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  • September 01, 2022
  • 22 minutes
The Real Cost of Smoking & Best Known Tips to Stop

Believe it or not, a person spends $188 per month or around $2,292 per year because of smoking, as one pack of cigarettes costs around  $6.28. So if you’ve been a smoker for more than ten years, you have probably spent around $22,290, and this is a significant loss on your finances.

Financial Literacy Games for Kids, Students and Adults

Financial freedom is a goal many set for themselves but doesn’t always know how to achieve. Quality education and a great job do not guarantee financial freedom – financial literacy does. Unfortunately, many people lack such literacy.

Tips To Reduce Food Waste

You’ve probably heard, “Don’t shop for groceries when you are hungry.” But why? When you are hungry while shopping for groceries, there is a tendency for you will buy more food, and you might overestimate the amount of food that you and your family usually consume. 

But it’s better to have more than less, right? Wrong.

Protecting Your Child’s Identity and Financial Future

As a parent, it is obvious that you want to ensure the safety of your children in any aspect. From their health to education and even their financial future. While this is the responsibility of all parents, how exactly are you going to protect your children’s identity and financial future? 

The Financial Implication of Divorce: Everything You Must Know

Divorce has been a subject of debate for centuries, and it even permeated the laws of different religions in the world. Just as humans have started making rules to bind people with marriage, divorce exists to dissolve that bond. As for modern society, divorce has integrated itself into serious discussions, not only as a socio-political issue but also as an economic one.

  • March 28, 2022
  • 32 minutes
Statistics & Spending Trends for Female Travelers

Now that everyone is progressively recovering from the effects of the pandemic, people, women especially, have set eyes to travel and experience what they have been barred from the past two years. So let’s look at the statistics and spending trends for female travelers.