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״The secret of happiness, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less״ - Socrates


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The Full Parent Guide for Children Financial Education – Teach Your Kids About Money & Investing

You won’t like seeing your future self still supporting your adult kids, will you? Similarly, you don’t wish to witness how your children suffer from debts as they grow up while you grow old, do you?

  • October 11, 2021
  • 27 minutes
The Ultimate Safety Guide for Women Traveling the World Solo on a Budget – Actionable Tips Inside

How about spending a couple of days or more alone? Living life to the fullest stretching your happiness levels to a new high, leaving no room for ‘hodophobia’ while discover amazing new places, meet new faces, and discover new cultures and traditions?

Cheap and easy to get gifts! 110 Inexpensive Christmas gift ideas

Everyone gets giddy and excited when receiving gifts from family, friends, and colleagues and just as thrilled as buying gifts for them. We all want to give gifts to make our loved ones happy without boring a hole in our pockets. But that is quite a challenge – often, the best means the most expensive one.

The Best Places to Buy Tires

We often get in the car and drive away to our destination without checking the tires. Our lives had become too fast-paced to let us notice the little details. But we must not forget that our car’s tires should get the same attention as our car’s interior and exterior appearance. Yes, tires eventually wear out, but a little bit of care can extend their lifespan.

Cheap Fun Hobbies You Can Start Right Now!

Time flows differently for many people. For individuals who have a lot of things to do, time may seem to run too fast.  For those idle with not much to do, time would appear to run so slow, and boredom will start to creep in. The ongoing pandemic has contributed to most people having extra time on their hands with no idea how to handle this situation. An effective way to spend time productively is to find cheap, fun hobbies. 

100+ Freebies & Discounts for College Students – 2022

Entering college in the U.S. is a two-pronged sword in the sense that it is both a privilege and a burden. A privilege since not everyone will be allowed to pursue a course that will define your career later. A burden as completing your college course comes with a price, which may prove to be too costly for most students. Fortunately, there is hope for you college students, it comes in the form of discounts and freebies.