Offers to Existing Customers

It doesn’t happen often that existing customers are rewarded for having a good credit history with the company. That simply means that Cashwagon already trusts that the customer can pay the loaned amount on time and in full. The next time that they apply, they will be able to apply for a higher credit limit and that means having more legroom to finance whatever projects they have – maybe even a business. 


How to Sign Up

Applying for a loan is simple and requires only your personal information, 1 government ID and bank details. You will be able to apply for a loan through the Cashwagon website or by downloading the Cashwagon app on the Google Playstore. 

Application is as easy as completing 4 simple steps:

cashwagon 1

1. Go to the Cashwagon website at and enter the loan amount required, name, contact number and email ID

cashwagon 2

2. Enter your personal details, including your present address.

cashwagon 3

3. Enter your job details (monthly salary and work contact number) and 1 relative contact information for reference

cashwagon 4

4. The final step will require submission of a selfie with your ID, upload the ID document, verify the mobile number used and accept the terms and conditions before you submit for approval.


The customer support from Cashwagon will call the applicant to verify the information submitted and a decision on the loan application will be received. After that an SMS will be sent to the customer’s registered mobile number with the loan disbursement notification. All that happens within 1 business day.


To get more information on how the loan application process works, customers can visit Cashwagon’s youtube video by clicking here.


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