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The Best Parking Apps in the US – 2022

Yes, parking in itself can be a challenge. What makes it even more of a challenge is ensuring that you do get one. Sometimes, cities can be so packed that the only parking spots you can get are those that require high fees. The free ones will obviously be taken in advance.

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Now, there is also the wastefulness in space and money in the current parking system. Not only do drivers get directed towards spaces that cost a lot for only a few hours, but those who want to park for free take a chunk out of what should be free and open space. The latter can make the environment look crowded and cramped. 


However, parking apps vary in emphasis. Some are specifically parking space apps, while others find cheap parking applications. 


Why Choose Parking Apps

So, why do people download parking applications in the first place? Here are some of the most common reasons: 


Sure parking 

If you stick to your neighborhood, chances are you know just where to park at certain times. Even then, it can be challenging to compete with other drivers during rush hours. This is especially true if you plan to park at a spot you don’t usually take – such as near a supermarket or a hospital. 


Your issues will further inflate if you need to park in a different city or town. You don’t know what the best times are and where the best spaces can be found. Of course,  you cannot have a local guide at all times. You need something that you can easily access whenever you need it – as in a parking location app


To ensure you are not overpaying

The thing is you do have to pay for some parking spots. So, you need parking mobile apps that will tell you just how much you need to pay for various sites, based on location. You may find out that some areas are asking for too much money. You may prefer getting directed to free spots, especially if you are not going to park for long, anyway. 


Then, some apps will alert you if your time is up at the parking facility or spot. Sometimes, the fault is not in the apps but in your assessment of your situation. The short visit may become hours of chatting. If you are using an app that works for short stays only, you may have an issue. 


Finding the best parking

Sometimes, a place may have a lot of parking spots. However, can you find a location that is specifically good for you and your vehicle type? 


A parking location app can provide you with enough insight as to whether you should pursue a particular spot or not. 


The best parking is not only free or cheap, but it should also be safe. If you are in an unfamiliar place and you are recommended two spots at night time, you should pick the safer one. You may even want some valet service with that if you want some human connection at the place you are headed to. So many apps have become purely digital. Some are efficient enough to work that way, but it can get lonely. 


Making money using the app

Some parking mobile apps do not just provide you with locations but also let you earn money while using them. If you are a parking spot owner, you can offer them up through some of the apps. So, the apps can recommend your parking spot whenever a person inquires about parking in the area. 


Some people may not make money using a parking app, but they could save money. Imagine saving up to 50% to 60% of your usual parking expenses. That should be worth the minimal transaction fees. 


Steps for choosing a parking app


When you are choosing a parking app, you must consider the following:


location/area of activity

Of course, you must make sure that the app covers your location/area of activity. To make the most of the app, it should also cover the places that you will possibly visit or regularly drive to. 


  • Where do you usually park?
  • What are possible places that you will go to?
  • Features


Then, you must check the features of the parking app. Do these features match your needs? Sometimes, you will find that even strongly similar apps will still have some variations.


Here are some possible features that you can choose from: 

  • Location tracking – GPS must be activated to make this work
  • Search feature for finding the nearest parking spaces
  • Booking paid parking spaces 
  • Various payment schemes (for those that allow booking)
  • Price comparisons
  • Covered areas (city-wide, national, international)
  • Pricing


One of the reasons you are availing of a parking lot app is that you want to save money. You have already been badly burned in the past, having to pay huge amounts at some surprisingly expensive spaces. So, app pricing should also be an object of interest for you. The best free parking app may also be an option that you want. Such an app may benefit from commissions earned by you booking a spot at a paid parking space. 



Security here entails you not having to worry about your cards getting hacked. The app should not only be helpful but should also be secure.  You should also find out if the app has a history of directing people to safe spaces only. Security is one of the non-negotiable features that you should consider. 


Customer Service if Needed

While it is great that technological advancement has led to computers helping you out without any need to call any person, you may want a breathing customer service agent from time to time. A live customer service that can help you whenever you struggle with some feature kinks will certainly make life easier. 


Apps Reviews

Here is a quick look at each of the most popular parking applications out there. 



