Last Updated: 3rd October 2021

Cheap and easy to get gifts! 110 Inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for 2021

Everyone gets giddy and excited when receiving gifts from family, friends, and colleagues and just as thrilled as buying gifts for them. We all want to give gifts to make our loved ones happy without boring a hole in our pockets. But that is quite a challenge – often, the best means the most expensive one.

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This holiday season, a wide array of inexpensive gifts in the market can be perfect for your loved ones and colleagues. Here are some ideas and suggested brands:

According to Investopedia, American spending on holiday gifts has risen annually since 2009. Despite the pandemic, average spending on holiday expenses reached $998 for holiday expenses alone in 2020.

The best gifts don’t have to be expensive. What’s more important is that your gift is something the recipient will find useful.


Inexpensive gift ideas for Women


Collagen masks 

Collagen masks are part of the ladies’ skincare routine that help rejuvenate skin cells and keep that youthful glow. This item is a good gift choice for your girlfriend who has been binge-watching Netflix all week, your wife who has been so stressed fitting the budget to your needs, or to your mother whose age is starting to show. 


Leaders Collagen Boosting Renewal Mask, $5 apiece, Ulta

TonyMoly’s Mini House of Masks, $8 for 5 sheets, TonyMoly website, Amazon, and Walmart. 

Mediheal Collagen Essential Lifting & Firming Mask, $10 for 5 sheets, Amazon


Scalp massager

After a long and stressful day, everybody needs a good and peaceful bath to relax and destress at home. One relaxing tool that is useful during shower time is a scalp massager brush – perfect for wives and mothers whose only me-time is when they are in the shower. 


FREATECH Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush, $5.93, Amazon.

MAXSOFT Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush, $6.98, Amazon

HEETA 2-pack Hair Scalp Massager for wet and dry hair, $8.98, Amazon


Hand creams 

With ladies hands working all the time, they tend to become dry, rough, and all wrinkly. Ladies would appreciate getting a hand cream as a gift. 



O’KEEFFE’S Working Hands Hand Cream, $6.61, Amazon

CETAPHIL, $7.99, Target


Face mists

Another welcome gift for ladies is face mists, which cap off a lady’s makeup and skincare routine. They keep the face hydrated without smudging the skincare or the makeup. Face mists can have various herbs and essential ingredients that leave all types of skin feeling fresh.


MARIO BADESCU Facial Spray, $7, Ulta, Amazon. 

NEUTROGENA Soothing Clear Turmeric Mist, $7, Ulta, Amazon.

OLAY Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence, $10, Brand websites.


Lipstick shades

Why not pick out three shades of lipstick to give your girl options to spice up every occasion? Three lipsticks will not be a burden to your budget – drugstore brands are readily available for low prices.


REVLON Colorburst Balm Stain, MAYBELLINE SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick, and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream only cost $7 to $10 apiece. These are available in Ulta, Walmart, Target, and Amazon, with a wide variety of shades to choose from.


Milk bath 

A milk bath is another skincare essential that keeps the skin clean, healthy, and smooth. This is an excellent gift choice for the ladies to let them know they are taken care of.


YOKO Spa Milk Salt Bath with Vitamin E & B3, $8.08, Amazon

YOKO Spa Milk Salt Bath with Vitamin E & B3, $8.08, Amazon

TEAL’s Foaming Milk Bath with Milk and Honey, $16.95, Amazon


Portable blender 

This item is a perfect gift for your girlfriend, friend, wife, and even mother who are health-conscious and food enthusiasts. A portable blender will help them quickly prepare their favorite fruit juice, shakes, and smoothies whenever, wherever. 


OSTER MyBlend Personal Blender, $16.47, Target

HAMILTON Beach Personal Smoothie Blender, $18.85, Amazon

ECPurchase Personal Blender, $19.99, Amazon



Cosmetic bag

Even the simplest lady still has a makeup product in her purse like a lip balm, lipstick, powder, or sunblock lotion. With this, you can never go wrong with giving a cosmetic bag to your girlfriend, mother, or your lady colleague at work.


Ruby+Cash Zip Cosmetic Pouch, $9.99, Target 

Sonia Kashuk Loag Bag, $12.99, Target

Relavel Travel Makeup Portable Artist Storage Bag, $19.98, Amazon.


Macrame hanging wall mirror

For your aesthetic girlfriend or friend, a macrame hanging wall mirror is a wonderful Christmas gift. Its delicate and boho-styled designs are perfect for beautifying a room and helpful for daily meditations.


FLEXZION Hanging Wall Mirror with Sun Moon Macrame Fringe, $18.99, Amazon

DAHEY Macrame Hanging Wall Mirror, $21.99, Amazon.

MKONO Hanging Wall Mirror with Macrame Fringe, $24.99, Amazon


Long satin robe

It is a perfect gift for your friend about to get married and a sexy gift for your girlfriend or wife to wear on your at-home dinner date.


