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66 Amazing Women Travel Groups Who Organize Women-Only Tours

Joining a women-only tour to unwind from daily toils and learn new things is one of the best decisions a woman can make. Indeed, the market for women-only tours is on the rise. It is estimated that in 2019, travel and tour agencies that cater to female clients have increased by 250% since 2016.


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Reasons to try women-only tours

Women-only tours offer several benefits. With all the hustle and bustle we deal with every day, the opportunity to simply chill with the same gender to discuss common interests and concerns or perhaps learn something new from one another holds much appeal. Below are specific reasons why women are excited to join this tour.


You’ll be Taken care of

The tour leaders and organizers are primarily women who know just the right thing to make female travelers feel better and relaxed. With this kind of tour, you feel safe and secure with everyone looking out for one another. Even traveling solo, you will feel safe from unwanted male attention. Women are generally sensitive to others’ need for privacy, so you can be assured that they will respect your personal space. 


Challenge Yourself By Trying Something New

It lets you try something different and new. Women-only tours generally include activities that cater to women’s passions, making them entirely different from tours involving both genders.

You will find yourself in new places and introduced to new food and cultures, broadening your perspective of life. 


Learn from others

Women in this kind of tour learn from each other. They get to share ideas and experiences about family, work, hobbies, and more. 


Build Friendship And Camaraderie

One of the reasons to get on a women-only tour is the extremely high opportunity to build friendships and trust with other women. 

Solo travelers need not deal with the problem of fitting in, commonly experienced when joining other tours with couples. 

If you feel a bit lonely or are probably going through a heartbreak, tours like this can quickly help you get back on your feet and put a smile on your face as you start making new friends. 


You can be yourself. No pressure

Those who join women-only tours simply want to have fun, so you can just be yourself without fear of being judged. Be sure to sign up for a tour that will fulfill your travel goal and truly interests you. 


Female-Focused Fun

Women-only tours are tailored to women’s interests and for pampering them. Whether dancing, singing, playing games, volunteering, meditating, shopping, or simply lazing out in the sun, women-only tours provide as much fun as possible. 


Comfort and Ease

A women-only tour lets you relax and rid yourself of worries in the most enjoyable way possible. You can easily find women who share the same dreams and experiences. Conversations are easy to start, and there is no room to feel awkward about being expressive. You will get to enjoy a lot of laughs and feel the support of other women. 


Community and commonality

If you seek a venue to meet women who share your passion, there is no better place than a women-only tour. You get to meet a community of women with the same interests, lifestyle, principles, and dreams.


66 Women-Only Tours

We have listed below 66 of the best women-only tours. Find out what each has to offer. Prices are subject to change. Always check with the travel group for the rates of specific tours. 


