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The Best Personal Finance Podcasts

Early this year, CNBC reported that inflation reached 7.5% in January 2022. This can only mean more people will find themselves in a financial pinch as food, shelter, transportation, and utilities prices increase. So now is the time to wise up and manage your finances effectively. You can do it with personal finance podcasts.

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What is a Finance Podcast?


A finance podcast is like a talk show in either audio or video form done in a series of episodes centered on anything and everything about personal finance. You can subscribe to a podcast, listen to it online or download the app on your smartphone, and play it while jogging, cooking, having dinner, or whenever convenient. 

The episodes may range from setting money goals to avoiding or getting out of debt, investing money, saving money, or leveraging your income potential. So whether you are just beginning to appreciate the value of financial management or looking to optimize your earnings and savings, there is a podcast for you. 


Different Types of Financial Podcasts


Financial podcasts differ in target audience and format. For instance, some podcasts cater mainly to the younger set, intending to introduce them to the benefits of financial independence and how to achieve it. Others are focused on empowering women; some others are designed for anybody interested in growing their finances. 

Narrative podcasts feature a single host sharing meaningful insights, stories, or principles of personal finance. Other podcasts feature at least one guest—an expert in a particular field, e.g., investments, for each episode. Sometimes,  a podcast blends narrative and guest-focused formats. 


Best Personal Finance Podcast


With hundreds of finance podcasts available to you, it can be quite confusing to identify which will address your needs. Below are some podcasts with a brief description of what they focus on, their target audience, and more.                        


How to Earn Money 

Hosts Joel Larsgaard and Matthew Altmix make finance sound easy and fun with their witty and easygoing yet instructive style of giving pieces of financial advice packed in 30- to 50- minute episodes. The hosts present different financial concepts in simple language, providing their audience with meaningful insights into how they handle money, regardless of age and lifestyle. 


Choose FI: Financial Independent Podcast

Choose FI commits to help you with your journey toward financial independence. Each of its 40-minute episodes, hosted by Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendonsa, talks about paying off debts, cost-cutting, tax leveraging, building passive income streams, investing, etc. 


15 Minute Financial Advisor

If you are a newbie investor, this podcast is for you. Hosted by SEC-registered investment advisor Mike Policar, each episode lasts for seven to 15 minutes. The podcast begins with Mike discussing stocks and savings accounts in a manner easily digestible to the listener and ends with a relevant nugget of wisdom. 


Marriage, Kids & Money

Marriage, Kids & Money aims to help you reach financial stability. Weekly, Andy Hill hosts a 40-minute conversation with guests who have attained financial freedom or somebody well-respected in the finance industry. These conversations focus on simple, doable actions leading to financial maturity.


So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

So Money is an award-winning podcast. Each 30-minute conversation of its award-winning host Farnoosh Torabi inspires you to adopt money strategies, e.g., paying off credit cards. Occasionally, you’d learn about the cryptocurrency landscape and influence the world of finance. Fridays are devoted to answering your questions on money. 


Friends Talk Money

Generally, people who have reached or are nearing retirement age worry about whether they have enough money to live on, considering the need for health care, insurance, and other expenses that go with aging. Three friends—Pam Krueger, Terry Savage, and Richard Eisenberg—come to the rescue! For 20 minutes, they talk about finance concerning retirement and unabashedly argue over their viewpoints. Despite their conflicting stands on certain retirement concerns, you can pick up valuable insights on retirement planning. 


Jill on Money

Jill Schlesinger, CFP®, and award-winning Business Analyst for CBS News, hosts 15- to 20-minute episodes focusing on investment and retirement. Her listeners can relate to each topic as she sheds light on complex, sometimes awkward, money issues. In addition, she interviews well-informed guests and entertains phone calls. The podcast is simple, informative, and engaging, providing its listeners with practical takeaways.  


Money Life by Chuck Jaffe

Money Life host Chuck Jaffe interviews finance experts from Monday to Friday. Each hour-long episode provides you with information and tips on investing, financial planning and management. All these intend to help you attain financial security. 


Millennial Investing 

Despite its title, Millennial Investing is not just for millennials. Novice investors and anybody who would like to handle their financial status better can listen in. Hosted by Clay Finck and Robert Leonard, the podcast features successful investors, entrepreneurs, and investment experts. It aims to help its audience make informed investment decisions through options trading, the stock market, property, or any other form of investment. Every episode is about 50 minutes long. 


