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78 Best Survey Apps to Make Money

There is a huge opportunity to earn cash from doing surveys. Several survey apps are willing to pay you to do surveys and product reviews. But not all sites are worth your time. We’ve gathered a list of survey apps that you can explore.

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What are survey apps? 

Survey apps are applications designed to collect and analyze information from consumers for companies to make better products and services. Some survey apps have features that enable matching consumers’ profiles with the surveys, sending notifications to qualified survey takers, etc.


Making money doing surveys

While waiting to qualify for surveys, you can earn extra money from other activities that most survey apps offer, like watching videos, playing games, or taking offers for cashback and discounts.

Paid surveys will not give you the financial freedom you want, but it provides a little financial boost when you need it. 



Here are features you should look survey app:

Points-earning options. Survey apps must have other earning opportunities to maximize your earnings.

Rewards offered. If you need real cash, explore sites that pay instant cash. Most sites offer both cash and gift cards.

Ease of finding surveys.  It saves you time when survey apps prequalify you to surveys.


How do you know if a survey app is legit?

  • Legit survey apps let you sign up for free or with a welcome bonus. They pay modest rewards and not big payouts as most scams offer. 
  • Legit survey apps ask you demographics that won’t expose you to potential dangers.
  • When still in doubt, read the user reviews.


78 Best Survey Apps

The sign-up process and requirements are relatively the same for most survey apps. You download and install the app to your device and create an account. Most sites require you to be 18 years old or older and ask you for certain information about yourself to help match your profile with their surveys. 

The list provides a brief description of what to expect from the survey app, potential earnings, and payment options. Click on the sites’ link to learn more.




FREE GIFT CARDS for Answering Surveys



Sign up today and we’ll give you 10 LifePoints!


Survey Junkie

Share your opinion to help brands deliver better products & services – and get paid


Opinion Outpost



Pinecone Research

Each product survey pays $3.00


The Panel Station

Get rewarded for taking surveys!


Quick thoughts

We make your opinion count!



Earn cash for your everyday online activities



1Q pays $0.25 for each question answered and pays immediately via PayPal. There is no payout threshold, and it only takes seconds to answer a survey.

Potential earning is low, at only $1 to $3 a month on average.



Apperwall pays you to write short reviews of mobile apps. You can earn $0.50 to $2 per offer—no payout threshold. Payment is via PayPal, and review opportunities are seldom, so earning potential is low.



Appinio provides users with an exciting game-like survey experience. You get 50 coins for signing up. Surveys are 5 to 10 minutes long and not always available.

You can earn up to 2,000 Appinio coins per survey. One Appinio coin = $0.001. The payout threshold is 10,000 points ($10) and redeemable via gift cards. 



AttaPoll is easy to use and open to 13 years old +. Answering surveys is the only way to earn money on this app. Surveys don’t pay well for time spent.

You earn 30 – 60 credits per survey. The payout threshold is 500 credits ($5). Through your PayPal account, you can cash out, convert 250 credits to Ethereum, or $100 through your bitcoin wallet.



Bananatic provides fun different ways to earn rewards. Participate in other tasks to boost earnings from surveys.

Earn 468 bananas per survey. The payout threshold is 2,500 bananas. You can redeem your bananas for cash via PayPal, gift cards, downloads, and subscriptions.


Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys offer 100 points for signing up, providing your demographics, and completing a survey. A Survey Matching Engine qualifies you for the surveys.

Earn 39 points per survey and collect 100 points to earn$1. 

On reaching 500 points, you can redeem for cash, gift cards, or a charitable donation. 



BzzAgent rewards you with freebies from well-known brands in exchange for your participation in surveys and product reviews. However, matching your profile with products takes time, so there are limited product testing opportunities.

Earn 50 points for every approved report that you can redeem on



CashKarma offers a sign-up bonus of 300 points and 50 points for creating an account with your email. Surveys are quick and easy, although there are too many ads. 

You earn 100-200 points per completed survey, 25 points for disqualification. The minimum threshold is $10 (11,000 points). Points are redeemed via PayPal, retail gift vouchers.



CashPiggy guarantees 10 points each day you sign in. It has a low payout threshold of $1 and convenient payment methods. But the earning potential is low.

You can earn 10-50 points per task. You can ex points for an Amazon gift card or cash via PayPal. $1 Amazon gift card = 250 points.