  1. Adventures for Women
    Adventures for Women is a not-for-profit organization and outdoor club founded by Betsy Thomason in the U.S. It allows females from 18 years and above to participate in their adventure to help them develop confidence, gain new experiences, and meet other adventurous women. They take women hiking, biking, boating, and more. It charges a minimal annual membership fee, entitling members to a free day hike and discounts on other tours. The tour cost varies depending on the destination and the activities. 
  2. Adventures In Good Company
    Adventures in Good Company is a small women’s group Marian Marbury founded in 1999. In 2020, Kelly Kimple took over the Minnesota-based company’s leadership. It empowers women of all ages with adventurous getaways and fun outdoor activities, ranging from sea kayaking to hiking. Tour destinations may be within the U.S. or abroad and can be customized for private groups. Depending on the destination and the activities, a tour may cost as much as $5745. 
  3. Adventure Women
    Susan L Eckert founded adventure women in 1982, and it is based in Mt Auburn Watertown, Massachusetts, USA. Susan believes that adventure travel challenges women to explore new fields and step out of their comfort zones. In 2016, the company was purchased by Judi Wineland and her two daughters to continue its mission of providing extraordinary adventure travel experiences to women. Its trips include whale watching, dog sled in national parks, downhill skiing, and more. Some of their trips cost $4595 to $8585.
  4. Adventurous Wench
    Adventurous wench is a company that provides women from 30 years to 60 years with high-end tours and travel. They offer women trips that involve sailing, kayaking, hiking which could cost a person $1,995. The company is based in Arizona, United States, founded by Deanna Keahey, and organizes tours in various parts of the world.
  5. Adventurous women
    Adventurous women is a small company in Joondalup, Australia, founded by Sue Hile in 2008. They provide women with group travel to explore the world while developing camaraderie, confidence, and friendship. The events range from moderate to challenging. Depending on the trip’s design, the prices range from $50 to $3,700.
  6. Affordable Adventures For Women
    Affordable Adventure for Women is a US-based traveling company that tailors trips and holiday tours for women groups and women who come solo. This company allows women to learn new skills and develop confidence while exploring the world with like-minded female travelers. Affordable Adventure for Women takes trips to different regions of the United States and places worldwide.
  7. Australian Women’s Travel
    Australia women’s Travel is a small travel tour company created by Mary Hamilton Smith for women between 45-70. It keeps a small travel group size to allow each participant to enjoy personalized service and the best travel experience. The trips could be anywhere that offers an adventurous experience. The trip prices range from $6800 to $8000.
  8. Byond Travel
    Byond Travel is a platform founded in India by Vikram Ahuja. The platform creates trips for like-minded travelers and tailors tours for private groups and organizes same-day and multi-day tours in more than 70 countries, mainly in India. Tour price varies, but It offers travel now, pay later plan.
  9. Canyon Calling Tours
    Canyon Calling Tours was created in 1996 by Janet Scalzo for active women who want to experience extraordinary adventures. Based in Mesa, Arizona, USA, it provides moderately-fit women with fun, challenging, and adventurous vacations, where they can bring their lesbian partners, friend, daughter, or any other female companion. It organizes tours in various parts of the world, ranging from $1795 to $6995.
  10. Cultural Immersion For South America
    Cultural Immersion is an American-based company connecting women of different life stages who are passionate about exploring the world. The company takes trips to various regions of South America, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, etc. Traveling with Cultural Immersion Tour costs up to $3500, depending on the tour destination.
  11. Damesly
    Damesly is a travel and tour platform founded by Alison Kilday and Kelly Lewis for professional and creative women willing to visit new cities to learn something new. Their destination could be anywhere in Africa, America, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and South Pacific. Women-owned businesses in their destinations also benefit from the tours. Tour prices range from $2899 to $8999.
  12. Divas Destinations
    Divas destination is a UK-based travel company that brings together lesbian, queer, and non-binary women in its various tours. Launched in 2013 and founded by Jennifer Grant, it offers cruises and holidays ranging from £1179 to £1689.
  13. Escape Haven
    Escape Haven was founded in 2009 by Jamie Hall in Bali as a health and wellness retreat for women, offering yoga classes, spa treatment, detox programs, nutritional courses, and meditation to help them rejuvenate. Their trip prices range from $2595 to $3595.
  14. Eurynome Journeys
    Eurynome Journeys is a travel and retreat company that takes women on personalized tours. It was founded in Camden, Maine, the U.S., in 1998 by Erja Lipponen. They provide women with travel that captures their interests and requirements yet is budget-friendly. No matter the destination, tours are designed to focus on one adventure, e.g., biking or hiking, plus visiting galleries. Tour prices range from $1999 to $5899.
  15. Explorer Chick
    Nicki Bruckmann founded explorer chick in 2014 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. The company organizes adventure travel tours empowering women of all ages and providing them unique experiences, e.g., sightseeing, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and camping. Their trip prices range from $2000 to $5199.
  16. F5 Escapes
    F5 Escape was founded in 2013 by Akanksha Bumb and Malini Gowrishankar in Bangalore, India. It offers women safe travel in India. In addition, they are providing educational workshops on travel safety, cultural and social awareness. Their prices range from 30,000 to 58,000 Indian rupees.
  17. Fit and Fly