Ditch the Suits

With hosts, Steve Campbell and Travis Maus, Ditch the Suits offer 25- to 30- minutes of finance-related conversations. Conversation topics include managing the family’s finances, retirement, multi-generational financial planning, etc. Listeners gain plenty of financial insights from this bold, provocative lifestyle. A pricing option is available for you, whether you’re a student, educator, podcaster, small and medium business, large enterprise, or a podcast network.


DIY Money

Hosts Quint Tatro and Daniel Czulno engage DIY Money’s listeners with their casual conversations on anything related to personal finance. For about 15 minutes, the duo dives into budgeting, debt, insurance, marriage, retirement, taxes, getting a financial advisor, and more. The informative podcast offers viable strategies to anybody who aspires for financial independence. 


The Dave Ramsey Show

About 40 minutes long, the podcast features excerpts from The Dave Ramsey Show radio program. Ramsey and his co-hosts engage in a straight talk on saving up for the future, paying off your debts, and managing your finances to gain financial freedom. In addition, he enlightens his listeners on his “baby steps” perspective on personal finance, e.g., the “snowball method” to pay off debts. 


Radical Personal Finance

Joshua J. Sheats, host of Radical Personal Finance and a financial planner, shows you how to maintain a lifestyle you want and make your financial aspirations a reality. The podcast is longer than most, taking about an hour or more. Sheats shares stories and insights on what to do about a specific money situation but leaves it up to you to decide which action will work for you. The podcast also offers tools and tips to help you map out your strategies. 


Afford Anything

This podcast aims to help its listeners align money habits with their lifestyle and make sound money decisions that lead to financial freedom. Afford Anything is a venue for exchanging ideas and sharing experiences that relate to entrepreneurship, investing lifestyle planning, and anything about personal finance. Each episode is about 60 to 75 minutes long and hosted by Paula Pant, a media commentator on real estate investing and financial independence. 


Her Money

Her Money’s primary target is women who’d like to be smarter when it comes to money. To give women the confidence to journey through their financial independence, Her Money promises to provide up-to-date, organized, and simplified information to guide every woman to achieve financial empowerment. Her Money is not just informative; it is also a crusade for gender equality when it comes to money matters. The podcast, about 20- to 50- minutes per episode, is hosted by Jean Chazky, an award-winning columnist, author, and financial editor of the “Today.”


Invest Like the Best

Be inspired by other people’s success stories as Patrick O’Shaughnessy talks to interesting entrepreneurs and investors. The podcast is focused on business and investments but connects them with a vast range of fields, such as gaming. But whatever topic it tackles, Invest Like the Best ensures that each hour-long episode is worth your time. 


BiggerPockets Money Podcast

Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench, financial experts and hosts of Bigger Pockets Money Podcast, exchange information and views on finance with experts on how to grow one’s wealth. Its listeners get helpful and practical advice on earning and saving more, spending wisely, and living an abundant life in each hour-long episode. It has a starter plan for free and a pro plan, which you can either pay monthly or annually. 


The Rich Dad Radio Show

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, shares in 45- to 60-minute long episodes his dissenting viewpoints on business, economics, and investments. His viewpoints aim to help his listeners achieve financial success. 


Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn

If you love everything digital, you will appreciate Pat Flynn’s podcast. For 15 to 60 minutes, he shares the strategies and techniques for his online business and blogs. He will also advise you on developing passive income streams. The podcast, airing bi-weekly, also features business leaders and influencers.  


Meaningful Money Podcast

Peter Matthew, the host of Meaningful Money, provides the podcast’s listeners with advice on managing finances and securing a bright financial future. With a conviction that financial planning is no rocket science, Peter shares simple rules, tips, and techniques for planning your finances and attaining your financial goals, packed in 30- to 60-minute episodes. 


Couple Money Podcast 

Couples, sign up for this free podcast! A couple with different views on money matters might unnecessarily argue over money. Host Elle Martinez helps initiate conversations between couples in 15- to 30-minute episodes, as she helps them solve their money problems, grow their money, and reach their financial goals together minus the money squabbles.


Deeper than Money

This podcast aims to encourage millennials to work toward their financial freedom even at an early age. The podcast’s 30-minute episodes engage millennials with talks on having the right money mindset, budgeting, getting off and avoiding debts, investing, and saving through its host, Chloe Elise. 


