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QuickThoughts is a free mobile app that rewards its users for writing reviews on their favorite apps.

Some of the rewards given by Quick Thought include free iTunes or Amazon gift cards. Users can quickly get this if they share their opinions through short questionnaires and local survey occasions. Users can redeem this reward free for $10 gift cards.

The Quick Thought app is currently available for limited countries, such as the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US.

There are options for different languages, including Swedish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian Bokmål, French, German, and Danish.

The Quick Thought app is available for iOS and Android, and their reward differs; while Android offers Amazon vouchers, iOS offers free iTunes

There are thousands of questionnaires on different topics on your phone to answer, and this provides countless opportunities to earn iTunes or gift cards; all users have to do is share their thoughts with people that value it. Also, users have the option to check local retailers in their area. They can also take pictures and earn a gift card or iTunes. There is a wide variety of questionnaires, from quick surveys to more profound surveys. Undertaking physical GPS activities can also give users some gift cards.

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Quick thoughts

        We make your opinion count!

        How does this app work?

        When one downloads the Quick Thought app, it notifies them of available questionnaires. If your GPS is on, it will automatically scan the location; it might be restaurant surveys or local businesses. 


        These questionnaires can only be answered inside the app. However, before answering them, there are pre-qualifying surveys you have to answer. 


        To earn with pictures, all users should do is use the “Find Local Activities” feature in the app and scan for places around them looking for reviews. Users can take a trip to the site and provide a review to retailers with the pictures they took. Doing these earns a user $5 for each survey.

        Furthermore, users earn immediately after completing a survey question, and their earnings instantly reflect on their dashboards. For each questionnaire a user completes, they stand a chance of getting $3-5, and the moment the money has accumulated to $10, users can withdraw it freely for iTunes or gift cards.


        The dollar amount in a user dashboard is the exact amount of iTunes or gift card they will receive in their wallet. No extra exchange rate or fee will be charged.

        Again, retailers and local business owners are ready to pay users for their thoughts, so take the quick surveys from your phone or embark on a bit of trip, take pictures and swap your rewards to free iTunes or gift cards; that is what Quick Thought is sorely about.


        A lot of people wonder if this app is legit or not. With more research, the Quick Thought app has proven to be undeniably legit. 

        Dynata LLC owns Quick Thought, a marketing research firm supervised out of Texas, US. This firm also owns other legit questionnaire sites, which include; opinion outpost, OneOpinion, and Vindale Research.


        Although there are some poor reviews on Quick Thought, many users have recommended it as one of the best questionnaire apps to earn from.

        At the moment, Quick Thoughts records 3.5 in the app store and 3.7 in google play.


        Is Quick Thoughts Safe or Risky

        The Quick Thought app is protected. It requires an email address and password before users can either sign up or log in.

        The personal info users log into the app is used to;


        • Pass information about Quick Thought partnership and questionnaire participation.
        • To alert users of survey chances to take.
        • To fulfill valid duties such as acknowledging tax regulations.
        • To update the app policies.


        Quick Thought payment is within the range of $5 to $10 per hour. Some users report earning $1 per survey. At the same time, others claim to be making $10 per hour. 

        However, users can only conduct a maximum of 5 questionnaires a day, limiting their daily earnings. 

        It doesn’t matter if one is using iOS or Android; the minimum withdrawal is $10. Sadly, Quick Thought does not pay directly with cash iOS.


        How to sign up with Quick Thought

        First, download the free app iOS or Android. Signing up is very simple; you will be required to enter a valid email you can easily access and a password. Afterward, a confirmation email will be sent to the email you provided. All these can be done within a minute. However, there is no signup reward or referral bonus.


        Some points to take note of if you want to earn big on Quick Thought.

        • Answering these questionnaires sincerely will likely earn a user more surveys to work on.
        • Make sure you turn on the app notification. Doing this will permit the app to send you messages as soon as possible.
        • You should withdraw your money once it gets to $10; it will help avoid any issues that might take time to settle.
        • Turning on your location makes it easy for the app to access your site and send surveys near you. 


        The Mission of Quick Thought

        The mission of Quick Thought is virtually anything from a quick questionnaire answering on local businesses to reviewing local events.

        Is Quick Thought worth trying out?

        Based on the analysis and the accounts of Quick Thought earners, Quick Thoughts is worth trying out. Some users make $70 and above from Quick Thought over a while, working in the app. 


        Kindly take note of these points before installing this application.

        • This app utilizes GPS in the foreground and background to permit you to write surveys on your location and enable the “Activities” purpose.
        • Continually leaving GPS to run can drastically reduce battery life expectancy.
        • You can disable location for Quick Thoughts; doing so limits the number of available questionnaire opportunities and stops the “Activities” feature purpose.



        The Quick Thought app offers a lot for just a minor task, and personally, it is something we would recommend as an extra means of income. So if you’re not too busy, register on it and start earning for a job easily.

        Big Piggyy

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