    Rebecca Garland, a Seattle attorney, co-founded Fit and Fly, a wellness and fitness company organizing luxury retreats for women to visit exotic destinations and introduce them to new cultures. They provide adventures, wellness, fitness, nutrition, and lasting friendship through the traveling retreat. Their trip prices range from $1219 to $6900.
  18. Galapagos Volunteer and Travel for Women of All Ages
    Galapagos Volunteer is an Ecuador-based company that takes holiday trips and tours for women of all ages. The company promotes a sense of volunteerism among participating women through a travel program that helps preserve Galapagos Islands,  making it a unique travel experience. Depending on the volunteer program, Galapagos Volunteer can cost from a low of $910 to a high of $2529.
  19. Gateway Destination Women Tour And Solo Women Travel
    Gateway Destination Women Tour is a company that specializes in organizing holiday trips and tour for single women of all ages. The company connects women of similar interests through fun-filled tours in Africa, France, India, Italy, Peru, and more. The cost of the trips varies, depending on the destination.
  20. Girl about the Globe
    Girls about the Globe is an award-winning travel blog founded by Lisa Imogen Eldridge, who has traveled solo to 131 countries. It aims to inspire and empower women to travel solo to new destinations while educating them on responsible travel to promote sustainability, preserve our planet, and encourage them to give back to communities of the destinations they visit.
  21. Girls On Travel
    Girls On Travel empowers and connects solo women who love to travel to have fun and experience curated trips. In addition, their trips connect same-minded women to share in the journey together. It was founded in London, United Kingdom, in 2018 by Gaelle A. De Vriendt.
  22. Girls Guide To Paris & Beyond
    Girls Guide To Paris & Beyond is a luxurious women traveling company founded in 2009 by Doni Belau, offering women a luxury travel experience to Bali, France, Japan, or Morocco. It promotes authentic, responsible travel and allows participants to create friendships with other women who share their love for nature, culture, and adventure. Their trips could cost as much as $7813.
  23. Goddess Retreats
    Goddess Retreats focuses on  Bali retreats for women. Founded in 2003 by Chelsea Ross, it provides female solo travelers with a wellness retreat that is fun and transformative. Each trip is packed with yoga, meditation sessions, and delicious, healthy food shared with new friends. Their trip prices range from $1999 to $2899.
  24. Gutsy Women’s Travel
    Gutsy Women Travel is a vacation company in New York, the USA, with April Merenda as president. They provide women with life-changing opportunities through traveling the world in a small group doing guided vacations, safaris, or boutique river cruises. Their trips could cost $2595.
  25. Intrepid Women’s Expeditions
    Intrepid Women’s Expeditions is an all-women travel group created for women who travel solo seeking adventure. They provide real-life experiences to make women feel comfortable in a new destination. Each tour is led by the company’s local women in the destination, providing participants with an authentic experience. Their trip prices range from $988 to $2315.
  26. Isla Women’s Retreat
    Isla Women’s Retreat is an intimate retreat organizer founded by Lisa Hernandez and Karen Roseberg in Bali. Their trips aim to help women rediscover, transform, and embrace themselves. The trip is packed with dance, yoga, storytelling, and trips to Bali’s sacred sites. It also organizes retreats in Greece, Costa Rica, and Peru. The trip prices range from $650 to $2350.
  27. Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company
    Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company is India’s only women travel agency founded by Thinlas Chorol in 2009. They provide the women travelers with tours and homestay treks: trekkers stay in women-run Ladakhi homes trekkers pass along the journey. It affords both the trekkers and the locals to learn from one another’s culture. You need to contact them for the trek/tour price.
  28. Las Olas: Surfing Vacations For Women
    Las Olas is a US-based company that tailors surfing vacations for women of different ages in the regions of the United States, allowing women to relish the joys of surfing and build camaraderie.
  29. Lesbianas Viajeras
    Lesbianas Viajeras is a Spanish-based traveling company that tailors holiday trips and tours for LGBTQ women of different ages. Lesbianas Viajeras organizes trips in Spain, Peru, Argentina, India, and more. The cost of the trips varies, depending on the destination.
  30. Living Big Travel
    Living Big Travel is a travel company founded by Mary Cecchini in 2013. It provides personalized advice and travel recommendations to families, couples, groups, and solo travelers. It charges an average of $600 to $2500 for a full-service travel design and $150 to $500 for a lightweight travel design.
  31. Olivia Travel
    Olivia Travel is a travel company that provides cruises to LGBTQ+ and non-binary women. It was founded in 1973 by Judy Dlugacz in Washington, DC, USA, and provides women with tours with resorts, riverboats, land packages, and adventurous cruise ships. The trip could cost $9998, depending on the destination.
  32. Once Life Journeys
    Once Life Journeys is a Mexican-based women-only traveling company attracting women to take an adventurous trip in small groups. It offers trips that excite, inspire, and connect women as they improve their lives. Each trip is guaranteed to preserve nature and respect the culture of each community they visit and the diversity of the participants.
  33. Origin Travels
    Origin Travels is a Toronto-based company that designs tours to Canada, Costa Rica, Kenya, etc. The women explore the wilds and woods and meet with local artisans and merchants to connect with women who make a difference in their communities.
  34. Purposeful Nomads: Revolutionizing Women’s Travel
    Purposeful Nomads crafts a safer, wonderful, and socially-responsible tour for women of different ages. Founded by Caitlin Murray, it organizes trips worldwide to explore other cultures.
  35. REI Women’s Adventures