CheckPoints offers fun ways to earn rewards such as playing games, referrals, watching videos, and answering surveys. Age requirements: 13 years  old+ 

It is user-friendly and has a low payout threshold of $1 (335 points): no cash rewards, only gift cards from Amazon, and other gift cards available in their catalog. 



Crowdology pays in cash, not points. You get paid via PayPal in less than 48 hours. But, pay out through Amazon gift cards takes about four weeks.

Earn from $0.40 up to $10 per completed survey. The minimum cash-out threshold is $8 for PayPal and $10 for Amazon.



Crowdtap offers many earning opportunities to answer polls and surveys, review sample products, and participate in online discussions. But point redemption takes a long time because the cash-out threshold is high –1,000 points or $5.

You can earn 62 points in 2-3 minutes or up to $20/ month, exchanging gift cards to retailers like Amazon. 


Curious Cat App

Curious Cat is a neat app with short and fun surveys. The cash-out threshold is only £1 ($1.35) via PayPal.

Each completed survey pays between 20 and 200 points. ((20p-£2.00). Earnings depend on the number and length of completed surveys. The high disqualification rate limits earning opportunities.


Current Music App

Earn cash & money rewards by listening to music and doing other tasks in the Current Music app.

Points earned depend on the number of completed tasks. Earn 20 – 100 bonus points each day of using the app.  1000 points = $1.00.

The cash-out threshold starts at 8,000 points. You need 30,000 points for cash via PayPal and 25,000 points for a $25 Amazon Gift Card. 



Dabbl offers short surveys with a low disqualification rate. However, these short surveys only pay about $0.1 – $0.5. You get $0.1 for completing the screening process. $1 = 1000 points.

The cash-out threshold is 5000 points ($5). Rewards and discounts are limited to $5 or $10 gift cards. But there are many gift cards to choose from.


Daily Goodie Box

Daily Goodie Box offers a free and fun way of reviewing products. It is done on their website and takes only about 5 minutes per product. 

You get freebies, mostly full-sized, with no shipping costs, no credit card required, no upsells. However, it is unclear how you qualify for a product review.



EasyShift pays you to be a mystery shopper. Take a few photos, check prices, review promotions, share your shopping experience, and get paid via PayPal within 28 hours. 

You can complete these tasks according to your schedule and earn about $4 to $20 per Shift or $8 and $6.50 per display aisle.



Eureka offers short, interesting, and the highest-paying surveys. The app has had some technical problems before but has been resolved.

You can earn $0.15 per survey or $1.98 per hour of doing surveys. The minimum cash-out threshold is $10. Payout is quick, and you can get it in cash or gift cards. 



FeaturePoints offers seven ways to earn money: take surveys, watch videos, shop online, join free contests, refer friends, and download apps.

The minimum cash out is $3,  paid via PayPal, Bitcoin, or gift cards. 1 point = $0.00167. 

Referrals are the best way to earn, and it pays you 50% of your referrals’ earnings for an unlimited period.


Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards gives you cash back for your grocery receipts. Offers may not be very abundant as the app is fairly new.

Earn 250 – 2,000 points or $.25 – $2 per offer. Redeem pointsfor gift cards or choose to donate to the Red Cross. 1,000 points = $1 USD. Cash out minimum is 3,000 points ($3). 


Field Agent

Field Agent lets you earn money through small tasks like mystery shopping, checking local prices, taking pictures of landmarks, food menus, and more.

It pays you from $2 – $30 per job. Earnings depend on where you live and how many job offers you can get. Some members earn from $50/year to $720 in a single day. 


FreeCash App

Freecash lets you earn extra cash, cryptos, or skins. Apart from surveys, it offers other earning-boosters. For a start, you get 100 free coins as a sign-up bonus.

The payout threshold is $0.10, but you need $5 to cash out with PayPal. Other payout methods are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etheruem, CS: GO skins, and gift cards.


Google Opinion Rewards

This app offers paid surveys to valid Google account holders. The survey experience is pleasant without annoying ads.

You earn between $0.10 and $1.00 per survey completed. Once you earn $2, you can redeem through your PayPal account or the app’s play store for any items such as books, games, movies, or music.



Gopinion app is easy to use. Surveys are short, reliable, and can be accessed easily. Surveys are always available.

You are guaranteed an earning of 1,150 points per survey, redeemable for a broad range of gift cards. 