Your World, Your Money

YWYM tackles different viewpoints on personal finance but focuses on financial literacy as a critical factor in achieving gender equality and warding off economic abuse. Typically, an episode is about 40 minutes, delving into the struggles of reaching for economic opportunities leading to a better life. Its featured guests engage listeners with real-life stories of financial woes and how they won against them. The podcast is sponsored by the Global Thinking Foundation and Hangar Studios. 


Beyond Finances 

The half-hour episodes of Beyond Finances bring the podcast’s listeners practical advice on money matters to make informed decisions on how to build their wealth. Hosts Eric and Kali Roberge give various personal finance topics a fresh spin to engage and inspire listeners to put their finances in order. 


Renegade Capital

Renegade Capital veers away from the standard finance speak of conventional financial institutions and experts. Instead, it motivates its listeners to invest, save, and spend their money to pursue their desired lifestyle through viable action steps and tools. The podcast is hosted by Leah Fremouw, Andrea Longton, and Ebony Perkins and is almost an hour long. 

The Fairer Cents

Hosted by friends Kara Perez and Tanja Hester, award-winning The Fairer Cents takes a candid approach to the economic challenges women and other financially disempowered sectors often face. It bravely tackles controversial issues such as emotional labor, wage gap, and acceptance into what is generally a man’s world. Within each 40- to 60-minute episode, Kara and Tanja talk about challenging the status quo.  


The Disciplined Investor

TDI guests industry professionals in its weekly 45- to an hour-long episode to discuss how to make successful investments with host Andrew Horowitz. Together, they explore the investment market, guiding novice and experienced investors to make informed decisions. 


Roofstock: The Remote Real Estate Investor

The Roofstock team designs this weekly podcast for those looking to invest in real estate remotely. For about an hour, the team offers valuable insights and answers questions from remote real estate investors. 


Women and Money

Aiming to educate women of all ages on personal finance, host Suze Orman regales listeners with her stories and advice on finance in 20-minute to hour-long episodes. What makes her stand out from other podcast hosts is her people-first approach to creating one’s destiny, including building one’s wealth.


The Money Guy Show

Bo Hanson and Brian Preston offer one hour of simple yet fascinating money speak. The podcast intends to guide its listeners in their financial journey. 


Optimal Finance Daily 

Diania Merriam shares bite-sized money ideas in every 10-minute episode. With her featured guests, Diana shares insights on retirement, saving, budgeting, and investing with her featured guests. 


The His and Her Money Show

Couple Talaat and Tai McNeely host hour-long episodes of this podcast. Apart from sharing their financial struggles as a couple, they also provide practical tips on being debt-free and building wealth to achieve financial freedom. Singles are welcome to listen to this podcast. 


Journey To Launch

For one hour per episode, Jamila Souffrant and her guest open your eyes to various possibilities for attracting financial abundance, getting rid of debt, and saving money to reach financial freedom. 


The Personal Finance Podcast

Want to level up with your finances? Listen to Andrew Giancola as he shares his financial ups and downs and how he dealt with them. Learn how to budget, develop good money habits, get a salary increase, invest, and save. Each 20- to 60-minute long episode is worth listening to.


WSJ Your Money Briefing

The podcast is a career and personal finance advice and a finance news update blended into about 10 minutes of talk by host J.R. Whalen. Every episode is put together by the Wall Street Journal’s finance experts and reporters to help you address money concerns, including those that involve taxes. 


Odd Lots

Odd Lots is about 45 minutes of interviews with well-respected industry leaders, giving up-to-date, relevant, and valuable information on the economy and finance. The podcast airs every Monday and Thursday, with Bloomberg’s Tracy Alloway and Joe Weisenthal hosting. 


The Financial Confessions

The hour-long podcast features an expert interviewed by host Chelsea Fagan. It is a healthy exchange of money tips and practically anything about finance, including cryptos. Although it’s a spin-off from the website The Financial Diet, targeting women, the podcast caters to everyone who wants to learn more about managing finances. 


Beginner to Buyer

If you’re a newbie real estate investor, you’ll do well to listen to the Beginner to Buyer podcast. With host Nadeska Alexis, you’ll be treated to a half-hour of interviews with real estate professionals to give you expert advice and homebuyers to share their home buying experiences. 


Robinhood Snacks

Previously known as Market Snacks, this podcast is hosted by Nick Martell and Jack Kramer. It runs daily for 15 minutes and features three business stories and news updates. The hosts’ witty style appeals to its listeners. 