  • Quick Review

Parker is a mostly US parking-focused parking application. It functions well as a basic parking app, which navigates you towards the nearest parking space. Moreover, it allows you to search for such areas, as filtered by location, pricing, and availability. Well-intentioned and able to provide you with up-to-the-minute updates, it should be a perfect parking app. However, some users have complained about how it sometimes mistakes mere driving in an attempt to park. 


  • Pros 
    • Parking availability is updated in real-time
    • A search engine with filters provide you with your best parking option
    • Reminder to avoid getting parking tickets
    • Navigates you towards the chosen parking space 
    • User-friendly


  • Cons 
    • A few kinks that cause crashing and unnecessary notifications 
    • Not available in some cities and mostly only available in the US



  • Quick Review

SpotHero is surely the digital crusader that you need. With the help of GPS, it can help you navigate the streets of multiple cities towards affordable and available parking spaces. The easy-to-use app can reserve the spot for you. This way, you don’t have to stress while driving towards the empty area. 


  • Pros 
    • It can be used in a multitude of cities. 
    • GPS navigation makes it easy for you to find the available areas. 
    • It finds you affordable and available parking spots, even in some expensive cities.
    • The app provides you with quick results.


  • Cons 
    • It does not forward the payment, according to some users. 
    • The app requires the parking site to have network connectivity to keep the information updated. 



  • Quick Review

ParkWhiz is a well-designed app based on its visuals. However, there are enough complaints to make you second-guess yourself when using the app. It directs you to possible empty parking spaces. However, it may have some minor or major issues, depending on your needs. Some have complained about customer service and payment forwarding issues. 


  • Pros 
    • It does its job, directing you to available parking spaces. 
    • It allows prepaying the parking space. 


  • Cons 
    • Pales in comparison to other parking apps
    • Poor customer service in some instances 



  • Quick Review

It seems that Parkopedia directs you to some of the safest parking spots in your area. It leads you to reputable spaces, thus making you feel safe. However, you may want to pick the nearest among your options as the data you get may not be as updated as you hope for. 


  • Pros 
    • Parkopedia ensures that you are parked at a reputable and safe spot
    • Contact details are readily available online 
    • It integrates various vehicle-related payments 


  • Cons 
    • The information may not be in real-time 



  • Quick Review

ParkMe may be a free app, but users are not very enthusiastic about its features. Poor rating and a name that is not as recognizable as its competitors have shelved this app a little.


  • Pros 
    • It serves its minimum  purpose
  • Cons 
    • Not considered reliable by its users
    • Only secure and reliable in the Miami Beach area

  • Quick Review

As the name suggests, provides a very specific service. It is recited towards people who are planning to park near the airport right before their flights. These parking spaces are available near airports. However, this app is meant to make advanced reservations to ensure that you have a certain place to leave your vehicle. 


  • Pros
    •  The service is much needed for people who have to go on their flights
    • It is generally an effective and convenient way of reserving airport parking 
    • Extensive service includes an assistant to meet you and direct you to your vehicle right after your flight


  • Cons 
    • There is a need to be a little early for your flight since the reservations may be too late 



  • Quick Review

ParkMobile is yet another car parking service that allows you to find and reserve nearby parking spaces. It is a great option because it can direct you towards various types of parking: garage, building, street, or any other kind. It can connect you to 3000 US cities. So, you know you will be covered within the country even if you have to move.


  • Pros 
    • Accepts PayPal and Visa Checkout
    • Connects you to various types of parking 
    • A convenient way to find parking and pay for it
    • Suggests nearby zones
    • Parkmobile sticker 
    • Can be availed for up to 5 license plates
    • Easy registrations
    • Expiration notification 


  • Cons 
    • A few kinks that must be ironed out
    • The app should be updated 



  • Quick Review

SpotAngels has not pleased all of its users.  However, it does get rave reviews depending on where the user is located. City users seem to be happy with the app. They are more likely to give the app more stars. They say that they get a lot of help in usually crowded spaces. 


  • Pros 
    • Recommended spots 
    • Quick addition of parking permit information
    • Accurate map 
    • History of parked spaces 


  • Cons 
    • Paid subscription
    • Sometimes falsely advertised as free

  • Quick Review can serve as your best friend in a strange city. It will help you get around and find the perfect parking with minimal use of your fingers. User-friendly and quick, it should be able to direct you to where you can rest your vehicle. 