    REI Women’s Adventures is a US-based travel company that offers captivating trips for women who wants to experience and feel the world outside their niche. REI women’s Adventures provide trips to places like California, Washington, and Alaska with various activities like running, hiking, and climbing. In addition, it offers an easy and hassle-free tour led by local women of the communities they visit. As of March 2020, tour prices start at $799.
  36. Sights And Soul Travels
    Sights and Soul Travels offers women a chance to discover the world through well-organized women-centered activities, featuring fine dining, exploring nature, arts and culture, and boutique hotels. Participants get to relax, enjoy, discover and develop new friendships. Depending on the travel design, a tour can cost as much as $7480.
  37. Sisterhood Women Travel
    Sisterhood Women Travel is an Australian-based traveling company that creates meaningful experiences, not just tours. It offers tailored trips to different destinations worldwide to engage the travelers, connecting them to build lasting friendships and collecting memories worth treasuring. It claims to have a transparent pricing scheme.
  38. Surf Goddess Retreats
    Bali-based Surf Goddess Retreats offers tours featuring surf lessons, yoga sessions, spa and wellness sessions, and other activities to pamper every woman. Each tour is a perfect opportunity to commune with nature, satisfy your cravings with organic meals, and fill your senses with exotic sceneries. Rates range from $1999 to $2899.
  39. Federation Of American Women’s Clubs Overseas
    The Federation of American women’s clubs overseas is a 10000+ member-strong international network seeking to improve the lives of American women travelers and those working and residing abroad. It comprises 62 member clubs in 31 countries supporting these women in education, volunteerism, women’s and children’s rights, and more.
  40. The Flapper Life
    The Flapper Life is a Mumbai-based company offering a unique travel experience to women, featuring sightseeing, luxurious accommodations, and many bonding opportunities. The tours allow you to visit exotic destinations globally, mainly in India.
  41. The French Traveler: Women’s Tour in France
    The French Traveler, founded by Valerie Sutter in 1998, promises travelers an amazing cross-cultural experience. It is known for its personalized tours of France that include opportunities to interact with the locals, enjoy local cuisine, relish the beautiful sights, and form friendships with fellow travelers.
  42. The Wander Girls – India + International Tourists
    The Wander Girls is an India-based company specializing in trips and events for women who travel to India. The Wander Girls provide culture-based trips that connect women passionate about seeing the world. Each trip is carefully designed and organized to include a taste of local cuisine, culture, history, and even shopping at a leisurely pace, so you get to fully absorb the beauty of the place.
  43. The Women’s Travel Group
    Phyllis Stoller founded The Women’s Travel Group, a US-based company providing women-only trips to various parts of the world, including Mexico, Argentina, Morocco, Azerbaijan, etc. Ran by a multi-ethnic group, TWTG offers well-paced tours packaged with excellent hotels, fine dining, and well-planned activities to make each tour meaningful for travelers. It encourages sisterhood by respecting the uniqueness of each.
  44. The Women’s Wilderness Institute
    The Women’s Wilderness Institute is a Colorado-based company that supports girls and women by providing experience-filled trips that connect them to the outside world. It is committed to encouraging community among women of different ages and races who are passionate about traveling worldwide. The activities and events include climbing, hiking series, and so on. Trips may cost from $125 to $1450 for adult participants.
  45. Tiger Travels: Women Tours In India
    Tiger Travels caters to women of all ages who prefer to travel independently or in a small group. It provides worry-free tours that explore India’s hidden depths and encourage a sense of community among the travelers and the locals of the destinations visited.
  46. Today’s Women Traveller
    Today’s Women Traveller is a company that offers insightful, custom tours in a select region of a country, allowing travelers to experience a locale’s history and cultures. It also allows personal time to explore. The travel design is perfect for women who want to enjoy some “me” time but are interested in making new friends.
  47. Tours For Women
    Australian-based Tours for women specializes in organizing tours to France, Italy, Morocco, Spain, and more. It makes special provisions for events, including cultural displays, artisan visits, concerts, cooking classes, and others that interest travelers. The small size of the travel group allows the travelers to bond with each other.
  48. Valentine Travel
    Valentine Travel is a Europe-based traveling company that arranges 10-day walking holidays for women enamored with or who would like to explore Italy. It selects a regional town for its destination and fosters a spirit of camaraderie and fun among the women on the tour as they explore the local places together.
  49. Venus Adventures
    Based in New Zealand, Venus Adventures organizes women-only tours to different parts of the world, including Spain, Egypt, Morocco, etc. It connects travelers and locals, as each tour allows for immersion in each destination. Tours may be designed to be adventurous, cultural, or a mix of both. The tour cost varies depending on the tour duration.
  50. Walking Women
    Walking Women organizes adventurous walking experiences for women who’d like to get away from their daily routine to enjoy some time for themselves. The women-only tour allows participants to face their fears and enjoy at the same time as they explore something new. In addition, it supports local communities and women-led businesses.
  51. Wander Womaniya
    India-based Wander Womaniya offers tours in India and worldwide, with Bali, Costa Rica, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Iceland among the more popular destinations. In addition, thee tours acquaint each participant with other women travelers who may have different backgrounds and the tradition of each destination.