GOODMANSAM Women’s Plain Color Satin Robe, $14.99, Amazon

PRODESIGN Satin Kimono Robe, $23.99, Amazon

FLOERNS Women’s Ruffle Hem Satin Kimono Robe, $23.99, Amazon


Lip sleeping mask

A lip sleeping mask helps soothe and moisturize the lips overnight. This is a perfect gift for your girlfriend, friend, cousin, wife, or mother, along with the collagen mask.


ULTA Beauty Collection Healthy Hydration Lip Sleeping Mask, $12, Target, Ulta

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask, $16, Amazon

COSRX Propolis Lip Sleeping Mask, $19, Amazon


Non-slip exercise yoga mat

A non-slip exercise yoga mat is the perfect way to start exercising again, especially for the ladies who love to do yoga at home. 



FBSPORT, $19.99, Amazon

ADIDAS, $25.99, Target



Sunscreens and sunblock products remain to be good gift options for family and friends. Ladies would love sunscreen as a holiday gift since this forms part of the skincare routine. Sunscreens are good all year round.


Bare Republic Neon Sunscreen Set, $18.99, Target

Beauty by Earth Mineral Sunscreen Set, $32.99, Amazon 

Dr. Dennis Gross Peel + Protect Skincare Kit, $34.91, Sephora


Makeup brand starter kit

Not all ladies are makeup experts. Ladies still try to glam up while working from home, especially when having a virtual meeting. A makeup starter kit would be a perfect Christmas gift for these ladies.


BEN NYE FAIR Personal Kit, $29.99, Amazon 

UNDONE BEAUTY’s Work From Home Bundle, $34, Amazon

JANE IREDALE’s Pure & Simple Makeup Kit, $36, Amazon



Since the pandemic began, many homes have been filled with different kinds of plants, from the biggest to the smallest. One of the most popular plant choices during the lockdowns is succulents. It is small, easy to take care of, and makes its surrounding space look aesthetically pleasing.


Mountain Crest Garden hybrid succulent set of 4, $13.99 

Simply Succulents 6-set exotic succulent companion plants, $25.55


Personalized ring

Show your promise of love and faithfulness to your girlfriend by getting her a personalized ring this Christmas. A personalized ring is also perfect as a friendship ring for you and your best friend.


CMKREATIONS stackable personalized rings, $14.80, Etsy

CAITLYN MINIMALIST ring with birthstone, $19.87, Etsy

GOLDPERSONALIZED sterling silver ring, $25.14, Etsy


Workout tee

It is essential to wear comfortable clothes when working out to allow the body to move freely. A workout t-shirt is a perfect gift for your workout-savvy friend, girlfriend, or wife.


REEBOK Athletic Shirt, $12, Target

ASICS Training Apparel, $25, Target

AMAZON pack of 2 shirts, $18.90, Amazon



Scented candles also make good gift ideas for the ladies. These can be used during a relaxing me-time at the shower or during morning meditations. 



NATURE’S WICK Weathered Wood Candle,  $15.20, Amazon 

WUNA Constellations Scented Candles, set of 12,  $23.79, Amazon

CASALUNA 4-wick serenity candle, $25, Target


Diffuser set

A diffuser set is a perfect gift for your wife or mother who loves aromatherapy. This is an easy and good way to make the room smell nice with just water and a few drops of essential oils, which can also help reduce anxiety. 


URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser, $20, Amazon

iNNOGEAR Diffuser, $25, Amazon

ASAKUK Diffuser, $28, Amazon


At-home blowout tool 

What better way to flaunt a lady’s luscious locks than a proper salon-like blowout look done at home- a fitting gift this Christmas for your girlfriend or wife. 



REVLON’s One-step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot-Air Brush,  $42, Amazon

DRY BAR Full Pint Medium Round Brush, $40, Amazon

JOHNFRIEDA Hot Air Brush, $32, Amazon


Inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for Men


Socks subscription box

Socks are one of the easiest clothing items to lose, and buying one every time a pair gets lost is such a hassle for you and your man. This Christmas, get him a sock subscription box that will solve this issue and save you time. 



Say It With a Sock, at $9 per pair 

Black Socks, $10.75 per pair 

Threaded  Pear. $11.99 per month, giving  you unlimited choices from bold to classic designs


Beer savers

A beer saver is a perfect gift for dads, husbands, granddads, or boyfriends who either fall asleep on the couch without finishing their beer or just forgot to finish a bottle and already popped another one. 



Gooze 6-pack Silicone Soda Can Lids, $10, Amazon

USPEEDY 24-pack Beer Silicone Rubber Bottle Caps, $11, Amazon

Joso 3-pack Silicone Wine Stoppers, $13, Amazon


USB chain

A USB chain is a good inexpensive gift perfect for your officemate, brother, boyfriend, or husband.


Muhoop 32GB Waterproof Thumb Drive, $7, Amazon

Raoyi New 3D Bullet Flash Drive with Key Chain, $11, Walmart

Moreslan 24GB USB Stick, $15, Amazon


Men’s subscription box

There are several men’s subscription boxes to choose from, saving you the hassle of thinking about what to buy and leaves room for a thrill and surprise from knowing what’s inside this month’s box.