How I Built This with Guy Raz

Budding entrepreneurs will find this podcast a delight. Each 60- to 80-minute episode features host Guy Raz interviewing successful entrepreneurs about how they navigated through the various challenges of getting into the business. 


Brown Ambition

Women of color run the podcast to create a neutral platform for women of color who’d like to get past the financial drudgeries and carve a better life for themselves. It airs weekly for about 15 to 60 minutes. Let hosts Tiffany Aliche and Mandi Woodruff guide you through managing your careers, monthly bills, loans, and other things that affect your finances. 


The Mental Wealth Show

Rich Jones believes that his listeners will have different measures for financial freedom. He also recognizes how poor money habits can make an individual anxious and depressed. The podcast, formerly known as Paychecks & Balances, lasts for about 10 to 50 minutes. Rich’s unassuming style, attention to mental health, and endeavor to simplify topics give his listeners precious nuggets of financial wisdom. The podcast is inclusive, despite it being designed for millennials. 


The Clever Girls Know Podcast

Bola Sokunbi, the founder of Clever Girls Finance® and host of the podcast, is on a mission to provide women with financial literacy. Each 30- to 40-minute episode brings its listeners an engaging and inspiring discourse on saving money, getting debt-free, and building wealth. 


Under the Hood 

Investing has always been seen by the uninitiated as complex and unattainable. Vlad Tenev, Robinhood’s CEO and co-founder and the podcast’s host, demystifies investing through its weekly episodes running for about 30 to 50 minutes. In each episode, he interviews people with diverse backgrounds but with great money sense. 


Go Out And Live!

Go Out And Live (GOAL) is hosted by Michael Policar. In 10 to 30 minutes, he encourages his listeners to have financial goals and reach for them. However, his belief about finance is unorthodox; he says that finance is not saving or making more money but having the freedom to live the lifestyle you want. 


Bad with Money with Gaby Dunn

For 40 to 50 minutes each week, Gaby Dunn trades unconventional opinions and takes on finance with people from various sectors. Together, they examine the correlation between the societal system, finance, and emotions as they tackle topics on student loans.


Be Wealthy & Smart

Linda Jones made it her mission to simplify investing to empower people to enjoy an abundant life and achieve financial freedom. Each episode may be short at less than ten minutes, but Linda’s no-frills style allows her to pack in tips on building and growing your wealth. 


The Maple Money Show

This podcast is about helping Canadians manage their money to have the lifestyle they want. Each episode is about 25 to 45 minutes of stories and advice on generating income, investing, saving, and spending your money. Tom Drake hosts the show. 


Money to the Masses 

The podcast airs twice weekly. On Sundays, Damien Fahy and Andy Leeks discuss a broad range of finance topics in 30- to 45-minute episodes, including insurance, investments, money scams, pensions, and savings. Every Wednesday, Damien gives an update and an analysis on investment markets in about 10 minutes. 


Martinis and Your Money 

Shannon McLay opened a platform for people who would like to talk about money but either cowered from the society’s norms about money talk or got uninterested in the lofty, conventional finance speak. She animates every hour-long episode to make topics such as taxes, career changes, investments, retirement, etc., to make them digestible to listeners.  


Motley Fool Money Podcast 

This podcast features host Chris Hill with guest analysts, exploring how current events influence the investment market and identifying great investment opportunities. What’s nice about each episode is that they expose the listeners to industries and companies that are not well-known but are good investment potential. New episodes air every Tuesday and Friday, each running for 35 to 45 minutes. 


Money Memories

Conversations about money are always awkward, but this podcast makes them insightful and engaging with host Ilona Limonta-Volkova’s exchange with her featured guest. The podcast releases a new 15- to 30-minute episode that shares the guest’s most potent money memory and how it influenced them to be what they are now. 


Profit Boss Radio

Hilary Hendershott, a Certified Financial Planner, hosts this podcast from 20 minutes to an hour per episode. The podcast is intended for aspiring and experienced female entrepreneurs. Discover Hilary’s beliefs that shape one’s biases toward money and learn how to avoid or correct money blunders from her guests. 


The Property Couch Podcast

The podcast banks on Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley’s expertise in property investing in Australia. Through each hour-long episode, they engage their listeners with their casual chats on finding the right investment property, deciding on the best property investment strategy, structuring and applying for a loan, and everything a property investor should know. 