  52. Wandering Jane
    Akshat Sharma and Garima Pande founded Wandering Jane to provide every traveler a different experience at the end of each holiday. The company organizes activity-based trips to different parts of the world, with each activity curated by its destination experts. Activities may include surfing, climbing, scuba diving, and more.
  53. Wanderlust and Lipstick
    Wanderlust and Lipstick is a website founded by Beth Whitman. It features everything and anything about travel: general tips such as packing, budgeting your travel money, maximizing your trip, and more specific recommendations on how to be safe and enjoy travels to particular locations.
  54. Wandertours
    WanderTours is a sister company of Wanderlust and Lipstick. It offers tours that deep dive into a destinations’ culture, making each tour a genuinely enriching experience. In addition, each tour features an activity that allows travelers to mingle with the locals to fully immerse themselves in the destination. All females -LGBTQ and non-binaries- are welcome to join tours that may reach places like Papua New Guinea, India, Bhutan, Morocco, Ireland, Peru, etc.
  55. Wild Terrains
    Wild Terrains takes tours to different parts of the world, including Argentina, Portugal, France, Mexico, and more. The cost of the trips varies, depending on the destinations, from $2150 — $3890. Wild Terrains has fostered relationships with local women-owned businesses helping the company give every tour participant a one-of-a-kind experience.
  56. Wild Women Expeditions
    Wild Women Expeditions has organized exciting and empowering trips for women for the past 30 years, starting as an all-female canoe trip organizer in Canada. Today, Wild Women Expeditions offers tours in more than 30 countries. It helps women discover the world and stretch themselves beyond their limits to fuel a new passion, find new friends, and celebrate discoveries. It designs each tour so that no wildlife or part of nature is disrupted and supports environmental advocacies. The cost of the trips varies and could cost over $4000, depending on the destinations.
  57. Wildland Trekking
    In 2005, Wildland Trekking’s destinations were initially limited to Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Utah. However, it has expanded its reach to 31 national parks and wilderness areas in 9 states within the U.S. and 11 other countries. Its tours are designed to give participating trekkers an enriching and empowering hiking experience, ensuring the preservation of the wild places they visit. The company also helps promote health in the local communities it visits.
  58. Womantours
    WomanTours is a US-based women-only bike tour company with fully supportive guides. Its mission is to advocate the conservation of the environment, enrich women by introducing them to other cultures, and support them with their self-discovery through cycling.
  59. Women High On Adventure
    Women High On Adventure is a community of women who respect and celebrate differences to empower women. It supports and cultivates relationships with small local businesses to develop purposeful connections and experiences. Every WHOA adventure takes you out of your comfort zone, giving you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. What’s more, each tour with WHOA is a chance to give back by supporting local women. WHOA takes trips to different locations, including Iceland, New Zealand, Patagonia, Peru, etc.
  60. Women On Clouds
    Founded by Shireen Mehra, it offers various tour segments such as Classic Trips: Domestic/International trips for leisure or business, Budget-friendly Light Pocket Trip, Trips for young women (20-30 age range) with no disposable income, and more. There is also the specialized segment that features art workshops and yoga sessions. And the last segment focused on cycling, car maintenance, and car tire replacement.
  61. Women Traveling The World
    Women Traveling the World organizes tours to explore different places worldwide, including Greece and Costa Rica. In addition, it offers custom tours featuring activities that promote self-discovery and camaraderie, accommodations at quality hotels, good food, and loads of fun.
  62. Women’s Adventures
    Women’s Adventures organizes holiday trips and stylish tours for women interested in exploring sporty, spirited, and fun travel experiences. It boasts tours that encourage genuine respect for diverse cultures and exciting explorations. Women’s Adventure tours may take place in various parts of the world, including Asia, South America, North America, Europe, etc.
  63. Women’s Own Adventure
    Women’s Own Adventure is an Australian-based travel company offering unique holiday trips for women of different life stages to spark their adventurous spirit. It offers customized trips to different regions of Australia and other unique destinations worldwide. Each tour is well-planned and crafted with respect for the environment and the culture of the local communities covered by the tour.
  64. Women’s Travel Club
    Founded by Marianne Southall, the Women’s Travel Club was launched to give travel opportunities to women who wanted to travel but didn’t have someone to travel with. It offers safe, unique tours to incredible destinations like Argentina, Borneo, Bali, Turkey, New Orleans, and more. The tours range from day tours to days of adventure featuring activities most women would want to experience.
  65. World At Her Feet
    Paulomi Bhatt founded Dubai-based The World at Her Feet for women brought together by their love for travel. Its tours are filled with activities that are sure to get women out of their comfort zones in a supportive environment, develop camaraderie, and bring fun. The tour covers adventure, cultural exchange, relaxation, and shopping. In addition, the trips are reasonably priced, allowing tour participants to save about 30% of what they would typically spend for the same travel design if they went on their own.
  66. Wovoyage
    Wovoyage Is another India-based traveling platform providing women fun-filled tours to India and other places worldwide. It promises safe travel through careful selection of accommodations, transportation, and activities during the tour and encourages camaraderie among the participants.