THE MANBOX, $14 a month for men’s essential tools and accessories

STRIDEBOX,  $20, for healthy bars and snacks and skincare and hygiene products

STITCHFLIX, $20 styling fee to get your mans outfits prepared and delivered at his doorstep


100 movies scratch-off poster

Secure a movie time bonding with your brother, boyfriend, husband, or father for the new year by giving him a 100 movies scratch-off poster. Scratch off a square, and the movie that comes up will be the movie of the night. 


BRAVIIE poster, $15, Amazon

WONDERLAND Premium Scratch Off Movie Poster, $17, Amazon

ME TIME JOY Bucket List Poster with Scratching Tool, $20, Amazon


Brewing coffee bottle

If your man prefers quick and easy brewed coffee to go all the time, a brewing coffee bottle is the perfect holiday gift for him. 


Suggestions, all from Amazon:

BODUM Pour Over Coffee Maker, $18.64 

BTAT Cold Brew Coffee Maker, $20

TAKEYA Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker, $33


Portable camping hammock

For your outdoor-loving brother, boyfriend, or workmate, a portable camping hammock would be a wonderful holiday gift. 


KOOTEK Lightweight Camping Hammock, $15, Amazon

FORBIDDEN ROAD Single Double Camping, $17, Amazon

MOVSOU Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net, $19, Amazon


French press travel tumbler

A French press travel tumbler is the perfect gift

 for husbands and fathers who are always on the go. 


BODUM Sustainable 8-Cup Coffee Press, $20, Target 

STANLEY Classic Travel Press, $21, Amazon

VIENESSO Travel Coffee Press and Thermos, $23, Amazon


Beer caddy

Show your support to your man or your dad’s beer escapades with a beer caddy. 


All from Amazon:

SHOWER Drink Holder, $15 

PACMAXI 6-Pack Beer Caddy for Picnic, $18 

BARGIFTS Wooden 6-Bottle Caddy with Bottle Opener, $21 


Pizza socks box       

Bored with your boyfriend’s monotonous-colored socks? Give him a quirky little gift this Christmas! PIZZA SOCKS Box is very affordable $15 a pair and $26 for a box of four, which comes in a special pizza box.


Front door key fob

If your boyfriend, husband, or father does not have an electronic security system yet, this is your opportunity to give him a key fob this Christmas. 


KEYLESSOPTION Key Fob Clicker, $14, Amazon

ESTINK Remote Control Key Fob, $18, Amazon

KWIKSET Kevo Key Fob, $26, Amazon


Personalized leather mouse pad

A personalized leather mouse pad is suited to husbands who work from home as well as gamer boyfriends. This is also a simple yet practical gift for your boss or your workmate. 


NORTHWIND personalized leather mouse pads, $22, Etsy

YOURSURPRISE buffalo leather mouse pads, $25, Etsy

ETERNALLEATHERGOODS, personalized mouse pads, $29.90, Etsy


3-in-1 charging stand

A 3-in-1 charging stand suited for smartphones, smartwatches, and smart earphones is the perfect gift for tech-savvy men or online gamers. These gifts are space savers too and reduce the amount of clutter in your man’s working table.


HORIME Silver Aluminum charging station, $17, Amazon

OLEBR charging station, $26, Amazon

WAITEE charging station, $33, Amazon.


Gerber multi-pliers

A Gerber multitool is perfect for your boyfriend or your husband who loves to tinker around. 


GERBER Gear Dime Mini Multi-Tool Keychain, $25 on Amazon

GERBER Gear Suspension Multi-Tool, $30, Target 

Suspension Needle Nose Pliers Multi-Tool, $33, Amazon


Personalized AirPods case

Give your bae a personalized AirPods case. He may be out on a trip, but he will always remember you by looking at the AirPods case. 


ETSY cases, $17 or less

CASETIFY customizable AirPods case, $30-$35, Casetify website

BEYSIS, $35.90, Beysis website


Beer subscription

Surprise your boyfriend, husband, or father with a beer subscription set. This way, they get to indulge in their guilty pleasure and taste a variety of beer flavors.


FIRST SIP Brew Box, $21 per month and comes with merchandise such as T-shirts and mugs.

BEER DROP $39 and comes in canned beers, and leaves beer selection up to you 

CRAFT BEER CLUB features 12 different curated craft beers starting at $43 a month.


Shiatsu back shoulder and neck massager

Boyfriends and husbands love a good massage after a day’s work.  To save time and your relationship, get him a Shiatsu back and neck massager this holiday. It is available on Amazon from $25 to $40 only.


Daily routine set

Introduce your boyfriend or husband to a skincare routine by giving him a daily routine set. Start simple so he can ease his way into this regimen.


BULLDOG Men’s Skincare and Grooming Store, $19.41, Amazon

NIVEA Complete Set, $36, Target 

NATURAL OUTCOME’s Anti-Aging Skincare Kit, $39.95, Amazon


Bicycle multitool

A must-have for your biker friends, boyfriend, husband, or father is a bicycle multitool.


