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Opinion Outpost is a platform that allows you to earn money online by completing surveys. Opinion Outpost works with businesses to help them gain marketing insights and product development. This platform does this by offering you survey polls and focus groups to gather your opinion concerning a product.

The platform works with a membership tier system which involves you advance by tier when you complete surveys online. There are five levels you can attain with Opinion Outpost. They include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. As your level increases, you’ll be rewarded additional achievement points. Opinion Outpost is the best way to make extra dollars.

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Opinion Outpost


        Types of Services Offered

        Opinion Outpost site allows you to perform surveys and they eventually reward you with points which later translates to dollars.

        This platform allows its members to perform the following tasks:


        • Take Surveys:

        To earn more points, you. should make it a habit to take surveys often. Regularly, a paid survey will be sent to you. You can also find a list of available surveys when you log into the platform. This also enables you to have chances to make cash in the long run. 


        A survey could take you about 10-15 minutes to complete. Upon completing a survey, you’re expected to receive per survey ranges between 5-50 points. 1 point is equivalent to $0.10. 


        • Qualifying Questions:

        Before you begin any survey you’ve chosen, you’re expected to answer a series of multiple-choice questions. The questions might not be related to the survey you’re expected to perform but the questions are aimed at helping researchers to know the person they’re receiving responses from. 


        Sometimes after answering these qualifying Questions, you will be disqualified from taking the survey. That means you’re not the person required to take the survey. However, you still have the opportunity to take other surveys available. 


        • Modern Interactive Survey:

        Opinion Outpost also offers a modern survey that is fun, attractive, and simple to take. Periodically, they offer games at the end of every survey. This game allows you to earn additional points and that means more money. One such game is known as the Opinion Outpost Door Game. 


        Opinion Outpost doesn’t have a mobile app but be rest assured that their surveys are mobile friendly and can easily be completed on your phone. You can access their site when you log in with your email address on your mobile phone. 


        Why Choose Opinion Outpost

        Opinion Outpost allows everyday customers to perform product surveys and earn cash rewards. Opinion Outpost is the best option for people because they deliver rewards instantly after choosing them. You do not have to spend more time waiting to reward points. If you take a survey worth 50 points, then you automatically have $5 to redeem. 


        You can get the following reward options on the site:

        • PayPal payment: you can request for a payment to be made on your verified PayPal account. Bear in mind that your money must have reached $10 before you request payment through PayPal.
        • Amazon e-vouchers: with $5, you can request an Amazon e-gift code.
        • iTunes gift cards: with $10 in your account, you can request an iTunes gift card.
        • Retail gift cards: with $10 in your account, you can receive a gift card to shopping malls
        • Visa Prepaid card: with$10 in your account, you can request for a visa prepaid card to spend online.
        • American Red Cross Donation: you can donate your points to this association if you prefer charity.


        It is also pertinent to note that your account might be suspended for no tangible reason. You might not be qualified for surveys and low survey payouts.


        Information About Opinion Outpost

        Opinion Outpost is a platform owned by Dynata LLC. This company is a market research company operating out of Texas. Opinion Outpost is an online survey panel owned by Survey Sampling International. Survey Sampling has been around since 1997 and it operates in 18 countries. They have their corporate headquarters in Shelton, Connecticut, and the United States of America. 


        This market research panel connects businesses and brands to their customers which provides them useful information that informs the product they bring to the market. Opinion Outpost is not currently rated by the Better Business Bureau.

        You can visit the Opinion Outpost website at The corporate office’s address is Dynata LLC, Survey Sampling International, 4 Research Drive, Shelton Connecticut 06484, United States.


        How To Sign Up on Opinion Outpost

        To sign up on Opinion Outpost, you should follow the following processes duly:


        Sign up on the website page: To get started on this platform, you should use your email address to sign up. You can also open an account using your social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+.

        • Complete your profile: After signing up, you receive a confirmation email and from there you complete your profile. Complete this step with ease because it determines whether or not you’ll receive or qualify for surveys later.
        • Start Earning: After you must have completed your profile, you can start with a survey that suits you and start earning. You can always visit the website to start taking surveys because Opinion Outpost doesn’t have a mobile app.

        Visit the dashboard to redeem your rewards using the reward option that suits you.


        Opinion Outpost is a unique platform that surpasses its competitors in terms of payment flexibility. This platform is one of a kind as it’s easier to create an account and much easier to earn rewards. 


        Despite having many advantages, the platform can’t cater to your everyday needs; it can’t suffice your daily jobs. It can only serve as an additional source of income every month.

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