  • Pros 
    • User-friendly
    • Easy to understand format
    • Easy inquiries
    • It can help you get around strange cities 


  • Cons 
    • Not great for those with poor cell reception
    • More app information online is needed 



  • Quick Review

From its very name, this app has the air of science fiction. Well, this one has been made into reality in the form of a parking app that gives out voice navigation. It uses its artificial intelligence to find your parking space in real-time. This way, you can reserve open areas so that you can be sure one is available for you as you reach. 


  • Pros 
    • Crowdsources for accuracy
    • Lets you drive with free hands 
    • AI-operated
    • Uses voice navigation 


  • Cons 
    • Has a smaller following compared to more popular apps 


ParkingPanda / SpotHero

  • Quick Review

If you have been looking for any information on Parking Panda, you may have a difficult time. Go back up and check the information on SpotHero, which it is known as. As its former name, the parking app has also served many drivers well. 


In its original format, Parking Panda is known for collaborating with professional league stadiums. It is associated with places that may get crowded. 



  • Quick Review

Parkify is a different way of getting around. Not only does it help you find a parking spot, but it also helps you find your car. This is especially helpful when you are in a different city. The app has just directed you towards a parking space. When you have to go back to your car, you may also need some assistance to find it. 


  • Pros 
    • It helps you find where you parked your car.
    • It auto connects with your car’s Bluetooth. 
    • It can identify and manage multiple cars.
    • It records your car’s position after you have left it in the car park.


  • Cons 
    • It is only available on Android.
    • It does not use GPS. 



  • Quick Review

This app is believed to have at least 850000 users per month. It originally targeted about a hundred or so airport parking spaces. Now, it is available in 110 cities across the United States. 


  • Pros 
    • It provides reliable parking.
    • It shows promise in terms of expansions. 


  • Cons 
    • It is only available in the United States. 


The Parking Spot

  • Quick Review

The parking app does its best in performing its most basic aspect, which is to find a parking space – especially in unfamiliar places. Even drivers who go around their own cities may be surprised to find better, safer parking spaces in their areas. 


The human service aspect of the Parking Spot app is also the most effective. The service within the parking space is done right. However, contacting customer service is a different story. It seems that Parking Spot has scrimped on hiring employees for that purpose. 


  • Pros 
    • The service is done well, enabling the user to find a perfect parking spot. 
    • It offers other services, such as carwash and valet parking.
    • The rates are reasonable for an all-inclusive service.


  • Cons 
    • Customer service is not 100% reliable. 
    • The payment for parking services and all the others that come with them have to be done together. 


Apps Comparisons

Sometimes, you will find a couple or more parking spots that you like best. When you get to this point, you want to be able to pick just one of them. Even though many apps have awesome features, you cannot juggle several of them. You need to be able to pick one that provides you all the services that you require from such an app. 


SpotHero vs. Parkwhiz

SpotHero and Parkwhiz are both great parking apps. However, you must choose what you feel is more suited to your usage. For example, SpotHero is favorable to those who need to park for a long time. ParkWhiz also has a few options on that but specializes more in short-term parking. Both of these apps can assign you to airport parking spaces. 


SpotHero vs. Parking Panda 

At this point, you know that SpotHero has already acquired Parking Panda. When the two were still separate apps, however, they also had some top issues that you may be interested in. Parking Panda was the sort of app that you use if you want to get a parking space for big events or for when the area is crowded. On the other hand, SpotHero is the more all-around app. So, it is not a surprise that it acquired Parking Panda to offer more services in one. 


How do parking apps work?

There are three different ways a parking app can work for you. This is because these apps can offer just one type of service or can offer more. 


  1. The most basic apps will offer you navigation only. The best free parking app will more likely stick to this. If you only need to know where to find a parking lot, this should be the bare-bones option. This app will direct you to a vacant lot and alert you when a parking space has just been vacated. You must pay the parking space owner the traditional way. 
  2. The second type of parking app combines navigation and booking. If you don’t want to rush to the vacant parking space, you may want to book it ahead of time. You must enter your license plate number to secure the place. The app should be able to give you some payment options. 
  3. The third type not only does all that the above types can do, but it also offers valet parking. Not only do you get to secure the vacant space and pay for it, but you can also schedule when a valet can meet you and park the vehicle for you. This is particularly helpful if you are parking near airports and need to catch a flight. It also makes you feel secure about parking in unfamiliar spaces. 