SOBA Fabrications Woody 8-function multitool, $16, Walmart

TURBULENT Universal Bike Multitool with 23 vital cycling tools, $20, Amazon

PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Multitool, $28, Amazon


Travel laptop backpack

A practical and affordable gift for your man this Christmas is a travel laptop backpack. This is also very useful when he opts to transfer his workstation to a campsite for a day to spice up his work environment.


WSGCAN Durable Waterproof Backpack, $30, Walmart

CABINA HOME Backpack with USB Port, $33, Amazon 

MATEIN Travel Laptop Anti-Theft Backpack, $40, Amazon


Inexpensive gift ideas for Teens


Bath bombs

One of the good and inexpensive introductory skincare products for newbies is a bath bomb. It allows the teens to be eager and enjoy shower time, leaving their young skin smooth and well moisturized. 


TEAL’S Ultra Moisturizing Bath Bombs pack of 5, $4.87, Walmart

MORE THAN MAGIC Macaron Bath Bomb pack of 4, $5, Target

BODY & EARTH Signature Scented Bath Bomb Set of 9, $10, Amazon


Band Ring Silver

Teens love accessories, and rings are always cute and pretty. Get your friends some rings to declare your love for them before guys break their hearts away. A simple band ring silver will do.


JUDE JEWELERS classic stackable rings, $7 apiece, Amazon. 

AVECON 925 Sterling Ring with Carved Heart, $10, Walmart

KEZEF Silver High Polish Dome Ring, $10, Walmart.


Led photo clips string lights

Reminisce your memories together with a special dinner or picnic and a string of your photos together. These LED string lights with photos can also be put in your best friend’s or partner’s room after the surprise event.


Available in Walmart at $8 or on Amazon at $11.


Gooseneck bed phone holder

Get your teenagers a gooseneck bed phone holder for Christmas so they can free up their hands to do household chores while watching a movie or a show on their phones. This is also useful when your teenage student is multitasking during classes or study hours.


Saiji Gooseneck Phone Holder, $18, Amazon

Insten Phone Clip Mount Holder, $11.50, Walmart


Customized drinking tumblers

Customized and personalized drinking tumblers are a perfect friendship gift. You can design them with your friends’ names, pet names, or zodiac signs. 


THE WHITE INVITE personalized tumblers, $20 or less, Brand website

CRUCOPSSTORE customized tumblers, bottles, and can coolers, $15, Etsy

BRIDAL SOUTHERN DESIGN personalized tumblers, $10, Etsy.


Minimalist metal RFID blocking wallet

With the rise of online and cashless transactions, teens need to be careful of their credit and debit cards to avoid getting unintended purchases just by walking around malls and stores.


TSV Carbon Fiber Wallet, $10.48, Walmart

SG Slim Minimalist RFID Metal Wallet in Gold, $10.95, Walmart

TOMTOC Slim Minimalist Leather Wallet, $17, Amazon



Get your teenager beanies for the holidays and help boost their self-confidence with a stylish piece to cap off their entire look.


VBIGER Winter Beanie, $8.49, Amazon

POWERCAP Fleece Cap, $12, Walmart

PFFY Unisex Beanie, $14, Target


Mediheal x BTS hydration care special set.

For your KPOP fan teenager, the Mediheal x BTS Hydration Care Special Set is a welcome gift this Christmas. Priced at $21, it comes with 10 hydration sheet masks and 14 limited edition photocards of the BTS members. It is available on Amazon and Walmart.


Track pants 

Track pants are perfect for homebodies and avid gamers who never leave their homes for weeks on end. Get your hermit friend some track pants this Christmas. 


Affordable choices are available in Walmart, Target, and Amazon. 


Athletic Works, $15, 

Gioberti track pants, $17

Adidas , $30. 


Cargo pants

A pair of cargo pants is a nice gift for your teenage child or your teenage friend who loves to pump up their style and dance a lot, especially on TikTok. 


Wrangler cargo pants, $21, Walmart 

HIMONE pants at $23

Dickies, $27


Personal charging hub

Teenagers rely on their phones for school, entertainment, communication, and social interaction. A wonderful gift that would best fit your teenaged sibling, relative, or friend is a personal charging hub.


BENTOBEN 3-in-1 Charging Stand for smartphones, smartwatches, and AirPods, $23,

ELAGO 3-in-1 Charging Station, $28 

PLUGABLE 7-in-1 USB Charging Hub with Data Transfer for Laptops,$49.


Exfoliating pads for teen boys 

Skincare is also essential for boys to prevent massive skin breakouts during their teenage years.


HIM-ISTRY Alpha Hydroxy Clearing Pads, $19. 

NEEDLY Exfoliating Facial Pads with BHA and PHA, $26.97 

FIRST AID BEAUTY Facial Radiance Pads with AHA, $33.45.


Skincare set

Share with your best friend your secret skincare routine. Encourage her to start her own and give her these skincare sets this Christmas.


ELF Jet Set Hydration Kit, $14.22, Ulta

WIS 4-piece skincare set, $35, Amazon

Farmacy Farmer’s Market Set, $35, Amazon


Mini fridge

A mini-fridge that fits in the space of your teenaged child’s bedroom or dorm room is perfect for keeping some snacks and beverages for study sessions and movie nights. 