Grab Points

Grab Points offers high-paying rewards, not just for taking surveys but for other exciting tasks. Get an instant 500 points when you sign up.

You can earn from 130 – 2,000 GrabPoints per task. Once you’ve earned $3, you get paid through PayPal, Skrill, or gift cards.

It takes time to qualify for surveys, but it is worth waiting with the size of the rewards.


Happy Surveys

Happy Survey offers many earning opportunities aside from paid surveys. Payment is made easy, and the payout threshold is low. But your earning potential is also low.

You can earn 50-100 credits per survey, 200 credits from referrals, two credits from claiming rewards, and up to 4,500 credits from a task. 

You can redeem your credits in cash via PayPal with a minimum of $10 or 10,000 credits.


Harris Poll

Harris Poll Online has a very clean layout. To sign-up, you must be at least 13 years old (US) or 14 years old (other countries).

Get $1 to $2 per survey and 15 points for disqualification. Expect 3-5 surveys per month. You need about ten surveys to reach the minimum cash-out threshold of 1,250 ($10). 

Rewards are converted into e-cards and gift vouchers. 



I-Say offers surveys only. But it has a good number of interesting and relevant surveys. It also has a loyalty program that rewards active members with bonuses. 

You can earn between 400 – 500 points in 5 days. The payout threshold is $5 (500 points) and redeemable for cash via PayPal or gift cards.



InboxDollars offers you a $5 sign-up bonus and many earnings-booster activities. However, you may struggle to reach the $30 payout threshold for first-time cash-out. 

You can earn $0.10 and $5 per survey and more from other tasks. The payout threshold after the first is $10. You can cash out via PayPal, Amazon, prepaid VISA, gift cards.



IntelliZoom pays its members to participate in product studies. You will need a microphone and camera to record your voice and video to share your experience.

You can earn $10 for a 10-20 minutes study, higher than conventional surveys. 

It takes 21 business days to cash out via PayPal. If you want quick cash, this may not be the site for you.



iPoll pays you to take surveys, mystery shop, and test products. Anyone from 17 years old up can join and get a $5 sign-up bonus.

Earn between $1 to $5 per survey. High-earning members are given entries to quarterly sweepstakes draws of $10,000. 

The payout threshold is $25, which is quite high. You can get paid via PayPal, Amazon e-vouchers, and iTunes gift cards.



In Jobs2Shop, you get a $5 bonus just for signing up. There are different ways to earn. 

You can earn $0.25 – $1.50 per survey, $12 – $25 from mystery shopping, and more from other activities.

The payout threshold is $25. Payment is on the 20th of the following month via PayPal.taking nearly two months to get your money!



Kashkick offers you higher-paying surveys and more ways to earn cash. You can earn $2 per completed survey. 

Cash-out for as low as $5 and $10 for cash via PayPal. Payment is deposited quickly and securely. 


Leo Surveys

LEO Surveys (Leger Opinion), Canada’s largest online surveys community, offers survey opportunities to earn LEO points.

Earn between $1 and $35 per survey. LEO points can be redeemed for cash via PayPal, or gift cards, prepaid Visa cards, Air Miles, and Aeroplan miles when you reach the $20 cash-out threshold.



To sign-up with LifePoints, you must be at least 14 years old. Tasks include answering surveys, tracking consumer behavior, and testing products. 

Earn 20 to 100 points per task completed. 550 points = $5 gift cards. 

The payout threshold starts at $10. Points are redeemed for gift cards or donations to major charities—no cash option.



With Marketagent, you can expect to receive survey invitations regularly 

Most surveys are worth 20 to 250 points.  100 points = $1.20. 

The payout threshold is 200 points. Requests for payment below $15 require a $1 fee. You can claim your points in cash via PayPal or gift cards.


Media Rewards

Media Rewards pays you for installing their app to your mobile device and allowing them to gather data about your TV watching and radio listening habits. 

Earn points while the app is installed and from answering surveys. You also get a chance to win from monthly sweepstakes entries.

Points are paid via PayPal or $10 gift cards per survey. Earning potential is low.



Mindswarms collects consumer data through the use of video surveys. 

Earn rewards up to $50, depending on the number of questions. 1 question = $10. 

Payment via PayPal is received 24 hours after you’ve completed and sent your video survey. No minimum cash out is required.



