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Cash4You began its company operations in 2001. They were developing a borrowing model for Ontario residents to help them access emergency funds. The site claims to have helped over a million Canadians to date. With a diverse lending plan and added features aimed at helping Canadians practice the best wealth management practices, they offer their services to residents of Ontario only and combine their expert service and customer satisfaction to all the programs they offer.

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Loan Amount

$100 - $15,000

Piggyy Rating


All Loan types are Available Only to Ontario Residents

Loan Term

12 - 60 months

Est. APR

% 46.93

Loan Amount

$100 - $15,000
  • Fast and easy application process
  • Instant approval
  • Improved credit rating options
  • Over 100 locations to serve you
  • Installment loans offered only to Ontario residents
  • Payday loans offered only to residents of Ontario and British Columbia
  • High APR interest rate

Cash4You offers simply defined loan options to help Ontario residents access the funds they need. Applicants can apply for a payday loan if they need for emergency funds for any reason such as for car repairs, to catch up on bill payments, or emergency medical expenses.


They also offer more significant sums of funding for applicants who qualify for their installment loans. These loans can be for larger expenses or just to have the funds on hand—a terrific option for Canadians who want to increase their credit rating with the various credit bureaus.


They have over 100 locations available across the province for potential applicants to apply either in-person or online. Unfortunately, Cash4You only offers its installment loans to residents of Ontario and its payday loans to residents of Ontario and British Columbia.


The main office can be found at:

10-250 Dundas St

Cambridge, Ontario N1R 8A8


You can contact them by phone 24/7 :


 Their locations and additional information can be found on their site at


Store Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday 9 am to 8 pm EST

Saturday 10 am to 6 pm EST


There is also a website questionnaire where potential applicants can directly send any inquiries to Cash4You agents. 

Email: [email protected]


Loans Offered


Cash4You is not only a loan provider; their stores have partnered with other companies to offer their clients additional services. The loans that you can apply for with Cash4You are categorized simply below. 


Payday Loans

The payday loans that Cash4You offers are clearly explained for applicants, so they fully understand the costs and terms that must be met to qualify for a payday loan. Offering potential clients funds up to $1500 hassle-free, they approve many applicants with good, bad, or no credit ratings. 


All fees, costs, and terms are available for the applicant’s review before consenting to the terms. Applicants can access the options either in-person at one of the 100 locations across Ontario or browse the interactive loan calculator online. You have the option of either an electronic transfer for your funds or to pick up the cash in-store. 


This flexibility is a unique service that Cash4You offers to applicants who meet their eligibility requirements. To qualify for a payday loan, applicants must be employed, netting a minimum of $250/per payday. They must also have an active bank account as well. Cash4You offers the flexibility of making payments either in-store or through the online pre authorized payment system. 


Applicants can apply for a payday loan of up to $1500. For first-time applicants, the amount is decided by the risk assessment team at Cash4You. Once you have established good borrowing practices with Cash4You, your payday loan amount can increase as your rating improves.  


For Ontario residents, a payday loan example is provided. The cost oevery $100 borrowed is $15 with an APR of 391.07%


Installment Loans

The added benefits of an installment loan with Cash4You are significant. Not only can you improve your credit rating, but you can also be approved within minutes and walk out the door with your cash in hand. 


Once your online application has been approved, you are required to visit a store location and complete your documents as well as the rest of the verification process.


Loan amounts are available from $1000 to $15,000 with terms up to 60 months. All loans have an APR of 46.93%, regardless of your qualifications. 


Your loan must be repaid with pre authorized payments from your bank account. Any additional payments you would like to make on your account can be made in-store. 


The risk assessment team will consider your credit rating for approval, although a perfect rating is not required. The installment loan will have fixed payments and fixed rates. Successful applicants will receive full disclosure of fees when they sign the contract. There are no penalties for added payments beyond the terms of the arrangement. 


Additional Services Available at All Locations


By expanding their available services to residents of Ontario across their 100 locations, they offer hassle-free financial solutions to anyone requiring them. No loan application is required to use these services offered in-store or online. 