MOUNTAIN DEW-can Mini Compact Fridge, $29, Walmart

CHEFMANPortable Eraser Board Mini Fridge, $37, Amazon

ASTROAI 6-can Mini Fridge with Portable Thermoelectric Cooler and Warmer, $46, Target


Product pack subscription box

You got a teenager who is not interested in most of the things you buy? Sign them up for a product subscription box that suits their interests.



COMIC MYSTERY BOX, $28 a month 

FABFITFUN’s boxes, $50


Star wars patent poster prints

Giving a full-on Stormtrooper costume to your teenage Star Wars fan may be a bit too much for your budget right now, but you can trade it in with poster prints of the series’ characters or scenes.


TINYMOLLO  Unframed Set of 6 Star Wars Characters, $14, Amazon 

STARS BY NATURE  Vintage Star Vessels Patent Poster Set of 6, $37.78, Walmart

COLE BORDERS  Burgundy Star Wars B-Wing Patent Poster, $40 also in Walmart


LED strip lights

LED strip lights are wonderful room decorations for your teenage child, friend, or relative. This can also be used in your BFF Hide-Out place, the treehouse, or lighten up the cat patio at your friend’s house. 


MY BEAUTY LIGHT White LED Strip Lights, $17, Amazon

USTO Music Sync Color Changing LED Strip, $19, Amazon

SUNNY DAZE Indoor LED Light Strip with Remote Control, $31.95, Target


ROKU Streaming Stick 

ROKU Streaming Stick is Netflix-on-a-stick, allowing you to stream thousands of movie selections on your TV. This item is the perfect gift for your friends or family members who are avid moviegoers. Roku can be bought at $40 on Target and at $36 on Amazon. 


Floating waterproof dry bag

This gift is perfect for your brother, boyfriend, or friend who loves to venture into the sea always so they can put their essentials in a waterproof dry bag, which can double as a makeshift kickboard in times of emergency. 


ACRODO Dry Bag, $15, Walmart

POOL CENTRAL 10L Lightweight Waterproof Gear Drybag, $16, Target

EARTH PAK Waterproof Dry Bag, $20, Amazon


DropMix Music Gaming System

Spice up your siblings’ or your friends’ game time with the DropMix Music Gaming System. It is a music mixing game where you create, or battle it, remixes from the deck of cards provided. This is a perfect gift for competitive and creative families and friends. DropMix is available in Walmart at $45. A pack of DropMix Playlist cards costs around $15 on Amazon.


Inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for Kids


Bathtub crayons

Bring in some bathtub crayons for your little one to play with while taking a bath. This helps further develop the child’s creativity and helps you finish bath time peacefully.


SCS Direct Bath Crayons Set of 12, $10, Amazon

SMIBO Anker Play Bath Crayons 6-Pack, $13, Target

HONEYSTICKS Bath Crayons for Toddlers & Kids, $24, Amazon



Enhance kids’ capacity to see things with some binoculars. It will also add more fun to playtime and role-playing scenarios.


SCOTAMALONE Kids Binoculars, $10, Amazon

WALFRONTCompact 30×60 Kids Binoculars, $11, Walmart

SK Portable Compact Kids Binoculars, $12, Walmart


Doll feeding time set

It is fitting to give a doll feeding play set to your child, allowing you to play with them and teach them proper table manners.


OUR GENERATION School Lunch Set, $8, Target

CLICK N PLAY 3 Piece Baby Doll Feeding Set, $17.25, Walmart

MELISSA & DOUG MINE TO LOVE Mealtime Play Set (24pcs), $26, Amazon



A set of Legos feeds children’s curiosity and develops their creativity to build, destroy, and match colors and shapes. However, carefully watch over your child when playing with Lego blocks as these can be real choking hazards.


LEGO Minifigures Marvel Studios 66678 Building Kit, $30, Target

LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box (790 pcs), $38, Walmart

LEGO Classic Creative Brick Box (1,200 pcs), $50, Walmart


Kinetic sand

Kinetic sand enhances children’s creativity as they create various shapes and sizes with this sand. It is very squishy and addicting to play, a perfect gift for the child, and a perfect playtime bonding for the entire family.


KINETIC SAND Rainbow Mix Set, $7, Target

KINETIC SAND Beach Kingdom Playset, $11.60, Walmart

KINETIC SAND  Dig & Demolish Truck Playset, $15, Walmart


UNO Card Game

UNO is a cool gift for kids aged as early as five years old and for adults also. UNO now has various themes and game upgrades available, spicing up the family game night.


UNO Retro Edition, $5.99, Target

UNO Minecraft Themed Matching Card Game, $6.39, Walmart

UNO Giant Game, $15.99, Target


Jenga Classic Game

Jenga Classic is an exciting game for all ages, perfect for improving problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, strategic thinking, hand-eye coordination, and patience. It is also fun to do together with the rest of the family and friends.