Paul Merriman Podcast: Sound Investing

Paul Merriman, an investment expert, aims to help investors of all ages and investment experiences. It provides its listeners with information, e.g., investor market insights and tools to make informed investment decisions. The podcast blends the narrative and guest-focused formats, with each episode running for about an hour. 


In Her Financial Shoes

In 15- to 30-minute episodes, host Catherine Morgan helps women recover from their money mistakes and get them back on track toward financial independence. The constructive advice and tips for managing financial affairs from Catherine and her guests are intended to enable its listeners to correct their misconceptions and be more confident in handling money.


My Millennial Money Medical

The show used to be known as  Dev Raga-Personal Finance Podcast and aimed at helping health care professionals care for their financial health.   Hosted by Dev Raga, each episode simplifies money concepts and breaks down relevant personal finance topics in easy-to-understand content. Topics include budgeting, investment portfolio creation, prenup agreements, loan repayment strategies, etc. An episode may run from 20 minutes to an hour. 


Personal Finance with Warren Ingram

Host Warren Ingram talks about a broad range of topics on personal finance, which he delivers in bite-sized proportions through each episode that runs for less than 30 minutes. The podcast talks about investment (regulations, pitfalls, and how to avoid them), retirement, and legacy wealth. 


Your Money’s Worth

Kiplinger provides the podcast’s listeners with no-nonsense advice on money management. For about 30 minutes, each episode addresses issues and questions about various personal finance topics, including keeping a good credit score, dealing with inflation, saving for retirement, investing, and taxes. 


Yo Quiero Dinero

This podcast was created to educate the Latinx community on leveraging money to achieve their life goals, build legacy wealth, and experience the joys of financial freedom. The hour-long episodes hosted by Jannese Torres-Rodriguez deal with investments, entrepreneurship, retirement, tapping into one’s earning potential, budgeting, dealing with scams, etc. 


Talk Wealth to Me

Talk Wealth to Me is a good podcast choice if you’re looking to begin or upgrade your financial literacy. Sponsored by the San Diego Financial Literacy Center and DebtWave Credit Counseling, it offers its listeners a non-intimidating venue for learning the various issues related to personal finance. Hosts Katie Utterback, Felipe Arevalo, and Chase Peckham chat about budgeting, setting up an emergency fund, the impact of inflation on your lifestyle, your health,  your finances, and many more. Each episode airs for 20 to 45 minutes. 


Something on My Mind Personal Finance

David Mulonas and his team energize the podcast by injecting humor into their talks about personal finance, such as the FIRE (Financial  Independence/Retire Early) movement, investment philosophies, home buying, budget management, etc. The team also provides current events and true-to-life stories that lend credence to what they advise. An episode may take 30 minutes to one hour, with 3-minute episodes for personal finance tips. 


Real Personal Finance

Traditional finance can be intimidating to people who are just beginning to understand finance. Real Personal Finance, through its hosts James Conole and Scott Frank, as they avoid the “big words” and provide straightforward answers to your questions about attaining financial security. Pension, investment strategies, retirement plans, and savings account options are just some of the topics covered in each 15- to 30-minute episode. 


Money Hat-Tip Personal Finance

Nick Lincoln takes away the boredom from learning about personal finance. In 30-minute episodes, Nick shares his insights on personal finance based on his journey and debunks myths and presumptions about money. He adopts a hard-hitting stance that makes his listeners rethink their expectations about money matters. 


Millennial Money Minutes

Quick and snappy—that’s how this podcast can be described. Each episode runs for five minutes only yet is packed with insightful information and advice aimed at helping its listeners make wise money decisions. The episodes are based on the personal financial journeys of its hosts, Grant Sabatier and Matt Zubricki, millennials who have reached a certain level of financial success and are eager to share their discoveries with others. Listen to them discuss IRAs, spending vs. saving, house hacking, side hustles, and more. 


 The Happy Saver

This podcast was created with New Zealanders in mind. Since most materials on personal finance are based on UK and US settings, The Happy Saver focuses on educating Kiwis on personal finance. Using real-life experiences of Kiwis with money, host Ruth makes the topics discussed in 20- to 60-minute episodes relatable for its listeners. Ruth’s commonsensical and animated style makes talks about student debts, homeownership, and money facts engaging. 