Cheque Cashing

Cash4You offers their cheque cashing service to Canadians who meet the criteria they require for the service. They clearly state they will cash any cheque of any amount.  Cheques are cashed instantly with no problems and no holds. Interest rates charged are not defined for cheque cashing offered by Cash4You. Cheque cashing is only available in-store and requires your identity to be verified with a valid government-issued ID.


Types of Cheques Accepted for Cash

  • Payroll cheques
  • Government cheques
  • Tax Refund cheques
  • Cashiers cheques
  • Bank Drafts
  • Money Orders
  • Insurance Settlement cheques
  • Court Settlement cheques
  • Cheques made payable to your small business


Western Union

A simple solution for Canadians to send and receive money instantly from anywhere in the world. Funds are directly transferred to the recipient’s bank account or to another Western Union location, where they pick up the cash.
With over 500 000 locations in over 200 countries worldwide, Western Union partnership with Cash4You offers the convenience of sending funds to family or friends instantly. With the added option of tracking the funds and confirmation of receipt. Western Union also offers a rewards program for its clients. 


Credit Boost 

This service is an add-on available on your installment loan with Cash4You. Credit Boost is aimed at helping those Canadians with less than a desirable credit score or anyone wanting to build up their borrowing potential with more traditional lenders. The arrangement to participate in the program is as follows.

Upon signing, the successful applicant must maintain their payment arrangements as per their defined terms in the contract.

To qualify for the credit boosting program, clients must also make a one-time payment monthly on the loan. The amount required for the credit Boosting will be decided when an authorized Cash4You representative completes the approval process.  Once, the client, has maintained the extra payment schedule, their credit rating will significantly improve when Cash4You reports the payments to the credit bureaus. 


Borrowing Criteria


Payday Loans

To qualify for a payday loan with Cash4You:

  • Applicants must be a resident of Ontario or British Columbia
  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Must have a valid ID, a valid bank account, and have a minimum net income of $250.
  • Must be employed.


The site does not state if they accept any other forms of income as part of their payday loan approval process. There is no collateral required or any security funds necessary for a payday loan application.


Payday loans are due in full on your next payday. There are no further payment extensions on this loan option. You can pay your loan back early with no added penalty, but you will still be charged the entire amount initially agreed upon, which includes the fees and interest rate applied. If you complete the application online, you can e-sign your documents and receive approval and funds within an hour. 


Installment Loans

To qualify for an installment loan from Cash4You:

  • Applicants must be a resident of Ontario with a valid piece of government issued photo ID.
  • They must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Installment loans cannot be secured with a co-signer or guarantor with Cash4You services at this time.


Applicants that have been previously discharged from bankruptcy are eligible to apply for an installment loan. However, because the installment loan offered is unsecured, applicants must meet the specific criteria to qualify for an installment loan from Cash4You.  

Pros and Cons


Cash4You is a locally owned company; offering the residents of Ontario their financial lending services. They offer payday loans and installment loans for your consideration. Potential clients are able to select their preferences for borrowing and are added to their Credit Boost Program. With over 100 store locations in Ontario; applicants can conduct more than just their business with Cash4You agents while visiting any one of the stores. Customers can also access the services provided by Western Union. 


Minimum Credit Score Accepted  

Not entirely defined. The site does state that those with no credit, bad credit, or good credit are considered for loan applications. 


Estimated APR & Fund Request Limits

Payday Loan $100 to $ 1500 maximum

APR 391.07%


Installment Loan $1000 to $15 000 maximum

APR 46.93%



  • Fast and easy application
  • Instant approval
  • Improved credit rating options

  • Services offered only to Ontario residents
  • Few incomes defined as accepted for installment loan requirements
  • High APR interest rate

Why choose Cash4You


There are a number of great reasons why so many Canadians have chosen to deal with Cash4You. These reasons include good customer service, an easy application process and the number of services Cash4You offers.


Cash4You has in-person customer service that you can access at over 100 branches. They offer 24/7 access through their 1-800 number. Additionally, you can apply online if you prefer.


