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Founded in 2013, this financial institution has become well-known as a premier lender throughout Canada. SkyCap Financial is based in Ontario and strives to offer a better lending experience than all the rest. Because of the quick, easy application process, more and more people are turning to SkyCap Financial for their personal loan needs. They strive to provide more and more families and individuals with loans up to $10,000, even when denied through a bank. Use these loans on just about any purchase you can make—home improvements, dental work, vet bills, travel, and so.



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Loan Amount

$500 - $10,000

Piggyy Rating

SkyCap Financial

Loan Term

9 - 36 months

Est. APR

% 12.99 - 39.99

Loan Amount

$500 - $10,000
  • Application process takes just five minutes to complete.
  • Get an answer shortly after applying.
  • Funded within the day.
  • May not work with your province. Only some, such as Ontario are included.
  • APRs may be higher than other financial loans.

Visit them online at

Mail to:

1020 Bayridge Dr. Suite 104
Kingston, Ontario K7P 2S2

Business Hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 8:00AM to 10:00PM EST
  • Saturday: 9:00AM to 5:00PM EST 
  • Sunday: Closed 

You can phone from anywhere on this toll-free number:


Email them at: [email protected]


Why Choose SkyCap Financial?

Choosing SkyCap Financial is an ideal thing to do. Not only are they well known and reputable, but you can read the numerous reviews that the company has online. This provides insight into the company and expectations when working with them. They’re flexible and open with those who borrow from them. This leaves everything laid out. 

SkyCap Financial has provided loans for almost a decade; they continue to strive to do better. With a quick and easy application process, you can obtain it if you need cash right now. SkyCap Financial makes things easier for everyone. Get funding and feel confident with the ability to pay whatever you need the loan for. 



Since SkyCap Financial is well-known, they have a wider audience and partner base. They are thought of as a reputable company to work with when choosing a personal loan. Offering many options to personalize your experience, you can find that this may be the ideal place to always choose funding from. 


Better Lending Experience 

Having a better lending experience means you will continue to do business with that financial institution. At SkyCap Financial, your experience is one of the best. You can quickly, easily, and effortlessly get the loan you need. 


Quick Funding Times

SkyCap Financial provides borrowers with a quick way to get the cash they need to be funded directly to their accounts. 



Loan Options from SkyCap Financial 

SkyCap Financial makes the process more accessible than ever because of the three easy steps you take. As a premier lender of personal loans, you can grab a quick payday loan or a shorter personal loan with terms up to 60 months. Find out which loan option will work the best for the needs that you have. 


The loans can be used for many purposes:

  • Moving
  • Electronics
  • Dental or Medical 
  • Furniture
  • Wedding
  • Vehicle 
  • Honeymoon or Vacation 
  • Funeral 
  • School 
  • Home Improvements 
  • Bills and Expenses 
  • Consolidate debt 
  • Auto Repairs 


Pre-Qualifying for Short-Term Loans 

To get short-term, personal, or payday loans, you must meet some qualifications. SkyCap Financial works with individuals with all kinds of backgrounds and financial issues. Specializing in helping those with no or bad credit, SkyCap Financial needs to find out if they can provide you with a loan based on your financial background. 


To qualify for a SkyCap Financial, personal loan, you have to meet these three qualifications:

  • Have current income
  • Stability of your job and your payments 
  • Credibility through your credit score 


Having this information handy and working with us can offer you the best possible loan that meets your needs. However, even if you do not fit into these three categories perfectly, they can help. 


APR Rates

APR rates are essential to consider, as this is the amount of interest you will pay back throughout the personal loan. The APR rates on the SkyCap Financial loans that you can obtain vary. This is because they depend on the specific strengths of your application. Those with more strengths would have a lower APR to pay back than those with fewer. 


It is important to read through the agreement when agreeing to take on a loan if you want to know your APR rate. This is because it is going to show on the agreement. They also stay under the amount outlined in the Responsible Lending Policy to ensure that they comply with the laws.  


How to Apply for a Personal Loan

The process to apply for a personal loan through SkyCap Financial is easy and quick. Being able to obtain your cash quickly is one of the best feelings. Make sure you choose to work with a lender that will match you with the perfect option. Cover every aspect of your life when you need cash the most. SkyCap Financial is there to provide the help you need. 


Here are the specific steps you can take to apply for a personal loan through SkyCap Financial. 


You can apply to get a loan through SkyCap Financial in as little as five minutes. You do not have to worry about spending all day inputting your information or having them request the information.  If you require a bit of help, call them at 1-877-924-4557. They’d be more than happy to walk you through the application and work with you throughout it.


Quickly get a decision when you submit your application to them. Once you submit your application, you’re given the decision and also the next steps you should take based on the decision. This will provide you with more information on how to proceed based on the information given through the application.


Once you have the approval from the application, then you can get your money. Ensuring that you get access to the cash as soon as possible, you won’t have to wait weeks to obtain your cash if anything, days. Make sure to check your account when the cash is supposed to be deposited.


Getting funded through SkyCap Financial is easy. With only three steps, you can easily find that the best loan is just minutes away. Fill out the easy form and submit it today to get funded.

Frequently asked questions

What if the website is not working correctly?

Those who find that their website is not loading correctly should contact the technical support team with SkyCap Financial. They can provide more feedback, or even troubleshoot the issue for you. They can be reached through SkyCap Financials’ main number at 1-877-924-4557. 

What if I have a bankruptcy or consumer proposal on my credit report?

If you have either a bankruptcy or a consumer proposal, or other judgement on your credit report; do not worry. SkyCap Financial works with those who have either of these issues. With previous individuals building their credit with a personal loan after having gone through a consumer proposal or bankruptcy. 


Let SkyCap Financial help you re-establish your credit through a personal loan that is easy to get and quick to fund.

Is my personal information secure when I put in my information on the website?

So many visitors to the website want to know if their information is going to be safe if they choose to put it into the website to apply. This is a common question. 


Yes. Your personal information is completely secure while on the website. You can easily find that they use the latest in encryption to protect all of the information that is put into the website. Using the latest in technology to fight against hackers, viruses, and other attacks; you can know your information is protected and safe.

What payment terms should I expect?

The repayment terms are important to consider when you are choosing to go with a personal loan. You want to consider how much you have to pay back, how soon, and how often thereafter. SkyCap Financial does not make you pay back the entirety of the loan once you get your next paycheck. This is what those quick payday loans do. 


Installment loans are what is offered, so you’re able to pay over time with a comfortable amount that works with your budget. Get terms from as little as 9 months to as long as 36 months depending on what you feel the most comfortable with. Finding a term that comes with easy payments is going to make things easier for you overall. 

How long does this entire process usually take?

The time it takes you to fill out the application to get the funding is going to vary. However, we can provide some ideas as to what to expect with each of the steps. 


You can complete the application in under 5 minutes because of the streamlined process and minimalist question style that is put on the app. The decision and approval will come within 24 hours of applying for the loan. This is a quick decision that you would otherwise wait weeks for from a bank. This is what makes SkyCap Financial stand out. 

How do I get the funds?

The funds are directly deposited into your account within the same day, hours, from signing the agreement and getting your approval. There is no need to wait for a deposit, or even a check in the mail. You can obtain the payment and personal loan amount that you qualified for within hours.  


Take a look at SkyCap Financial to find out how they might be able to get you the help you need when the time comes. Choose to work with them today and feel confident in the ability to pay off those specific bills and extras you have. Don’t let worrying about a loan from the bank keep you down. SkyCap Financial is here to offer the best possible outcome and funds that borrowers need to feel like they belong with a financial institution. SkyCap Financial is a big one throughout Canada.  

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