M lhuillier Quick Cash Loans Requirements

M lhuillier has been one of the most trusted Non-Bank Financial Institutions over the years and continues to dominate the world of the financial services industry with more than 3,000 branches nationwide. Its products and services are Quick Cash Loans, Money remittance, Money Changer, Insurance Plan, Telco, and Loading Station, and they also sell handcrafted jewelry.

With the many products and services that they offer, they are best well-known for their quick cash loans through pawning valuable items from their customers as a form of collateral. M Lhuillier Quick Cash Loan requirements are very simple and one can easily complete prior to their visit to the branch.

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Loan Term

1 to 120 days

Est. APR

% 40.72 - 52.89

Loan Amount


Quick Cash Loans


A quick cash loan is one of the most availed services of M lhuillier. It is a secured type of loan borrowing where the collateral is a requirement before you can borrow an amount that you need equivalent to the appraised value of the item. They also offer renewal at any of the branches of M lhuillier.



  • Loan Application form
  • Valid ID
  • *Collateral (subject to appraisal)
    • List of allowed collateral
      • Gold and Diamond Jewelry
      • Cellular Phones
      • Laptops/Macbooks
      • Tablets/Ipads
      • Cameras
      • Kitchenware
      • Silverware
      • Home Appliances
      • Cookware
      • Ray-Ban Sunglasses
      • Power Tools
      • Guitars
      • Medical Equipment
      • Bicycle
      • Nintendo
      • Sewing Machine
      • Watches
      • Motorcycle (All branches in Visayas and Mindanao accept motorcycles for collateral and in selected areas in Luzon) 
      • Car (selected branches in Cebu and Negros Occidental) 


How to Apply?


  • Fill out the form provided.
  • Present a valid I.D.
  • Give your item to the branch personnel for appraisal.
  • Get your cash and loan ticket.


How to Renew/Extend Your Loan? 


  • Hand over the signed loan ticket to the branch personnel.
  • Present a valid I.D along with your payment
  • Affix your signature on the new loan ticket
  • Claim the new loan ticket


Why Choose M Lhuillier Quick Loan


M Lhuillier is one of the most trusted providers of quick cash loans in the Philippines, with a guaranteed high appraisal value and lower than average interest rates. It has one of the most numbers of branches nationwide which makes it easier and more convenient for people to visit the branches near them. 

Loan Term

1 to 120 days

Est. APR

% 40.72 - 52.89

Loan Amount




The benefit you can get in a secured type of loan is that you can be granted a higher amount of loan with lower interest rates. This is exactly what you can expect in M lhuillier’s Quick Cash Loan product – they can give you the highest appraisal rates so you can receive a higher loan amount. However, because this is a quick cash loan through pawning of a valuable item, the due date is shorter and when one misses their payment and ultimately fails to redeem the item within the period agreed upon, one can miss the opportunity of taking it back. 

One must always check the loan term and ensure that when redemption is not yet an option, they can always renew the loan and extend the term of the due date.

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