Financial Flipside 

Financial Flipside episodes take about 60 minutes to an hour and thirty minutes, exploring entrepreneurship and the impact of politics and the economy on our quest for financial freedom. The podcast has an eclectic mix of topics ranging from tax reforms to infrastructure, college sports to black capitalism, and several others. No reference material mentions who the host is. Incidentally, its website will be re-launched this year. 


The ABCs of Personal Finance

Hosted by personal finance expert Debbi King, each podcast’s episode runs for about ten to forty minutes. Debbi shares with listeners her financial journey and how she traversed through the obstacles that came her way. She engages listeners with her stories and advice on keeping a simple lifestyle, planning for legacy wealth, recovering from a financial collapse, etc. 


Cashflow Diary

Cashflow Diary is a good podcast for real estate investors and those planning to become one. Learn about prospecting, home buying, selling, and real estate strategies such as house flipping, rehab, etc. Host J. Massey gives tips and advice in each episode that typically runs for 20 minutes to an hour. 


CNBC’s Mad Money with Jim Cramer Podcast

If you’re interested in Wall Street investing, let Jim Cramer guide you through its complexity to reduce your risk exposure. A regular episode runs for about 45 minutes and lets you in on investment opportunities. The podcast also features Lightning Round, a segment in which Jim answers a caller’s question on stocks. 


Common Sense Financial Podcast

This podcast centers on changing its listeners’ money outlook. As the podcast host, Brian Skrobonja commits to educating people on money so they can make intelligent money decisions. Brian goads his listeners to change their views on money in episodes that run from 10 minutes to about an hour. He disproves age-old financial myths and guides them into understanding and identifying their purpose for growing and using money. 


Financial Residency

Financial residency is a podcast for doctors who want to acquire financial literacy. With host  Ryan Inman, listeners are treated to 20 to 50 minutes of advice on money matters. Learn how to make, save, spend, and grow your money without struggling with finance jargon. 


Inspired Money Podcast

Revisit your money mindset and be inspired to reach for your financial goals with host Andy Wang and his guests as they deliver stories of the financial success of people from all walks of life. For about an hour per episode, get helpful tips on breaking free from debts and maximizing your earning potential to map out your own success story. 


InvestTalk Podcast

Investors, newbie and seasoned, rely on their market knowledge and investment principles. InvestTalk understands that need, focusing on making things easier for investors. Hosts Steve Peasley and Justin Klein provide their listeners with fresh investment concepts and topics through every episode, running for about 45 minutes. Besides investment, the podcast also addresses money management and retirement planning questions. 


The Legacy and Lifestyle Show

The Legacy and Lifestyle Show, hosted by George Acheampong, aims to balance now and the future.   For 20 to 60 minutes per episode, George interviews people who have overcome their financial struggles and talks about entrepreneurship to get out of the financial rut, sustain the lifestyle you want, and create legacy wealth for your family. Aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs and working professionals will benefit most from this podcast. 


Like a Mother

Despite the modernization of our society, it’s sad that in many parts of the world, mothers are still relegated to the traditional role of caring for their children, period. But mothers can do so much more than that. In her 20- to 60-minute episodes, Emma Johnson interviews successful female personalities and ordinary people to prove that mothers can be great at looking after their children and still rock as they take care of their business, careers, and more. In each interview, Emma and her guest delve into how women can be financially empowered. New episodes are released twice a week.


Stay Wealthy

If you are looking to prepare financially for your retirement, this podcast is for you. Although host Taylor Schultze focuses on financial advice for retirement, the younger listeners can also benefit from it. In 15- to 60-minute episodes, Taylor guides you on making smart investment choices, earning in retirement, pensions, social security, tax planning, and other finance topics related to retirement. 


Personal Finance Podcast for the Smart Student


Students find themselves in an awkward financial phase. They are expected to do well in school yet face financial responsibilities such as budgeting and managing student loans. We’ve got students covered in this list of best personal finance podcasts. 



Actuality is a podcast that scours through the inner workings of the new global economy. Hosts Sabri Ben-Achour and Tim Fernholz tackle compelling topics that shape our everyday lives in the global economy: superheroes, sports, technology, fashion, social problems, etc. A new episode, which runs for ten to 45 minutes, airs every other week. 


The Clark Howard Podcast

Save more, spend less. Clark Howard anchors his podcast on this money principle. Each episode, usually running for about 30 minutes, is filled with viable actions to address financial worries. Debt and credit management, on-time bills payment, savings, and other finance topics are covered. Occasionally, economic trends and relevant news are thrown in. Every episode features a #AskClark segment to address the listeners’ money issues. 


