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Survey Junkie is a market research company that pays its users for completing some series of researches. This platform provides users the opportunity to improve products and better services through the information provided. Many companies gather Opinions about their product through market research. Survey Junkie’s members earn a substantial amount of money for taking surveys and answering questions.

Different Companies hire survey Junkie to gather opinions. When you provide your unique viewpoint about products, innovations, and services, you get paid for it. The information you generate from survey Junkie helps to create better consumer experiences.

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Survey Junkie

        Share your opinion to help brands deliver better products & services – and get paid

        Types of Services Offered

        Survey Junkie is so beneficial because you earn rewards for performing the following:


        • Taking Surveys:

        The basic method to earning points on Survey Junkie is taking surveys. You are eligible to take up surveys after setting up your account. Before you start any survey, you see the estimated time to complete a survey, the survey number, and the points you earn upon completing the survey. 


        You receive points when you complete a survey and these points are shown in your dashboard. Although, taking surveys in Survey Junkie isn’t so straightforward. You might start a survey and in the midway, you receive a notification that says you can’t go further. The good thing about this platform is that at least you receive points for attempting a Survey.


        • Sharing your Behavior:

        You also earn points in survey Junkie through their add-on program called Survey Junkie Pulse. The survey Junkie Pulse is an extension that allows you to access it on the survey Junkie mobile app. This program allows you to share your online activity with brands in exchange for points. 


        The survey Junkie Pulse extension Kearns about your browsing habits and also unlocks additional surveys that are targeted to you. This platform asks questions relating to your personal life. You answer surveys like your shopping activity, your views, and the websites you visit. 


        • Online or in-person focus group:

        You earn money on Survey Junkie through online or in-person focus groups. Brands use this data collection system to gain information and insights about a product. You answer questions to qualify for a focus group. Focus groups can also allow you to earn between $50 to $150. 


        • Product Testing:

        You can earn points on Survey Junkie when you opt to test a product. You need to fill up the survey to be sure if truly you are qualified for product testing. 


        Why chose Survey Junkie

        Survey Junkie is an easy website because you earn rewards in the comfort of your home. It is very convenient to work on as long as you have a stable I teener connection and a working phone or laptop. This platform is also useful because it has flexible payment options. It is easier to receive cash payments. You can choose PayPal to receive your cash rewards or better still redeem the cash on gift cards. 


        Also, the survey junket platform isn’t as complicated as other survey websites. The platform has one unique quality that makes it different from other platforms. Survey Junkie gives users some rewards even if they don’t qualify or finish any survey. It rewards users for trying out or attempting a survey.


        However, Survey junkie has many benefits but it also has a disadvantage. Surveys on this platform fill up on time. If you don’t check your account on time, you might miss some survey options. Also, surveys on this platform work best on laptops. It works much easier on a personal computer.


        Survey Junkie is hard to make a substantial amount of money. You only earn a little amount of money and it isn’t enough to quit your day-to-day job. You might not be qualified for all the surveys.


        Information About Survey Junkie

        Survey Junkie is a paid online platform founded in Glendale. The company says its users share their viewpoints on mundane issues. Survey Junkie is a California-based site founded in 2005. It was formerly known as DISQO. Its name has changed severally before it finally came to be called Survey Junkie.


        The platform has over 300,000 customers to date. The number of their active users isn’t recorded. Users can attend surveys to help give customers an overview. The surveys always center on technologies, financial products, consumer products e.t.c.  Survey Junkie uses a punch line “connect your voice to big brand companies-helping shape our world”. 


        How to sign up on Survey Junkie

        To set up your account, follow the following processes:


        Sign up to the platform’s website at You’re required to fill in some personal information before you sign up. You’re to fill in your first name, last name, gender, date of birth, country of residence, and country’s ZIP code. After signing up, then you go ahead and fill up your profile. Your profile helps you to increase your chances of receiving more surveys.


        Complete Surveys: After answering your profile questions, survey Junkie then offers paid survey opportunities. You’ll see a list of available surveys on your dashboard. Before you click on any survey, you’ll see how long it’ll take before you’ll perform a task, and the number of points allocated to each task.


        Getting paid for your work: after completing your surveys, you can redeem the points you’re given in form of cash. You can redeem through gift cards like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Target e.t.c. Also, you can earn cash rewards via PayPal and have them transferred to your bank afterward.


        Survey Junkie Survey Junkie isn’t a means to make quick money. It’s an avenue to earn some amount of money anytime and anywhere. Though the platform doesn’t have a high payout it’s worth the time and it requires minimum effort. 

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