What makes a perfect women-only tour?

The travel group you choose will always play an essential role in getting the best that women–only tour offers. You could have the picture of fun and an excellent time out in your head, but if the tour leader or company is not as enthusiastic, you will only end up getting disappointed. To avoid this, you will need to choose an extremely dedicated firm to ensure that it lives up to its promise.

However, the reality is that you may never really know which firm is up to the task when you do not know the factors that make a perfect women-only tour. This section highlights the factors to consider to ensure you get your money’s worth.


Ins and Outs

Register with a travel group that knows the ins and outs of what touring is all about and the importance of ensuring customer satisfaction. The tour leader must share your passion for traveling and helping people discover new things. 

Check out their expertise in planning and scheduling tours and managing disruptions. In addition, their destination knowledge can help prevent a sour event that could frustrate the client.  An excellent travel group constantly stays in touch with the client.  

Get information on these things by checking review sites or soliciting recommendations from frequent tourists. 


Light-hearted Approaches

While there may be an itinerary to follow, being rigid can become dull and tiring. So instead, go for the one that approaches touring in a light-hearted manner. Light-hearted tours are not just focused on sightseeing, but they also let you try different food with other women, dance to new music, and just let your hair down as you meet new people and try out new things. 



Choose tours that will allow you to immerse yourself in the destination instead of those that cram too many activities and locations in a single tour. By doing so,  you get to mingle with the locals and get more familiar with their food and way of life, giving you a more fulfilling experience. 


Like-Minded Travelers

Join a tour with other women travelers who share your passion. It will bring you more fun if you know you are in the company of people with similar interests. It also becomes easier to make friends with them.


Mother-Daugther Tours

If you want to bring your mother or your daughter to the tour to get to forge a stronger bond with her, choose a women-only tour designed to bring family members: those that cater to all ages, life stages, and life statuses. It would also help choose moderate tours to focus more on your relationship than on the activities. 



Joining women-only tours provides several benefits, foremost of which is being empowered. However, enjoying these benefits will depend mainly on your decisions. 

Getting the best out of a women-only tour is dependent on your need and the ability to get the right touring company that matches it. Although there are several women-only travel groups, you need to carefully select one that best suits your needs. Research thoroughly to make an informed decision.

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