The application process is simple and straightforward. Cash4You tells you exactly what you need to apply for an installment or payday loan and what you need to be approved. Their processing times are fast as well and you can get your money very quickly once you’re approved.


Finally, they offer more than just loans. You can cash your cheques at Cash4You with no holds so you get the money right away. If you need to send money, you can use Western Union at Cash4You.


How to Apply


Go to the Cash4You website at

Cash4You 2

Choose the “get started” button.

Cash4You 3

 Choose your province.

Cash4You 4

Fill in your personal information and select “create account.”




Complete income verification,get your approval and finalize your documents.


Get your cash. Either as instant cash, or electronically transferred.

Frequently asked questions

Does Cash4You perform a credit check as part of their application process?

Yes, they do. A full credit report is requested from one or more of the credit bureaus they inquire with. They do state that regardless of your credit score, they do factor in other variables when making their decision to loan the funds. A risk assessment team reviews your payment history and debt ratio to determine your eligibility. 

Can I refinance my installment loan with Cash4You?

Yes, you can. If your account is in good standing you may be eligible to refinance your installment loan. The rates applied will still be rolled into the final balance owing. Although, a lower interest rate may be possible when refinancing. 

Do I need to bring any special documents when I apply in person at a Cash4You store?

The site declares that there is no need to bring any additional documents. You should however bring your valid identification to confirm your initial application steps. From there an authorized representative will complete the rest of the application process with you. Your approval could be within minutes to an hour. Once approved your funds are also paid to you as per your selection. Either cash in hand or electronically transferred to you. 

How are my documents finalized if I complete the online application?

Through the automated system, your approval is completed instantly. You consent to the loan when you approve the final documents presented to you through the portal. The system uses the IBV (Instant Bank Verification) system to authenticate the details of your application. This check is done securely through encrypted software, keeping your information safe and secure. 

How does the Credit Boosting Program benefit me?

Once a successful applicant is approved for an installment loan and has agreed to the terms of the Credit Boosting Program; Cash4You will report every payment you make. They report to both Equifax and Transunion. While maintaining your regular payment plan and making the additional one-time monthly payment Cash4You agents will report 3 payments per month to the bureaus. This could significantly improve your credit rating and enhance your borrowing potential with traditional lenders. 

How can I monitor the details of my account with Cash4You?

By simply registering through their site you will have access to all the information regarding any loans you have with Cash4You that you may have. Clients can also use the online form to send e-transfer payments for any balances owing. A reference number is required to send, which can be obtained from a Cash4You agent.

How much would a $500 payday loan cost from Cash4You?

As the service is only offered to residents of Ontario; the amount of applicable interest that can be charged is regulated by provincial legislation. An example provides says that for every $100 borrowed applicants can expect to pay $15 on that $100. So, for a $500 loan, you can expect to repay a total of $575. Costing the applicant $75 for the cash advance. The set APR for payday loans is 391.07%. 

What time does Cash4You open?

Cash4You stores open at 9:00 am EST Monday to Friday and at 10:00 am EST on Saturday. You can reach them 24/7 by phone at 1-888-951-1457.

Who owns Cash4You?

Cash4You was co-rounded by Amir Mahmoudzadeh in 2001 and is a privately held company.

What is Cash4You?

Cash4You is a company offering payday loans, installment loans, cheque cashing and Western Union transfers. They assist people who have no bank accounts, no or a low credit score or those who want to send money using Western Union.

Best Choice


As cash4You offers a full spectrum financial service to residents of Ontario. There are solutions available that almost every potential applicant could benefit from.


By applying for an instant payday loan; potential borrowers can receive access to instant emergency funds that they may require. This service is offered to those who might not qualify for the extra funds with their traditional lender. Cash4You also offers Ontario residents installment loan funds up to $15 000! These funds can be utilized in whatever way the applicant requires to better enhance their financial situation.


By adding the Credit Boosting Program to the installment loan terms, clients can achieve even greater borrowing potential while improving their credit score. The site also has extra resources for managing your finances. Cash4You has a Trustpilot rating of 5 stars from over 6500 reviews of satisfied customers. This clearly shows their dedication to finding the right solution for your borrowing needs.


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