Puregold Cash Loans

Puregold Finance Inc. is a credit institution that mainly caters to the financial needs of employees, whether they are in need of a short-term fix or long-term financing solution. The salary loan they offer, also called a cash loan, is monetary assistance to employees who are in need of financing to address their personal needs.

Puregold Cash Loans are an unsecured type of borrowing and with the different benefits they offer such as no hidden charges, low-interest rate, flexible terms, and convenience with 30 branches available nationwide, borrowers will be able to attain a step into gaining financial freedom.

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Loan Term

Depends on the loan

Est. APR

% 28.57

Loan Amount

What is a Cash Loan? 


Cash Loans refer to loans received by borrowers in cash. This is in contrast to home loans, auto loans, and consumer loans where the borrowers are granted a loan in exchange for the property or goods purchased. 


PureGold Cash Loan Features


Loan Amount: the minimum amount will depend on the monthly income of the employee. 

Loan Processing Time: 2 weeks processing time. 

Loan Repayment: Post-dated Cheques (PDCs)


Eligibility Requirements

All employees who are employed for at least a year or more with the same employer are welcome to apply for a cash loan with PureGold. 


Documentary Requirements

  • A duly filled out application form
  • SSS ID
  • Government-issued ID  (Front & Back)
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Photocopy of the latest one-month payslip
  • Photocopy of the latest one-month bank statement 
  • Proof of Billing (utilities, etc.)
  • 2×2 picture containing the borrower’s signature
  • Post-dated check (upon approval of the loan) for the repayments


Two Ways to Apply For a Loan


Borrowers are afforded the most convenient method to apply for a loan: online or at any of the Pure Gold branches nationwide. 


Online Application

Download and fill out the application form available on their website. After successfully filling out all the required details and submitting the form, the representative from Puregold will call back the borrower to verify the loan application. 


In-Person Application 

For borrowers who wish to personally deal with the Puregold loan personnel, they may do so through the 30 branches nationwide and submit their loan application and requirements through the branch.   


Why Choose Pure Gold Cash Loan

Pure Gold has branches nationwide that will help employees looking for cash loans to address their business needs. With their low-interest rate and flexible term repayment, it makes it affordable for employees to pay back the loan amount and eventually achieve the financial independence that they aim for. 

Loan Term

Depends on the loan

Est. APR

% 28.57

Loan Amount




Cash Loans allow people to address whatever type of financial needs they have and are therefore considered a multipurpose loan. Because they are unsecured, collateral is not required to be approved for a Puregold Cash Loan. However, a co-maker is required in the application to ensure that should the employee lose employment and lose the means to repay the loan, there is an added safety net for the loan provider. 


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