The College Investor Audio Show

Robert Farrington, an expert on millennial money, hosts the podcast, a spin-off from the blog format. The podcast covers a broad range of money topics distributed into episodes with an average run time of seven minutes using the narrative format. The podcast offers insightful audio content on earning money, paying student loans, and investing. 


Death, Sex & Money

Anna Sale’s Death, Sex & Money dares to openly discuss topics that students think and worry about but are not freely talked about. The podcast features guest celebrities and regular people who help listeners shed light on their concerns, including family (e.g., sibling rivalry), relationships (e.g., racism), studies (e.g., cheating), work (e.g., feeling unfulfilled), finances (e.g., student loans), and life in general. Each episode usually runs for half an hour. 


The Economist Podcasts

A typical episode of The Economist runs for about 20 to 45 minutes. With its vast network of global correspondents, The Economist analyzes current events worldwide, trends in business and finance, and developments in science and technology to assess their impact on the economy. 


The Femtrepreneur Show

This podcast offers viable, no-nonsense tools, tips, and advice to begin or level up its audience’s online course business. The show is hosted by Maria Coz, an online entrepreneur herself, and Megan Minn, who takes care of the tech side of an online business. Having experienced the ups and downs of setting up and sustaining an online course business, Maria and Megan effectively share their insights and studies on identifying your niche, planning and designing your course, marketing, and launching them. Each episode runs for about 20 to 30 minutes and features guests who are also into the same business. 


Finance Simplified

Students run the podcast for students. Every episode features a guest finance expert who helps student hosts Alex Patel and Rohan Gupta simplify various financial concepts and principles. Although it was designed for students, anybody who wants to develop their financial plans can listen to its episodes running for 20 minutes to an hour. 


Financial Side of Life: College, Retirement, and Life

Every person has a unique personal journey and a different way of dealing with the hurdles along the way. The podcast has something for people of all ages. Host Angie Furubotten-LaRosee features guests who are willing to share their stories so others can learn from them. In episodes about an hour long, listeners can pick up ideas on dealing with student loans, retirement, and growing your wealth.


Freakonomics Radio

Freakonomics Radio guests people from all walks of life in each episode to have a candid conversation with host Stephen J. Dubner. Together, they enlighten the podcast’s listeners on varied topics, including the gender pay gap, minimum wage, college life, technology update, and more. Each episode is about 30 minutes to an hour-long. 


The Garyvee Audio Experience

The Garyvee Audio Experience is a collection of host Gary Vaynerchuk’s 10-minute to hour-long episodes from segments of his varied platforms, such as those from his WEEKLYVEE video series and episodes from the #AskGaryVee show. He adds his interviews and conversations with his guests, plus new audio recordings for this podcast. The podcast, catering to millennials, talks about a diverse range of topics that include the relevance of college education, the relationship between the form of government and corruption, technology, etc., and its impact on people’s day-to-day living.


How to be Amazing

Michael Ian Black initiates stimulating conversations with influential innovators, artists, writers, and politicians to pick on their thoughts about transforming oneself from being somebody least likely to make it in life into a successful individual. It guides listeners to discover their real passion and develop habits and behaviors that drive success. Each hour-long episode is engaging and inspiring. 


Jake Of All Trades

Jake Rivas shares tools, insights, and advice to help millennials make wise money decisions. In weekly episodes that run for less than an hour, he discusses relevant finance topics such as lifestyle, travel, student loans, debts, mortgage, credit, etc. Jake goes out to public areas to get unfiltered responses from millennials about the financial hurdles they are facing, making each episode relatable to its target audience.


The James Altucher Show

Be inspired by the stories of real people who rose above their hardships and changed their lives for the better. James Altucher interviews notable personalities from different fields who tapped into their capabilities to turn around their life of despair into a life of financial freedom and victory. Each episode runs from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.


Listen Money Matters

The podcast, running from 45 minutes to about an hour, is candid and open. Hosts Andrew Fiebert and Matt Giovanisci’s matter-of-fact approach and bold approach in their money conversations engage listeners who pick up valuable takeaways from each episode. The duo guides their listeners in money management to build their wealth as they share well-researched information and personal experiences on money management. 