JENGA Mini Game, $4.49, Walmart

JENGA Classic Game, $15, Walmart

JENGA Neon Pop Building Blocks, $21.49, Walmart


Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly Board Game is another wonderful gift to a child. It teaches the importance of mathematics, finances, and loans and develops the child’s negotiation skills. 


MONOPOLY Board Game, $20.99, Target

MONOPOLY Mega Edition, $24.78, Amazon

MONOPOLY Super Mario Celebration Edition, $24.96, Walmart


Crazy Forts

Crazy forts are good for the kids’ creativity levels as they try to build castles, buildings, and well, forts through only sticks and balls. This can also help build camaraderie and coordination with other kids as they all try to build the fort.


CRAZY FORTS 69 Piece Buildable Fort Playset, $41.99, Walmart

CRAZY FORTS 69 Piece Flexi Forts, $43.55, Walmart

CRAZY FORTS Glow in the Dark, $44.10, Amazon


Coding Robot

A coding robot is a super cool gift. Children will already learn how to code or prepare instructions that a robot can execute, helping a child’s brain development through these robots.


WOWWEE COJI The Coding Robot Toy, $31.99, Walmart

BOTLEY The Coding Root, $35.70, Amazon

EII1125 Artie 3000 The Coding Robot, $43.76, Walmart


KidiZoom Creator Cam

This is a perfect gift for kids interested in taking photos and filming videos of others and themselves. It is a kid-friendly camera that is suited for a child’s level of management.


Amazon sells VTech Kidizoom Creator Cam at $50. 


Flipslide Game

Flipslide Game is a thrilling and addictive multi-player game that will test your child’s skills to match the colors by flipping and sliding the keys within the given time limit. It is a cool gift to test your child’s reflexes, motor skills, and memory. 


Flipslide Game is available in Walmart for $22 and on Amazon at $31.27.


Moon Lamp

Give your child a Moon Lamp this holiday. This leaves enough light in the room without disturbing your child’s sleep and makes the room extra cozy for a good night’s sleep.


WEST & ARROW Novelty Table Lamp, $15, Target

GOODWORLD Moon Lamp, $18, Walmart

LOGROTATE 16 Colors LED Night Light, $20, Amazon


Augmented reality globe

Give your child an Augmented Reality (AR) Globe, which makes them feel like exploring the world and gaining that almost true-to-life experience of going to different countries.


VIVITAR VA90030 KidsTech Light Up AR Globe, $30, Amazon

SOOSI AR Globe, $37.19, Walmart

VIVITAR Kids Tech AR Globe with Smartphone App, $38.82, Walmart


Augmented reality books

Make book-reading an exciting activity. Give your child some AR Books to enhance the kid’s reading experience and makes them indulge in the story a bit more.


TIDE POOLS: An AR Book, $19.95, Amazon

Lewis Carroll Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland AR Book, $20, Walmart

AUGMENTED HUMAN: How Technology is Shaping the New Reality, $25.54, Amazon


BFF Bracelet by JOYCUFF

JOYCUFF’s BFF bracelet is a cute gift you can give your child as you assure them that you will be friends forever. This is also a good gift your child can give to their best of friends. These are available for only $12.72 on Amazon.


Fairy Light Garden

Fairy Light Garden teaches kids to take care of plants and create an indoor garden, making them interested in farming. It is also a good night lamp while your kid is sleeping soundly with the 3-colored light located in the treehouse tower.



MY FAIRY GARDEN Light Unicorn Paradise Playset, $30, Target


Last Defense! Board Game

FUNKO Last Defense! Board Game is a cool game that will allow your child to live like a hero as he, and the other players, try to save the city and protect the residents from aliens and monsters. Kids will learn strategic thinking and collaborative work as all players work together to finish the game within the set time limit. Funko Last Defense! Board Game can be bought on Amazon for  $20 only.


GO Glam Nail Stamper

Get your young girls a COOL MAKER Go Glam Nail Stamper Deluxe Salon with Dryer and let them experience a kid-friendly and safe nail salon treatment. It costs $35 on Amazon.


Baby Shark Tablet

Get your kids the WOWWEE PINKFONG Baby Shark Educational Tablet, which can be bought from Amazon and Walmart for $25. You can teach your kids time management and discipline on the appropriate gadget time.


Inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for Foodies


Make your hot sauce kit

Express your support to your foodie friend by giving him a make-your-own-hot-sauce kit this Christmas. This is perfect to be given now to relieve your friend from the boredom of staying at home too long.







Indoor electric nonstick grill

Your foodie friend will fall head over heels with you when you get them an indoor electric nonstick grill. This is perfect for his or her food adventures or the regular dinner dates at home. 


BLACK+DECKER Family sized Electric Griddle, $26, Target

MAXI-MATIC Smokeless Indoor Electric BBQ Grill, $37, Amazon

HAMILTON BEACH Nonstick Indoor Grill, $40, Walmart


Ceramic pizza stone and pizza cutter wheel

To reduce the resto food orders, get your foodie friend or housemate a ceramic pizza stone and cutter wheel so they can make the pizza right at the comfort of their homes.


