Money Mart Review is a quick and easy way to enjoy a suitable payday loan. With several incentives happening throughout the year, many choose to obtain their loans through this company. Learn more about the loans you can get from Money Mart and enjoy the many perks.

The entire approval process is quick and easy, and you can be on your way to obtaining the best possible loan that you can get in Canada. You don’t even have to go there; it can all be done online. As a long-time loan provider, Money Mart provides quality loan products at affordable rates.


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Loan Amount

$1,000 - $15,000

Piggyy Rating

Money Mart

Loan Term

1 - 60 months

Est. APR

% 19.9 - 46.9

Loan Amount

$1,000 - $15,000
  • Easy loan process
  • Two loans to choose from
  • Easy repayment terms and stipulations
  • May not qualify for a higher amount with poor credit
  • Have to go into the store to apply for the protection plan

Mail to:

74 Swedesford Rd.

Suite 150

Malvern, PA 19355

You can phone from anywhere on this toll-free number:



Why Choose Money Mart?

Those looking for a quick cash advance loan or even a larger short-term loan can benefit from choosing Money Mart as their go-to source. As a provider of these loans for years, they’ve helped countless people get out of the debt they’ve been in. This allows them to open up and provide a better way of living for themselves instead of paycheck to paycheck. Striving to help communities and individuals grow, Money Mart is an excellent option. 



Money Mart is known for being fast with the loans they’re offering. Not only can you quickly fill out the application and find out if you’re approved within minutes, but you can get funding that very same day. This makes using Money Mart a no-brainer for so many. 



If you’re confused about something and need further clarification, you can be sure to grab it. Not only is the team available throughout the day and night, but you can get ahold of them from anywhere, at any time. They’ll help answer questions and get you paid.



Their flexible and easy-to-meet terms bring a lot of people to work with them. 



Personal Loan Options from Money Mart

You can work with two options when signing up for a loan; you can choose which comes with the better options that fit your needs over others. Both options are ideal when you need a quick amount of money in a short period. The payback terms are the same, but they’re perfect when you need cash before your next paycheck. 


Installment Loan

Get funded within two hours with this loan that goes up to $15,000. It doesn’t take as short of a time to pay back, and you can borrow more with this type of loan. 


Cash Advance 

These advances come with payback terms of around 60 days, and you can get up to $1,500 depending on your income. These generally do not require a credit check.


Pre-Qualifying for These Short-Term Loans 

Here are the specifics or prerequisites you need to get the loans:


  • Be at least 19 years old, or 18 for the cash advance loans
  • Need all the required documentation, such as from employment and to verify age
  • Chequing account 
  • Steady source of regular income


You may be required to share documentation. However, you do not have to worry about having a credit check done, or a hard inquiry put onto your record. According to the terms, those who pay back the loan will not negatively impact their credit score or report. 


APR Rates of the Loans 

The APR rates will change based on your credit background and rating. This is something to consider before taking out a loan, as you will have to pay the loan amount + interest amount given. 


With payday loans, you can expect to borrow up to $1,500. This is a smaller amount, and you will have up to 60 days to pay this loan back in full. The APR varies on these loans because your credit profile determines them. The APR generally ranges from 201.84% to 443.21%. 


The installment loans will provide up to $15,000 and give you 62 days to pay back the amount given. The APR varies depending on your credit profile, and the APR range is the same as the payday loans – 201.84% to 443.21%.




How to Sign Up 

Those who want to sign up and apply for a loan can easily do so online. Those who want to go to their store can find the store nearest to them through their store locator app. For those who wish to sign up online, follow the instructions below


Click the “Apply now” button below


While you’re online, you will notice two options for you to go with. The Installment Loan or the Cash Advance Loan option. Click Apply Now on whichever choice you feel is the best for your needs.


To make sure you qualify and not to waste time, you must verify that the loan is available to you in the area that you live. Input your address in the field to see if you qualify.


Apply for the loan through the online application on the screen. Fill out all the answers accurately and to the best of your knowledge. Once you do this, you should receive a reply within minutes. You may have to provide documentation to show proof of anything you’ve put down on the application.


Once you’ve done all of this and you’re approved, then you get your cash. It is funded to your chequing account within two hours from the approval. It is that easy!

Frequently asked questions

What is the Loan Protection Plan?

The Loan Protection Plan is a plan used to cover the payments of the loan for the life of the loan. Should something happen to you, such as disability, death, illness, or involuntary unemployment, then the rest of the amount of the loan you’ve taken out might be forgiven with the insurance that is put onto it. 

How do you qualify for the Loan Protection Plan?

Those who want to know if they qualify for this plan must follow and meet the rules of specific criteria:


  • Under the age of 70
  • Live and reside in Canada legally 
  • Agree to the terms and conditions from the specific lender 
  • Apply in an actual Money Mart store in Canada and not online
Can I check the status of my loan online?

Yes. You will create an account when you sign up to apply for the loan. When you do this, you will be directed to sign in regarding any correspondence or information regarding your specific loan.


Keep this sign on information handy, as it is also used once approved for other correspondence or actions after.

What if I have less than desirable credit?

If you have poor credit, no worries. They work with everyone regardless of their financial status. Credit score alone is not a factor. They also look at payment history and more. You should still apply even if you think you may not qualify. You may be surprised to find out you do! 


Additionally, if you’ve ever had a bankruptcy, they can still consider you for a loan.

Is there a penalty to pay off the entire loan amount early?

There is no penalty for paying off the entire loan, even before the time it was meant to be paid off. In fact, they encourage those who borrow from them to pay the loan back as quickly as possible. Also, if you pay the loan off, you’re eligible to receive another right after automatically. 


They continue to reward those borrowers who work well with them.

Is there a limit to how many loans or cash advances I can take out?

You can borrow as many times as you’d like. The only rule is that you’re unable to have more than one loan at one time. You can borrow another loan once the first is paid off, and then again thereafter. 

How exactly do I get the funding from the loan?

Once you’ve accepted and you’ve been completely reviewed, then you are ready to accept and get your funding. You’re able to pick up the cash in store if you choose, or if you live closer to a store. If not, then you will receive the funds directly deposited into your bank account within two hours from receiving the acceptance email. 

What if I need to have copies of the loan documents?

You’re easily able to access all loan documentation from the back end of your user account. You won’t have to worry about a thing from here. You can review and print the documentation at your leisure. 

If you have further issues, or require further assistance, it is recommended to reach out to customer service through [email protected] or by calling their customer service helpline at 1-800-361-1407.

How do I make payments to pay back the loan amount?

The loans that are done through the online application will have the payments being debited straight from your chequing account that is given. If you want to pay for the month in store, this must be done three days prior to the day the money is supposed to come out of your account. 

Can I refinance or roll over my loan amount?

Unfortunately, no. You can only pay back the loan within the short-term time specified. You cannot use the proceeds from another loan to pay back the remainder of this loan. 


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