Mad Fientist: Financial Independence Podcast 

The Mad Fientist features personalities who have achieved financial independence. Each episode, usually an hour-long, takes its listeners on a journey on FIRE—financial independence and retiring early. The podcast features educational information, strategies, advice, and tools on entrepreneurship, investing, tax avoidance, and more to achieve financial independence. 


Millennial Podcast

Host Megan Tan highlights an important phase in a person’s life—it’s when you are in your 20s and navigating your way between studies and employment. The podcast talks about her journey and those of guests she interviews in each episode. The conversations attempt to reach out to listeners who’d like to make sense of the financial responsibilities and school demands on their hands. It guides them on how to increase their self-worth as they grapple with these challenges. Each episode is about 30 minutes. 


Money For The Rest Of Us

Each 25- to 30-minute episode explains finance to its listeners as simply as possible. J. David Stein hosts the podcast. It simplifies various investment concepts and principles and offers advice on making each investment profitable. He uses analogies to make the information more digestible, especially for newbie investors. 


Next-Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) Podcast

The NGPF podcast is a part of NGPF’s mission to bring students an innovative way of educating students on finance. In episodes that run for 30 to 60 minutes, NGPF co-founders and co-hosts Jessica Endlich and Tim Ranzetta discuss with educators and finance experts to shed light on how students can be empowered to improve their financial conditions.  


Personal Finance for PhDs 

This podcast, intended for those in higher education, addresses the various financial challenges that Ph.D.’s in training grapple with. It covers budgeting, wise spending, and loan repayment, among other finance-related topics. Host Emily Roberts interviews PH.D. students who have had successful financial journeys. 


Planet Money

Planet Money tackles economics and finance on a global scale and provides listeners with an analysis of how current worldwide events will affect the financial aspect of their lives. With hosts Amanda Aronczyk, Jacob Goldstein, Mary Childs, and Robert Smith providing advice and guidance, the podcast equips some of its listeners to practice financial concepts in their current situation. Each episode runs for about 15 to 30 minutes; new episodes are aired twice weekly. 


School of Greatness

The School of Greatness podcast focuses on business and personal development. It alternately uses the narrative, guest-focused, and its own 5-Minute Friday formats. Guest-focused episodes feature influencers. Regardless of the format, the podcast discusses diverse topics such as business, entrepreneurship, fitness and health, money, relationships, spirituality, and more. Episodes run for an hour to an hour and a half. Lewis Howes hosts. 


The Side Hustle Show

Nick Loper hosts the podcast, which feeds concepts and advice on starting a business and making it grow. Every week, he interviews successful entrepreneurs to get tips and draw on their experiences to inspire budding side hustlers and entrepreneurs. Each episode is about an hour-long, and apart from the advice and tips, Nick also shares information on a side hustle and other income-generating opportunities. 


Stacking Benjamins

Although Joe Saul-Sey and OG adopt a laid-back hosting style, the podcast is packed with information. Each hour-long episode features intelligent conversations with guests who are either finance experts or who have an inspiring story to tell. The hosts also answer questions from listeners about risk management, investment, saving, and a lot more. New episodes are available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 


The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss features well-respected guests from diverse sectors in each episode. His excellent interviewing skills and warmth enable him to draw helpful information from his guests, such as strategies, regimens, and tools that have helped them achieve their goals. A typical episode runs for about an hour or more. 


You Need a Budget 

YNAB, hosted by Jesse Mecham, provides its listeners with weekly episodes on budget and debt management. Episodes, which run for less than an hour, showcase inspiring stories of people who have turned around their lives for the better. Get advice on how to increase your income and savings, say goodbye to debts, and make money work for you.

Frequently asked questions

Do finance podcasts take too much of your time?

No. You can listen to finance podcasts even if you’re cooking, doing the laundry, or doing anything else! Podcasts are designed for people who wish to stay informed and educated not just about finance but also about other topics without having to give up an activity or needing more time. All you have to do is listen.

Are finance podcasts reliable sources?

Yes! Finance podcasts feature experienced hosts, guests, mentors, and top-performing individuals who share their expertise in each episode. People and companies produce many finance podcasts from the finance industry themselves. You can tune in to your most-trusted finance gurus and even choose who you want to listen to, depending on what advice you need from them.



With over two million finance podcasts found on the web, choosing one that’s right for you will be a hassle. Skip the long hours of scrolling for the best podcasts for you and check out this list. 


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