NORDIC WARE Tan Pizza Stone Set, $19.50, Amazon

OVENTE Ceramic Pizza Stone, $20, Walmart

HARUPINK 13” Ceramix Pizza Stone and Cutter, $49, Walmart


Indoor/outdoor electric grill

This is a perfect gift, not just for the foodie in the family, but to all family members as an extra bonding time and an opportunity to get your husband moving and take charge of the grill on barbecue day.


GOTHAM Steel Smokeless Grill, $42.38, Amazon

ALIYOHAM Electric Grill, $47, Amazon



Organic mushroom growing kit

Grow your very own mushrooms with the BACK TO THE ROOTS Organic Grey Oyster Mushroom Mini Grow Kit for only $18 at Walmart. This is o a perfect gift for your foodie bestie and a cute bonding experience as you grow your crops together.


Rotary cheese grater handheld

Let your foodie bestie ace that Italian cuisine with a rotary handheld cheese grater. It comes in handy during large gatherings and dinners such as birthdays, holidays, and other occasions. 


NOVASHION Steel Cheese Grater, $13, Walmart

OXO Rotary Cheese Grater, $16, Target

ZYLISS Classic Rotary Cheese Grater, $20, Amazon


Care package (Cravebox)

Craving for something but cannot pinpoint what it is? Need an extra sugar boost while working or studying? The CraveBox Care Package is perfect for you or your friends. For$38, you and your friends can have 45 kinds of snacks, granola bars, chips, and candies. This is perfect for every occasion and everyone. 


Premium candy subscription box 

If your friend has a sweet tooth, give them a premium candy subscription box this Christmas. Boxes come with all sorts of candies that they possibly haven’t tried yet. 


CRATE JOY’S Japan Crate, $50, for a box full of 18-20 different kinds of Japanese candies, chocolates, and snacks

SNACKCRATE, $10 a month, 20 full-sized products from different parts of the world

CANDY CLUB, $30 a month, all kinds of candies from gummies, jellybeans, taffies to hard candies


Sushi making kit

When you and your friends have already reached peak boredom and are running out of things to do while stuck at home, get them a sushi-making kit this Christmas. Through this, you and your friends will learn and appreciate your favorite sushi even more. You can also have sushi anytime you want without paying extra bucks for food orders and delivery service.


MY JOLLY HOME 20 in 1 Sushi Maker Bazooka, $14, Amazon

DELAMU Sushi Making Kit, $21.24, Amazon

DARTWOOD Bamboo Sushi Making Kit, $25, Target


Meal subscription

Take extra care of your friends who have busy schedules and have difficulty preparing food or eating with a meal subscription box. For a very affordable rate, they can already have a complete meal. 


HELLO FRESH, $6.79 only per ready-to-cook meal. 

YUMBLE, $6 per meal 

GOBBLE, $12 per meal


Dumpling light

This is a cute and practical gift for your foodie bestie that will not put additional weight on them. A dumpling light night lamp is a happy pill for food-lovers and can help them ward off insomnia and anxiety at night.


ZKLiLi Silicone Dumpling Light, $12, Amazon

MUBAREK Night Light, $17, Amazon

SMOKO Dumpling Light, $33, SMOKO website


Cooling pint glasses

For your beer-loving family and friends, get them their pint glasses this Christmas. Your beer-loving friends would love this cooling pint glass for sure, as they can now enjoy a cold drink as they cap off a long day.


LERAMED Ultimate Pint, $13, Amazon

HOST Freeze Beer Glasses, $19.60, Amazon

ZWILLING Sorrento 2pc Double-Wall Beer Set, $26.95, Target


Mini waffle maker

A mini waffle maker is good for quick breakfast meals or snack time with the kids. Your friends can also get creative in making their very own waffle recipes with this.


NOSTALGIA MyMini Personal Electric Waffle Maker, $15, Amazon

DASH Mini waffle maker, $18, Amazon

OSTER DiamondForce Nonstick Belgian Waffle Maker – $21.39, Target


Custom cutting board

A true chef will always have a knife and a cutting board. A personalized cutting board is especially perfect for your friend who is about to enter or just graduated culinary school. This will inspire them to create more wonderful dishes with the cutting board you gave.


MADE BY DESIGN Gripper Poly Cutting Board, $10, Target

CUSTOM CATCH Personalized Cutting Wood Board, $19, Amazon

HAT SHARK Custom Engraved Cutting Board, $19.95, Amazon


Merlot infused coffee 

Get your friend who is a huge fan of coffee and wine the Merlot-infused coffee by Uncommon Goods. For only $20, your friend will be sipping on coffee with the aroma of a wine as this coffee has been aged in Merlot wine barrels. Your friend won’t be intoxicated, though, as this coffee does not have actual wine mixed in it.


Automatic pan stirrer with timer

This item is very useful for your friend, partner, or parents who love to cook. They would just simply put this in a pan or a pot, and it will do the stirring for them as they work on other tasks or take care of the other menu.