Mobee pays you to do secret shopping missions and complete as many as you want. It pays lower than similar apps. 

Earn 100 ($1) – 1000 ($10) points per mission, depending on your country. 100 points = $1 USD. Once you reach 5,000 points, you can exchange it for a $50 gift card from various stores. 



MobileXpression rewards you for allowing them to install their app on your phone and research how people use the internet on mobile phones. 

The process is very easy and simple, and you can receive weekly giveaways and earn points instantly.  Exchange points with Amazon e-certificates or many other gift cards. The payout threshold varies per reward type.



Once you sign up with Mobrog, you’ll instantly receive invitations via email for surveys you qualify for. The panel offers higher-paying surveys. 

The average earning is between $0.50 and $3 per survey. The payout threshold of $6.25 is fairly low, so you get paid almost instantly. You can redeem your earnings via Skrill or PayPal.



MyPoints offer a $10 sign-up bonus.

You can earn up to 50 points ($0.35) per survey completed, 5 points ($0.035) from offers, save $1 for every 2 points earned for shopping online, and more.   

The payout threshold varies per reward.  Payout is via PayPal or gift cards.



MySoapBox offers rewards by sharing your opinion on various products and brands. Being a member allows you to help as it supports charitable causes. 

You can earn 750 to 1,500 points per task. The minimum cash out is 25,000 points ($25). You can exchange points for various gift cards from popular brands or donate a part to charity.


NCPMobile (National Consumer Panel)

NCP collects data about people’s shopping habits by paying you to scan barcodes of items you purchase and take photos of your receipts. 

You get 500 points for a maximum of 10 receipts per week. 1 receipt = 50 points. Earn more points by taking surveys and participating in contests. Redeem points for products in their gift catalog. The payout threshold varies per reward.


Nielsen Mobile

With Nielsen Mobile, earning is easy. Earn points by allowing them to install their app on your device and collect information on your internet use. You also get sweepstakes entries for a chance to win $1,000. 

The payout threshold is 800 points ($5). Redeem points for gift cards. 



OneOpinion sends survey invitations straight to your email, so you don’t waste time searching. Sign-up is easy and fast. 13 years old, with parental consent, can join.

You can earn up to $5 per survey and claim your earnings when you reach $25 via PayPal or gift cards. 1,000 points = $1.



OnePoll pays in cash. New surveys, generally short,  are available daily, and you can complete 6 -7 surveys in minutes.

Earn $0.25 per survey. Earning opportunity is limited, so the minimum payout of $40 is difficult to reach. Redeem earnings conveniently via PayPal, BACS, or check. 


Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost sends you survey invites thru email upon signing up. Other earning opportunities are available like Refer a Friend, Play games, and more.

You can earn $0.50 – $5 for each completed survey. 1 point = $0.10. The payout threshold is $5. Redeem it through PayPal, Amazon & iTunes gift cards.



PaidViewpoint offers surveys and nothing else, but the chance of getting disqualified is low. Surveys are easy and quick to complete. Every completed survey boosts your “TrustScore” and encourages you to stay active on the platform.

You can earn $0.03 to $1 per survey. When you reach $50, you can redeem earnings via PayPal.


Panda Research

Panda Research provides you with other ways to boost your earnings from survey opportunities. 

You can earn $1.5 – $50 per completed survey and $25 to $75 for longer ones. Upon reaching the payout threshold of $25, you get paid on the 1st and 15th day of the month via PayPal.


Panel App

Panel App pays you to give them access to your GPS data, answer location-based surveys, and refer friends.

You can get 22 to 33 Panel points per day. 1,500 points = a $1 gift card. When you reach $5 (7,500 points), you can redeem points for virtual gift cards and sweepstakes entries. 


Panel Opinion

Panel Opinion collects information on consumers’ purchasing habits through surveys. Earn cash in just a few minutes of taking surveys. 

You are paid £0.50 per survey plus a chance to win from monthly prize draws—low payout threshold. When you reach £10, you can cash out and receive the money thru BACS, cheque, or PayPal.


Panel Station

In Panel Station, you earn by answering surveys that help companies collect information about their products and services. It provides you with 1-2 surveys a week.

You can earn 500 – 5,000 points per survey and 20 points for getting disqualified. When you reach 3,000 points ($5), you can exchange your points for Panel Station rewards. 


Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is one of America’s highest-paying survey sites. Membership is by invitation, but the surveys are worth your time. 

You get up to $3 per survey. The payout threshold is only $3, so you can get paid instantly. Payment options are via direct bank transfer, gift cards, products, or prepaid VISA.


Poll Pay

Poll Pay is fairly straightforward and offers a couple of ways to earn rewards. Since it is global, you can sign-up anywhere you live. 

You can earn $0.30 – $3 per completed survey and $0.01 if you get qualified. 

You can withdraw your cash via PayPal as soon as you’ve earned $5. Cash-out threshold and payment options vary from country to country.


Prize Rebel

PrizeRebel is another global app but offers the most opportunities in the USA. You get paid for doing surveys, playing games, participating in free contests, and more. There are also different membership levels. If you are active,  you’ll get more perks.

The payout threshold is $5. Redeem your earnings through PayPal or choose from a huge selection gift card. Payout processing is fast.



Prolific is a UK-based research platform that pays you to be study participants. It has a wide range of studies that pays more than other sites. Every prolific survey given to you is one that you qualify for, no screen out in the middle of survey taking.

Studies pay a minimum of $6.50 (£5) per hour. Earnings are paid in cash via PayPal.



Qmee offers surveys that are moderated and curated properly and other ways to make extra cash. There is no minimum payout even for PayPal cash out and has many payout options. You can join if you are 16 years old or older.

Surveys pay $1-$5/hour but vary due to screen out and survey lengths. You can cash out through PayPal, various Gift cards, and Charity donations.



QuickTapSurvey is a platform that does it all. It helps you create surveys that work anywhere, even offline. You can collect data in person using mobile devices or send surveys online.



QuickThoughts allows you to complete up to five surveys a day, plus some location-based activities to boost your earnings.

Surveys typically pay $0.50 to $3, but you need to accumulate $10 to redeem your earnings for either Amazon or iTunes gift cards. Rewards do not expire.


Reward 1

Rewards1 has different membership levels. As you move up a level, you get more benefits. 

You can earn up to 75 points ($0.75) per survey, 1 point ($0.01) for answering a short daily poll, and 6 points ($0.06) for watching an entire video. 1 point = $0.01.

The payout threshold is $5. You can redeem points via PayPal, gift cards, and custom rewards.



SavvyConnect works a lot like the Nielsen program, only better. You are paid in cash, and there is no minimum cash out.

You earn $5 a month or up to $180 per year per device installed. Refer friends and earn an extra $5 to $15.

Payment is through a check, which could take 12 weeks to receive.


SB Answer

SB Answer is the mobile version of Swagbucks that enables you to earn SB points for answering surveys, providing information about yourself, answering daily polls, and visiting local retailers. 

You can earn about 40 to 200 SB points per survey ( 100 SB = $1).  Payment options are the same as Swagbucks.



Shopkick surveys are designed to collect information on your shopping activities interactively and excitingly. Earn points by visiting a store, scanning barcodes, and answering questions about your trip. 

Earn more by watching videos, reviewing products on online stores, and taking the usual surveys. 1 “Kick” = $0.004, and every 250 kicks get you $1.

You can redeem kicks for various gift cards. 


Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie offers surveys and high-paying focus group interviews, phone interviews, and product testing.

Most surveys pay out $0.50 to $3, while phone surveys are up to $100, focus group interviews are up to $150, and product testing is $50. Earnings are redeemable via PayPal when you reach the payout threshold of $5.


Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a survey software. As users, you can take a survey from the site by logging into your Contribute account. You’ll get an email or text invitation to take surveys when subscribed for these notifications.


Survey Planet

SurveyPlanet is a simple yet powerful online survey tool.  You get unlimited surveys, unlimited questions per survey, & unlimited survey responses as a member. 


Survey Voices

Unlike other survey sites, Survey Voice simply connects you to the best survey sites online. After assessing your demographics, you are directed to the sites best suited for you.

Each survey site that you are directed to has its requirements, payment methods, etc.


Surveys on the Go

Surveys on the Go allow you to answer surveys and polls while you’re on the go. Survey invites are sent to you weekly, and there is a wide range of survey topics to choose from.

You can earn $0.50 – $2 per survey. When you reach $10, you can redeem earnings via PayPal transfer, a Virtual Visa account payment, or gift cards. 



