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GrabPoints is an online website that enables you to earn extra cash or rewards by carrying out simple tasks online. It is described as one of the highest-paying survey sites in the world. GrabPoints is easier to do at home during your leisure time or when you’re free from work. The only requirements needed to perform your function on this website are a functional mobile device and a stable internet connection.

GrabPoints is not a platform that promises hundreds of dollars in a day. It only serves as an additional stream of income.

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        FREE GIFT CARDS for Answering Surveys

        Types of Services Offered


        The services offered by the GrabPoints website enable you to earn points by performing the following points. They include:


        Answering Survey:

        This is the topmost and the most popular way you can earn points on GrabPoints. To earn points from surveys, you pick a survey provider based on your demographics and location. Note that, you fill out the necessary information on the demographic form and you finally start answering Survey questions. 


        When answering surveys, you should have in mind that you must complete each survey at a specific time. Also, note that some survey providers have a limit to the survey you can complete in a day while others are unlimited.


        Completing Offers:

        The main aim of completing an offer is for you to get to know about a product or service and maybe become a customer in the long run. GrabPoints create different offers for you. They may include: free trial offers, discount offers, taking cashback offers, and visiting the website. 


        It is pertinent to note that some offers might require you to provide your credit card information. You register for an offer with your name and email address. Then, you pick an offer that works for you. Afterward, GrabPoints rewards you with points.


        Downloading Apps:

        GrabPoints might require you to download a mobile app and try them out. Most software companies need people to try out their app and give them a review before they finally launch it to the public. Some mobile app providers might need you to download the app while others need you to use it. Either way, it depends on the mobile app providers. 


        Once you’ve completed the required task, you earn your points. 


        Watching Videos:

        GrabPoints rewards you when you complete watching a particular video. It is a fun way to earn points. The GrabPoints platform provides you with channels that have various interests. You are eligible to access a channel based on your location. 


        Also, the more videos you watch, the more points you earn. Note that you aren’t offered points not until you complete watching a video. 


        Referring Friends:

        You have an invite link when you join GrabPoints. You can send this link to friends and families. When someone joins through your link, you get between 25 to 250 points. 


        You scroll to the referral link section of your menu and then send it to your friends and relatives.


        Why Choose This Site?


        This site is rewardable because it allows you to earn points which later generates money that is accessible through PayPal, gift cards ( Amazon, Google Play, Minecraft, Steam, Fortnite e.t.c.), and cryptocurrency. The more tasks you perform, the closer the brands get to their target sales and they pay GrabPoints that eventually reward you. Also, one good thing about this website is that you can keep accumulating your points and redeem them later. 


        Although the tasks are easy, you’re rewarded a little cash and it’s very good as your everyday business. If you’re very much concerned about building a large income, this site isn’t ideal. 


        Information About GrabPoints


        GrabPoints has scored 4.6 out of the 5-star rating on Trustpilot. GrabPoints was founded in 2014and it has over 4 million subscribers. This website is very much popular on social media and they’ve awarded $5 million to their users. They’re among the leaders in the GPT space. 


        GrabPoints is open to everyone across the globe so far the user is 13+. Also, users from the USA, UK, and Canada are very much successful on this website. GrabPoints is available on Android and iOS. 


        Note that as a user, you are allowed to use one mail. The website can clear your amount if they sense suspicion. GrabPoints has a reliable customer service team and they are always readily available to assist you when you have issues completing a survey.


        How To Sign-up on GrabPoints

        GrabPoints website is open to all and sundry. The Sign-up process is easy to navigate. Follow these processes to sign up.

        • Visit the GrabPoints website:

        Go to the Grabpoints homepage and fill out the join for free.


        After signing up, you’ll be asked to enter your invite code if you have any. Then, you answer the demographic questions. The demographics question constitutes your age, gender, zip code, etc. You earn points for providing the right answers.


        • Complete your profile on the dashboard:

        Fill out every field on your dashboard as accurately as possible. This will ensure you receive notifications and location-based offers. 


        Provide information for your online wallet(PayPal or Bitcoin). This will allow you to redeem your points. 


        • Get free points for completing tasks:

        Complete gift card survey on GrabPoints and earn cash rewards. You’ll find the complete survey on your dashboard. After completing each survey, you’ll receive cash. These surveys are selected based on your demographic.


        You can also watch videos on GrabPoints and earn points.


        When you complete offers, you earn free points. 


        Also, make sure you fill in the demographic information with ease because they match up this information with any survey you perform. 




        There are many reward websites online but GrabPoints is one of a kind. The website is legit and they pay you as at when due. This website also offers easy and fun ways to earn points. If you are interested in adding more reward sites to your list, GrabPoints is a good choice to make.

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