ROBOSTIR, $34.84, Amazon

UUTENSIL STIRRTIME Automatic pan stirrer, $35.95, Amazon



A cookbook is always a good gift for your family or friend who loves to cook. This year, one of the bestselling cookbooks is Joshua Weissman: An Unapologetic Cookbook, which can be bought at Amazon for only $19.20.


Pop-up hotdog toaster

A pop-up hotdog toaster is always a good holiday gift for family or friends with children. The children and parents can prepare the hotdog buns together, and it will be a perfect bonding experience for them. A good hotdog toaster is the NOSTALGIA Pop-up 2 Hot Dog and Bun Toaster, priced at $24.99 on Amazon.


Italian cheesemaking kit

Give your friend an Italian cheesemaking kit this holiday. They can just make cheese at home all day, every day. 


COUNTRY TRADING CO. Cheese Maker Molds Set of 5, $21.90, Amazon

NEW ENGLAND Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Making Kit, $25.99, Amazon

FERMENTAHOLICS DIY Fresh Cheese Making Kit, $29.95, Amazon


Wine subscription

A wine subscription is a perfect gift for your wine enthusiast friends or those who just got married. 


Harry & David Wine & Cheese Pairing Club, $30, covers a bottle of wine and an exclusive gourmet cheese each month. 

Wine of the Month Club, $39 per month 

Martha Stewart Wine Co., $50, which delivers one bottle of wine per week for six weeks 


Inexpensive gifts for Creative People


Inkless drawing board

Perk up your friend’s creative juices with a Buddha Board that uses only water when drawing. This can help your friend meditate and have a clear mind making her time doing art extra special. Only $37.95 on Amazon


Tracing Led lightbox

Make your artist friend’s life easy with a Tracing LED Light Box. This can help them transfer sketches and illustrations easily to a professional drawing paper, saving extra effort and time. This can also be a perfect gift to your non-artistic friends who lack the proper drawing skills. They can also come up with a good sketch in a new paper with this device.


LITENERGY Portable Tracing LED Copy Board Light Box, $17, Amazon

TIKTECKLAB Ultra-Thin Portable Tracer White Pad Light Box, $19.89, Amazon


Leather paintbrush roll

This is one of the most basic yet very useful gift items for your creative family or friends. They will always need a brush roll to keep all of these tools organized.


RUSTIC RIDGE Genuine Leather Pencil and Pen Roll, $24.97, Amazon

HIDE & DRINK Waxed Canvas Artist Paint Brush Roll Up Bag, $31.95, Amazon


Personalized paintbrush holder

Make your friends’ paintbrush holder extra special with a personal touch. You can put in name initials, inspirational quotes, or dainty designs to make the holder unique and one-of-a-kind.


ANYA PEDZEL Artists Paint Brush Holder, $19.97, Amazon

RUTHPIKECERAMICS Ceramic Paint Brush Holder, $25.85, Etsy

GRAINWOODS Paint Brush Holder, $29.05, Etsy


Brush cleaner

Artists’ brushes must be in clean and good condition to be used for a long time. You can never go wrong with a brush cleaner gift set for your artist friend or family.


GENERAL 105-BP Pencil Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver, $10.29, Amazon

PAINT PUCK Paint Brush Cleaner Rince Cup (All-in-One), $31.19, Amazon


Brush rest

Help keep your friend’s workstation sleek and clean with a cute and cool brush holder. This will keep all of the paintbrushes, pens, and pencils in place as your friend works on other tasks – a perfect gift for your friend and a friendly item to your budget.


KISANGEL 2-pc Calligraphy Ceramic Brush Holder, $6.89, Amazon

HMAYART Brush Rest with Cat Design, $12.99, Amazon

MEGREZ Calligraphy Brush Holder, $13.99, Amazon


Stylus pen

A stylus pen is another simple yet practical gift for your artist family or friends to help them draw sketches and finish their artworks on their digital devices easily. 


MEKO Universal Stylus, $11.85, Amazon

RENAISSER Stylus for Surface, $27.19, Amazon


“Let It Gough” Shirt

Nothing screams “I am an artist” than a Van Gogh-inspired shirt. This item is a perfect gift for everyone – artists, art enthusiasts, and non-creative people. \ An ARTIST SHIRTS CO. Let It Gogh T-Shirt can be bought for $20 on  Amazon.


Masterclass annual membership 

A Masterclass membership is a beautiful gift to give a friend who is interested to learn more skills. For only $180 a year or $15 a month, you are giving that friend an opportunity of a lifetime.


Modeling clay (therapy dough)

Get yourself and your friends some modeling clay and therapy dough. The squishy clay, infused with herbs, can help you relax and calm your hearts and minds. 


AROMA DOUGH Aromatherapy Playing Dough, $10

UNCOMMON GOODS Therapy Dough $15


Choose from among the listed items the best fit for the gift’s recipient.


There are no limits on the gift items you can buy for your loved ones, co-workers, or neighbors, but know what the person wants and what would suit their personality.


What matters most in gift-giving is the thought, and the effort put into it as an expression of love, care, and appreciation for these people. 


״The secret of happiness, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less״ - Socrates

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