Swagbucks offers several ways to earn money apart from surveys. Get paid watching videos, playing games, and more. Sign-up and get your first $5 as a bonus.

Expect to earn 40 to 200 SB points per survey ( 100 SB = $1 ) and more from doing other point-earning activities.



Toluna Influencers puts a strong emphasis on community and ensures that you get rewarded for voicing out your opinions on the right channels.

You can earn 15 – 50,000 points per survey, but most are between 1,000–2,000 points.

When you reach the minimum of $10, you get paid via PayPal, gift cards, and products. Processing of rewards may take time.



Typeform is a survey tool that helps survey providers create exciting and entertaining forms and surveys. It excels at making short surveys and questionnaires.


Univox Community

Univox Community has no age restriction and offers a $2 signing-up bonus. It has a great Loyalty Program that rewards active members. You earn not just by completing a survey but also when you get disqualified.

You can earn $0.50 – $2 per completed survey and $0.02 for disqualification. When you reach the payout threshold of $10, you can cash out via PayPal, Prepaid VISA/MasterCard, and gift cards.



UserTesting has a distinct approach to getting opinions about a brand or product. They either ask for a video response or a live video of you testing a product. It can be exciting for those who love being on camera, but it can be awkward for some.

You earn $10 per test, higher than that of a written survey. You get paid via PayPal. 


Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions are one of the survey platforms that pay more for a completed survey. You can earn between $1 and $5 per survey. While you might not see a lot of surveys, the chance of qualifying for a survey is relatively high.

Upon reaching the payout threshold of $10, you can redeem points for various gift cards, promo codes, and vouchers. 



YouGov offers only one earning opportunity–taking surveys. But they have an abundance of relevant surveys that pay well. Survey results are shared through their newsletter.

You get your first 100 points when you sign-up and can start receiving 5-7 surveys a week. You can earn 1,000 – 3,000 points a day from taking surveys.  Exchange points for gift cards, cash via PayPal, or prepaid visa cards.


Zap Surveys

Zap Surveys guarantees $6.25 for the first questionnaire you answer on their app. As a member, you can enjoy daily surveys, instant payouts, and a chance to donate to child starvation charities for every survey completed.

Most surveys will earn you $0.25 – $1. You need $25 to cash out through 12 different cash-out options.



  • Create a different email account for the survey sites to avoids getting your regular emails and survey invites mixed up and missing survey opportunities.
  • Check your emails regularly. Some surveys expire quickly, and if you don’t take them immediately, someone will.
  • Install anti-malware software. Better be prepared if the survey sites direct you to spam.
  • Join multiple trusted survey websites and increase your chances of getting more surveys you qualify for. 
  • Take the highest-paying survey first. To make the most money, join the sites that have a reputation for paying well.
  • Cash in upon reaching the withdrawal limit. Waiting for your points to build up may put your earnings at risk of being lost or stolen.
  • Watch the time. Don’t rush answering surveys. Taking a 10-minute survey in two minutes is open to doubts, especially for survey reviewers.
  • Check for free offers. Most survey apps offer other ways to earn money aside from taking surveys. While waiting for the right surveys, use your time to explore these offers.
  • Answer consistently and be honest. Most survey apps can tell when a user is not giving correct responses and can get you disqualified.


How to avoid scams

  • Never pay to join a survey site. Legit survey apps allow users to sign up for free. If an app asks you to pay, it’s most likely a scam.
  • Never enter your bank info. A legit site would never ask for bank or credit card details in a survey. 
  • Be careful what you share in general. Decide how much information is worth sharing for a paid survey. 
  • App has no history or ratings. Check with the Better Business Bureau to get information about the survey site.


Frequently asked questions

What survey apps pay you instantly?

Some apps that can pay you fast are 1Q, Qmee, Swagbucks, and Reward1. 

How much can you make from taking surveys?

You can earn between $2 to $4 an hour for the time you spend completing surveys. 

Are survey apps legit?

Most survey apps and sites are legitimate. Know that you should never pay to participate in a survey site. Legit survey apps and sites let you sign up for free. 

How do I get paid?

Most survey apps offer multiple payment options like PayPal, Gift cards, Check, Charitable donations, Physical products, Online game codes, e-Vouchers, and more.

What survey apps pay the most?

Some survey apps that pay the most are Survey Junkie, Opinion Outpost, Pinecone Research, and Media Rewards.

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