Why would parking apps need camera permission?

While most, if not all, parking apps do not take videos, some may ask for camera permission. They sometimes need your phone’s camera to scan your QR codes. For example, you can scan some of the parking app QR codes in your area so that the app can recognize your specific location. 


Which car finder apps work inside a parking garage?

The job of a parking app should not be done after you have already parked. If you need to get back to where you came from, you must also find your car. 


From the reviews above, you have discovered that many car parking apps can help you find your car again. But the ones that can still work within a garage are those that have good GPS and connectivity. 


If you want a good car parking app that can do this, you may choose Parkify. The Parking Spot may also be a good option for people who find themselves lost and confused, especially in new cities. 


How to use the NYC parking meter apps

This article is all about making parking a lot easier. Sometimes, you do not have a choice but to park on the side of the streets. So, you must deal with parking meter apps. 


If you are specifically considering NYC parking meter apps, they are easy enough to use. First, you must pick a good app. Download it into your phone for portability. Enter the information that is required, most likely your email address and your phone number. 


You must select a password that will be easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. Then, fill in the required information on your license plate and possibly, your vehicle as a whole. Set your notifications to be sent to what you can check the easiest. You may want them forwarded as text messages, for example. 


For easy payment, you must enter your payment details. You can even set the app to automatically transfer money from your accounts to your app wallet. Having money in your app wallet at all times will make it easy for you to pay. 


The app will need more details, such as your zone number, the time you will need to park on the spot, and the extension you may need due to an emergency. There will be a maximum time allowed. So, take note of that. 


How parking apps make money

Some parking apps earn money directly from you. They can only be downloaded after you have paid your registration fees. Others may not have registration fees, but they may still charge a monthly subscription. Usually, the monthly payments are minimal, at less than $10. However, some apps will charge you for every transaction that you make via the app. They will also charge money from the parking spaces that do take on their services to get recommended. 


Yet other parking apps get even more creative. They offer additional services, such as valet parking and car wash. So, you can see that even the best free parking apps can still earn quite a bit of money, especially from people who live in busy cities. 


What are the best parking apps?

Usually, you check out the more expensive apps and think, “Oh, these are the best parking space apps out there. This may have a shred of truth because app development can be expensive, and a well-thought-out app deserves to be offered at a price. 


However,  you can find cheap parking and still enjoy some great benefits. ParkWhiz and SpotHero have proven this. Of course, these multifeatured and successful brands can earn money through every transaction made. After all, parking apps are supposed to veer cars away from the environmental clutter. This entails directing drivers to safe but paid parking spaces. 


SpotHero’s best feature is its ability to reserve spots for you. It has enough influence over several parking areas that it has slots especially reserved for the app’s clients. On the other hand, ParkWhiz is all about saving you money. It promises to save up to 60% in parking spaces. So, this is great for people who are often having issues parking to and from work. 


BestParking also lives up to its name. This parking search app can find you either the cheapest or the most expensive spots out there, depending on your preference. Available in 105 United States cities, it has enough widespread effect to make it a worthwhile investment. 


Of course, in the end, the best parking app for you is one that is available in your area, and that provides you with the features that you need. 



If you have ever circled several times on the streets near your office, you know that parking is a significant issue. Even if you have reserved parking at work, you will still need assistance elsewhere if you live in a busy city. 


Sometimes, when you cannot find an available parking space, you pay a lot for exclusive garages or parking lots. Indeed, parking apps may still direct you to these expensive spots, but they will also offer the cheaper ones first. It is all up to you. 


If you are unfamiliar with the city, a parking app can help you navigate turn by turn. There is no need to panic or to give in to renting a cab for the day. By providing you with AI assistance, you can save money while also feeling independent. 


So, yes, you need a parking app to help you save money. However, you must know which one can work for you best. Your best option should be based on your budget, location, compatibility with your phone, payment schemes, and preferred features. For example, some people would prefer to pay through the app digitally. On the other hand, some people may still choose traditional payments. 


If you are clear about where you will use the app and how you will use it, chances are you already have a few names on your shortlist. You may want to try out trial versions of some apps to see how it goes. If you like the app, then stick to it. You only need one, after all. If not, then you can go down your list and find another app that can work for you in your area. 


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